Chapter VI- Mission

A year and a half later.

"…and that's basically it. This is a C-rank mission, probably more important and dangerous than all the C- and D-rank missions you guys have been doing lately. I don't think Uchiha-san over there would like to catch that cat again…"

The mentioned boy growled under his breath as he rubbed the scratches on his cheek. Hizashi and Kushina tried to hold back their snickers as they saw his reaction, and went back into attention when they received a stern look from their sensei, who was trying to stifle his own chuckles.

"This is just a message delivery mission, so you should be done pretty quickly, within a week, for sure. Just be careful as soon as you step into foreign lands."

The team nodded, and filed out the Hokage's office.

"Alright guys, meet at the gates tomorrow morning, 8am. We just need to get there and go back, we shouldn't make it longer than we have to."

"Is it because you have to come back to see your girlfriend, Hatake-sensei?" teased the little Hyuuga, whose comment caused his silver-haired sensei to flush beet-red, and turn around indignantly, muttering something like, "I don't get paid enough for this."

Kushina laughed along with Hizashi, while Fugaku had an amused look on his face when he saw the older man's reaction.

"Eh…no respect…brats." Mumbled Sakumo as he poofed away giving them a small wave.

Morning came, and at the front gates of Konoha, there were a group of ninjas ready to depart for the Waterfall village, a good day-and-a-half away.

"Everyone here? Alright, let's go!"

The silver haired ninja poofed away, leaving his team there blinking at what once was their sensei. From a tree above, he called back down to them.

"What are you guys doing? We don't have all day!"

The genin looked at each other and shrugged, leaping up onto the tree branch and racing after their sensei, while Hizashi gave out a singsong, "."

Branch after branch, they lept, heading toward an unknown village and unsure of what they were going to find.

It is only supposed to be a simple message delivery mission, right?

After a full day of silence and moving, their sensei finally spoke up.

"I think that was enough traveling for today, we made good time. We're practically at its borders now, let's set up camp."

The four got to work, collecting some firewood and pulling out their sleeping bags and blankets.

"Fugaku, you take the first shift, Kushina, you take the second, I'll take the third and Hizashi can take the last shift."


The sky grew dark and as the student and two hyper active genins decided to head to rest before their shift, Kushina laid on her sleeping bag, staring up at the starry sky.

"Minato, what are you doing, you wimp? Jeez, you're probably my best friend and you just left me without much preparation."

Indignantly, she stared up, before she slowly drifted off to sleep.

Two hours later, she was gently shaken away by Fugaku, who gave a 'hn' and nodded, with her returning the notion.

She sat, tending to the fire place and scanning around occasionally before hearing shuffling around the camp.

She narrowed her eyes, drawing a kunai as she crouched, and slowly went around shaking her team mates awake. Her sensei had sensed the unknown chakra presences and had awoken as soon as the shuffling was heard.

"Show yourselves!" called out the teacher, staring off into the dark forest into nothing.

When there was no response, he nodded toward Hizashi, who had advanced quite a bit since a few years ago.


Veins appeared around his eyes, before he pointed out to their right, and said, "I can see you, there's no reason to hide."

The team turned in that direction, to see a sneering man walk out of the forest, followed by a few of his cronies, weapons still in their sheath, and giving a smirk to the Konoha shinobi.

Dressed in a long black robe with a katana to his side and the waterfall village forehead protector strapped on firmly to hold his long black hair back, the man looked like he was someone of importance, but not exactly in the good way.

"…Hyuuga, eh? Impressive."

Kushina can't have been the only one to feel it, but there was a seriously dark aura leaking from this man. One that gives off the impression of fear, pain, and death.

Sakumo was the first to speak in the awkward silence.

"We are here in terms of peace, to deliver a message to your leader."

The man scoffed, crossing his arms and scowling at the silver haired man.

"Our leader…is an imbecile. But since this is a diplomatic mission for you after all, we will take your message to our leader."

The attitude with which this man said this sentence infuriated Kushina to no end, causing her to exert all her energy to prevent herself from exploding on him.

Sakumo walked over to him cautiously and handed him the scroll, which he took with a sick smile on his face.

"I should've known Konoha idiots would be this stupid, to give it to someone they don't even know."

He cackled, opening up the scroll, not noticing the smirk on the silver-haired sensei's face before a large "poof" sounded, and the man was bound to the nearest tree in a web of chakra strings.

"Don't even bother to break free, it won't work. Kunai, katana, any weapon you could possibly have won't be able to break this web." Sakumo smiled devilishly, drawing his chakra blade out threateningly.

"GET THEM!" shouted the man, causing all of his followers to draw their own weapons and charge quickly at the four Konoha shinobi.

"They're good!" thought Hizashi, as he quickly went into Jyuuken stance and exchanged a few blows with one of the enemy ninja before giving a swift blow to the chest, causing him to go stiff and fall down. Right when he was catching his breath, another one came, slashing down at the young Hyuuga, who dodged it just in time.

A few paces away, a certain young Uchiha was taking on two of the enemy ninja at once, faring well. Dodging a punch, he flipped behind one of them and kicked him into his own teammate's katana.

The wielder of said katana withdrew it from his comrade without even the slightest flinch, and proceeded to come after Fugaku with amazing agility. If it had not been for the Sharingan, which helped to predict the attacks of his opponent, Fugaku would've been seriously injure.

Sakumo Hatake was the only one that seemed to not have a lot of trouble disarming his opponents, though the whole time he was worried about his students.

"These guys are easily Chuunin or Jounin level, and even though these kids are talented, they won't be able to keep up for them for long…"

Quickly, he sliced off another one's head long enough to turn and see red hair flying.

Kushina had just kicked away her opponent's katana, causing the two to engage in a complete hand-to-hand combat. Exchanging quick blows, she was starting become overwhelmed with the speed at which the man was attacking her with.

Flipping backward, she noticed an enemy ninja about to attack Hizashi, right on his blind spot.

She dodged the kick her opponent had come after her with and went down to block the blow of the other opponent with the hilt of her kunai. He just smirked at her as her kunai broke, causing her to look wide eyed as he brought his katana back to deliver a slash across her stomach. Fugaku had pushed him away at the last minute, but it was still enough to leave a noticeably deep cut.

She grimaced when she saw the blood, but feeling as if she couldn't give up now, her hand blindly went into her weapons holster. She drew out a soldier pill, popping it in her mouth, feeling the new energy rush through her.

"Uzumaki, be careful, eating a soldier pill and rushing out into battle with a cut like that…could make things worse than they are." Fugaku warned, nodding before he jumped away and continued to fight.

Hizashi's eye widened as he saw the cut she sustained from protecting him, eyes hardening as he furrowed his eyebrows, and angrily finished off three other enemies with his gentle fist.

Slowly, the enemy numbers started dying down, though it seemed like forever before each team member finally only had one opponent to deal with.

Sakumo quickly dispatched of his, running them through his chakra blade, and turned to his students, all of which were suffering, either from fatigue or lack of chakra.

Quickly, he went to help out Fugaku, whose chakra levels were almost gone due to the overuse of his Sharingan. One quick slice and the enemy was down, scorched by Fugaku's produced fireball.

By the time that duo turned around, Hizashi had just fallen on the ground, enemy poised to stab him. He rolled out of the way as his sensei disarmed the man, allowing Hizashi the honor to throw a powerful jyuuken right to the man's heart.

A scream was heard through the forest.


The thought rung across all of the three males' heads, as concern for their team mate turned into a frantic search for her. She was further off in the forest, facing the menace that was supposed to be trapped at the tree.

Her left arm was twisted back as he held her against him, kunai to her throat.

"What do you want from me?" she angrily said, trying not to move.

"Why would you think that I would want something from a weakling like you?"

Kushina growled at the insult, and continued with her reasoning.

"If you didn't, you would've killed me by now."

"Then, I don't see a point in leaving you alive any longer. There's an audience watching." He sneered as he pointed down to her team mates, who were watching in horror, with the kunai.

"Bad mistake." She growled, grabbing the outstretched arm with her right hand and flipping the man over as she began to glow of a reddish orange hue.

"W-what is this? I feel so powerful…is this what they stuck in me?"

"I have a name, you know. And I can't have my host die. If you die, I'm stuck with you."

"Thank you Kyuubi..san?, I owe you one!"

"Yeah, yeah. You're lucky you're a girl, and that your predecessor was for the most part respectful of me. If you were a boy…I'd try to rip you apart."

Grimacing at that note, Kushina's wounds started closing up as her eyes turned to slits. She charged at the man, kunai at hand as she slashed, not caring to look at where she was slashing or what was the result, as long as he was dead by the time she was done with him.

Eyes widening with surprise, he only pulled out his katana and tried to block her, although his attempts were futile due to the strength behind her attacks.

"Never…hurt my teammates…" she growled, as she grabbed the hilt of his katana and flung it to the ground, leaving it lodged there for the man to see his only weapon, rendered useless. She took this moment of weakness to launch a barrage of kunai at him, proceeding with strong punches.

A firm hand grasped her shoulder, as she turned to see her sensei watching her with concern.

"That's enough Kushina, he's dead."

She had barely created as much damage as she wanted to. He had not been completely mutilated, but he was certainly dead.

She nodded, closing her eyes as the hue disappeared and her pupils returned back to normal.

"W-what was that?" uttered out Hizashi, as he stared at her, Byakugan still open as he saw her strange chakra swirling back down.

She felt herself smile, and began to speak.

"I guess it was about time I told you…" her eyes drooped as she dropped to her knees, legs giving out as she had exerted herself way too much.

"…Kyuubi…" was the last word from her mouth before she had passed out from exhaustion.

Sakumo sighed, turning to his two students that were still awake.

"We need to go, now. Kushina needs some medical attention."

As Hizashi was opening his mouth, he interjected.

"She'll explain when we get back, alright?"

Hizashi nodded, and Fugaku, who had been thinking the whole time, nodded as well.

"Sensei! Her wound is opening up again! I think the blade that man used was enhanced with some strange poison or chakra, because I can see Kushina's chakra coming from it!"

The sensei's eyebrows furrowed some more as his frown deepened, quickly picking up the young girl.

"We're heading back to Konoha, now."

Nodding, the three males leapt up to a tree branch and began moving back to Konoha at breakneck speeds.

"Toshio, Minato, Shibi, it's time, let's go!"

A blonde boy who had just come of the shower, drying off his hair, responded.

"Time to go where, Jiraiya-sensei?


"…to Konoha..?"

The blonde had sounded unsure at first, but then an image flashed into his mind, and his excitement suddenly grew.


"Why now, of all times?"

The white-haired sage cocked an eyebrow as he looked at his blonde prodigee.

"You sound like you don't want to go back. The chuunin exams are coming up, my boy, and we need you guys to go back there and kick some ass."

With great fervor, the blonde nodded, proceeding to wake up his two sleeping team mates, and start packing, as his free hand went right toward the worn out bracelet on his left wrist, and his mind drifted to the thought of a certain red-head.


Her eyes opened slightly, trying to figure out what exactly happened to her after she passed out.

"…where am I?" she asked groggily, as she faced white walls and a frantic Hizashi Hyuuga.

"YOU'RE AWAKE!" he exclaimed, leaning over to give her a big hug.

"Ow…ow… Hizashi, you're hurting me." She grumbled, attempting to push the long-haired boy away from her.

"Gomen, Kushina! It's all my fault you're here! It's because you were trying to keep the guy away from my…" he gulped before he continued on, "blindspot."

"Yeah, he's been beating himself up over it, so just tell him that you'll be okay so we can leave already."

She turned to see the source of the voice, only to meet the onyx eyes of her other team mate, Fugaku Uchiha.

"It's great seeing you too, Fugaku." She said sarcastically, before turning her head to look at the clock, which read 11pm.

"Go home, guys! It's late! I need my beauty sleep!"

Fugaku scoffed, and mumbled, "Got that right."

Kushina turned threateningly at her team mate, fist clenched as he shrugged apathetically, opened the window and jumped out, Hizashi following.

"Bye! See you tomorrow!"

She nodded as leaned back into her bed, looking out the window to see the moon shining brightly overhead.

She heard a shuffle, and turned, eyes widening before a hand was put over her mouth, stifling her screams. She tried to push him away, but a sudden streak of pain was felt in her stomach area.

"Shit. I forgot." She struggled against the man, but to no avail.

"Shut her up already."

"Will do, boss."

The unknown intruder prodded the pressure point on her neck, and her body slumped down as she was knocked out.

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