warning, nc-17. so, slayerkitty and rajncajn have both been bugging me to write a smut piece, as they have both written one themselves at this point. those who have read my stories know that i am a big fan of hitting the "fade to black" button! however... i have wanted to give it a try, so here we go. this particular chapter isn't very nc-17. it's really just a much longer version of what is already in the original story. if you want to read the original scene, it is chapter 16 of It's That What If Factor. again, this is just the first half. i'm being such a prude and get all flushed and giggly when i start writing the actual sex xD but, i wanted to at least post this part. if i don't i never well, lol. so hopefully you enjoy this! and hopefully i'll suck it up [bad choice of words? xD] and write the rest soon! thanks for reading!

The smell of fresh brownies pleasantly lingered in the air of Reid's condo. If he had it his way he would have been onto his second brownie by now, but Luke insisted that they had to cool first, swatting Reid's hand away as he tried to grab a brownie anyway. He frowned but agreed, slowly trudging toward the living room. Without thinking about it Reid began to search for the remote, his eyes falling over the coffee table, the couch, the side table on the far side, and then... Luke?

Reid blinked, surprised to find the younger man standing so closely behind him. Truthfully he'd been startled, though he managed not to show it. Luke's eyes were dark and his lips were turned up in a smile that was just small enough that you couldn't quite make out his dimples. Reid's breath caught in his throat, surprised by just how breathtaking he found Luke to be in that moment.

It was only a matter of moments before Luke's hand found Reid's face, wasting no time to steer their faces together, bringing their lips into a hard kiss. Reid didn't even have to think, his hands reaching out to take a possessive hold on Luke's hips, pulling their lower bodies together. He could already feel the zipper of his jeans pressing uncomfortably against him.

As was the norm for them by now, the kiss started off slowly but began to pick up speed rather quickly. Reid's thumbs moved roughly over the thin fabric of Luke's shirt, fingers twisting until it began to bunch and granted his finger tips access to the cool skin of Luke's sides. Luke sighed into the kiss, breaking it for only a moment as they breathed each other in before lips captured lips again. Luke's other hand wandered up to Reid's face, his fingers carefully tracing every curve of Luke's jaw, remembering some of the shapes of his face and quickly learning others. Reid's arms were playing the same game with Luke's hips and waist.

The tip of Reid's tongue dragged over Luke's bottom lip, a knock that Luke instantly answered, both of them falling into the sweet familiarity of it all.

"Are you trying to seduce me Mr. Snyder?" Reid whispered, his voice harsh with want. He pecked at Luke's lips, hard enough to bruise, before retreating again, anxious for an answer.

"That depends," answered Luke with the same needy voice. "Is it working?"

Reid's dark eyes took in that silly smirk on Luke's lips. God how he wanted to bruise those lips.

"Hell yes."

His grip on Luke tightened instantly, lips moving roughly over Luke's, determined to leave a mark. He nipped at Luke's lips, teeth and tongues clashing for control. They began to move, stumbling but clinging to each other for support. A soft laugh escaped Luke's lips as his legs hit the coffee table, Reid's arms tightening to keep them from tumbling downward.

"I'm thinking we should take our little party elsewhere," chuckled Reid, pressing against Luke. The blond inhaled sharply, licking his lips and staring at Reid's. He nodded, and that was all Reid needed. He released his hold on Luke's hips, for now, finding Luke's hand and linking their fingers tightly together. Silently he led Luke around the table and across the room to his doorway, dragging Luke inside and not bothering to close the door behind them.

He didn't stop moving once they were in the dark bedroom. Reid continued to lead, pulling Luke with him to the large bed against the back wall. Wordlessly they crawled onto the bed, standing on their knees as hands gripped and tugged, pulling them tightly together against. Reid took Luke's face in his hands, kissing him hard on the mouth. As the kiss grew more and more intense he let his hands fall, trailing down Luke's neck to his shoulders and finally to his chest, pressing gently before continuing downward, fingers teasing at the hem of his shirt.

Frustrated and impatient, Luke reached down, leaning away from Reid's touch only long enough to pull his own shirt up and over his head, tossing it somewhere behind them before reaching out for Reid again. His fingers found fabric, which was hardly fair. He began to unbutton Reid's shirt from the top down. Reid worked from the bottom up. They met in the middle, fingers tangled and undoing the final two buttons before Luke was pushing the material away from Reid's skin desperately, allowing it to fall away as well.

Reid's heart was racing like never before and each beat sent another wave of sensation down to right between his hips. He dragged his fingers over Luke's chest, his nails raking slightly over the sensitive skin. As they wandered lower to Luke's stomach he could feel the other man shudder, a small gasp emptying into their kiss. He grinned inwardly, loving each new button of Luke's he discovered. He laughed gently as he ran his nails over the area again, earning him the same reaction.

This time he didn't reconnect his mouth with Luke's, instead wandering to the side, leaving a wet trail across Luke's cheek, over his jaw, down his neck and continuing further to his collar bone and upper chest. His hands wandered lower, brushing the skin just above Luke's hips. Luke squirmed, biting back the sounds trying to escape his lips.

"Don't hold back," Reid whispered against Luke's skin. He continued to kiss, lips wandering over Luke's left nipple. He nipped at it gently, pleased to finally hear Luke let out the moan he knew he'd been holding in. God, he'd missed those sounds. He'd fantasized about hearing them again ever since that night at the hotel. At the time he'd been left with an uncomfortable hard-on and the fear that things would never progress between himself and the young man he was quickly growing attached to. Looking back, Reid was almost grateful that things hadn't continued. He couldn't imagine anything better than having Luke for the first time in his own bed, where he didn't have to worry about thin walls.

Luke seemed just as anxious as Reid, especially when he took hold of Reid's waist and pulled him closer, leaning back into the bed and bringing Reid over top of him. His back was pressed into the blankets, now, one leg bent at the knee, pressing into Reid's hip. Reid was settled between Luke's legs, his face hovering less than an inch above Luke's for the moment. Once they were situated comfortably Reid returned to teasing the rest of Luke's body, his mouth finding Luke's other nipple and giving it the same treatment as the first. Luke gasped, fingers digging into the skin of Reid's sides, hips raising upward. Reid traveled further, kissing down to Luke's belly button, then further still, hand pressing the waist of Luke's jeans further down his hips, lips brushing over the top of the perfectly defined V. Luke's hands fell away, his hips pressing upward again and his hands clinging to the sheets beneath him. Reid looked up at Luke, watching as his eyes fluttered shut. Reid grinned, crawling back up just enough that he could stare into Luke's face. He placed a hand on Luke's chest, pressing down lightly for a moment as he leaned in for a deep kiss. Once he had Luke properly distracted, his hand began to move south, quickly covering his chest and stomach before moving over the denim of Luke's pants, palming him gently through the thick material. Reid lightly bit down on Luke's lip as the blond tried to moan, the sound swallowed by the kiss.

It was quickly becoming too much for Luke, and for Reid. Luke reached up, hands tangling in Reid's hair and holding him down. It wasn't long before it was impossible to ignore the pressure between their legs, their jeans painfully restricting. Luke groaned, breaking the kiss. He let go of Reid, arms falling behind him and hastily pushing him upward. He sat up, Reid straddling his waist, his long legs wrapping completely around Luke. They adjusted quickly, hands working at the button and zipper of the other's pants. Luke's fingers were trembling with desire, making it difficult to get the zipper down. Reid was first, fingers slipping inside and rubbing Luke over his boxers. If Luke was having trouble concentrating before, it was nothing compared to how he felt now.

"Reid," he moaned, biting his lips again. Reid laughed, quickly capturing Luke's lips, grudgingly removing his fingers. Luke growled, unsure if the absence of Reid's fingers was any better. Carefully Reid crawled backwards, cringing a little as he slowly pulled his pants down his hips, over his own aching cock and finally shuffling them off his legs. Luke sat back, raising his hips and doing the same. Reid reached over, fingers twisting around Luke's and helping him guide the article of clothing away, tossing it into the growing pile on the floor.

Luke was already leaning back slightly and so Reid took the opportunity to crawl over him, watching with transfixed eyes as Luke lowered himself onto the bed, his head hitting the pillow with a gentle thud. Their eyes were locked and suddenly the urgency of moments ago had gone, a tense but comfortable silence settling around them broken only by the pounding of their hearts beneath their chests.