Tsukasa's Lucky Star

Authors Note

I know that I'm already writing two Lucky Star Stories already lol but I really want to do a Tsukasa x Konata story and I thought to myself, why wait? If you really love something then do it. It's like practice for me so we'll see what happens:P.

It was New Year's eve and as usual, Tsukasa and Kagami were doing their shrine maiden duties at their families shrine. But this year they were both exhausted from a day of been pushed and shoved and waiting in line for an hour to use a rest room at Comiket.

Tsukasa especially was tired as she had been pushed and shoved more then anyone and her arms were covered in bruises and she didn't have a stamina as good as Kagami or Konata but she didn't care one little bit, Tsukasa was the kind of girl that didn't let anything get her down, no matter how much Konata would call her stupid or how much more attention her sister Kagami would receive from everyone, she would always have a big smile on her face if she wasn't yawning which she happened to do allot.

''Spending the day with sis and Konata was fun but I'm really tired now''

Tsukasa thought about how close Kagami and Konata had grown over the past year. She had noticed how her sister would do all kinds of favours for Konata like pick up Manga for her and how Konata started calling Kagami, Kagamin. Tsukasa didn't have a nickname apart from Tsukasa san but only her other friend Miyuki ever called her that and she didn't see her as often as Konata.

''It would be nice to have a little attention for once,have someone do favours for me or make a big fuss over me but who am I kidding, someone like me getting that kind of attention''

Tsukasa sighed and began to focus on performing her duties.

''Tsukasa! Their you are'' yelled Konata, as she ran up towards her in a yellow jacket and a red scarf wrapped around her

''Kona chan, good evening'' said Tsukasa who then put on her biggest smile of the day

''Whoa, your looking very happy this evening. Kagami said you were over here somewhere'' said Konata as she rubbed her hands together to warm them up

''Oh, Konata's already seen Kagami. I thought she had come to find me first for a change...oh well, one can dream'' thought Tsukasa

''You ok Tsukasa? You look like some things on your mind girl'' wondered Konata

''Oh, it's nothing Konata I was just thinking about today and all of that rushing around and buying Manga, I really enjoyed myself today''

''You enjoyed yourself Tsukasa? Awesome, Kagami said she's never going again but you can always tag along if you like'' smiled Konata

Tsukasa felt something inside her that she had rarely ever felt before. She felt like she could scream from the happiness she was feeling but instead she let out a massive yawn.

''Oh my god Tsukasa! That was so cute and adorable, the face you pull when you yawn is so sweet''

''Stop saying things like to Tsukasa'' said a grumpy and exhausted Kagami as she walked up towards them with a broom in hand

''Hey Sis'' muttered Tsukasa who felt a little down as Kagami came over.

''Oh come on Kagamin! Didn't you find that yawn cute at all? Asked Konata

''Just because Miyuki isn't here dosen't mean you can change targets to my sister or do I have to sweep you up?'' said Kagami

''You can sweep me up any time Kagamin!'' said Konata in a teasing voice before jumping behind Tsukasa who was taken by surprise by her quick actions.

''Tsukasa! Save me from the fire breathing Tsundere'' begged Konata who dug her head into Tsukasa's shoulder as if she was a puppy being chased by a gang of ferocious dogs

''Would you cut it out already! Tsukasa, move out of the way, I have a massive rat to smack'' said Kagami as she readied the broom as if she was going to battle

''Oh come on sis, she's only having some fun...maybe you should relax a little'' said Tsukasa who suddenly felt an urge to protect Konata and also enjoyed the feeling of having Konata's head on her shoulder

''Why are you protecting her Tsukasa? She drags us to that so called festival, doesn't even hang out with us until lunch and then turns up here and starts calling you cute and adorable''

''Aww did you get lonely without me today Kagamin!'' Konata said still behind Tsukasa. ''Do you need another pet on the head?''

''Shut up Konata! I'm getting sick and tired of you taunting me all the time'' said Kagami as she started grinding her teeth ''Whatever shorty, I'm going over here''

Kagami walked away without saying another word to Konata or her sister. Konata came out from behind Tsukasa and was amazed that she had reacted violently by hitting her with the broom or her fists.

''My hero!'' said Konata as she pulled the clueless shrine maiden in for a hug. Their cheeks were now touching each other and Tsukasa was thinking of pushing her off but she then realized that she was getting some attention from her.

''Kona-chan's skin is so soft and delicate, it's nice'' thought Tsukasa as she started to think about rubbing Konata's chin with her hand.

''Well I had better go and pray already'' said Konata as she pulled away from Tsukasa. ''You coming over with me Tsukasa?'' Konata asked Tsukasa

''Yeah, I'd love to Kona-chan'' said a delighted Tsukasa

Tsukasa was feeling fantastic at the moment, Konata wanted her to come and pray with her and not Kagami, she didn't like to think badly of her sister but she wanted to know what it was like to be wanted.

Even though it was Tsukasa who met Konata first, she had always felt second choice to her sister. Was it because she was plain? Or was it because Kagami always reacts violently to Konata's comments? Whatever the reason was, Tsukasa had always put on a smile but deep down in her heart, she had always felt grief and despair whenever Konata wanted to see Kagami more then her.

Walking over to pray with Konata, Tsukasa spotted her sister already praying.

''Kagami looks like she wants whatever she's praying for''

''We're next Tsukasa, what are you praying for?'' asked Konata in a interested voice

''Oh I haven't decided yet he he, It probably wouldn't come true for me anyway'' giggled Tsukasa

Kagami finally finished praying and walked over to Tsukasa and Konata

''What could you possibly pray for Konata? You have practically ever Manga and Anime series in existence so what could it be?'' asked Kagami who started to get a big grin on her face

''Hmm maybe I should pray for Kagamin to confess her feelings to me'' teased Konata

''What the hell Konata! Even for you that's to far'' said Kagami whose grin was now long gone.

''What? You looked like you wanted whatever you were praying for so badly. Are you realising that you love me Kagamin'' teased Konata

''Don't even joke about that Konata, I'm warning you now...shut up'' said Kagami in a serious and angry voice

''So what we're you praying for then?'' asked Tsukasa ''I want to know as well''

''Oh it was nothing important,just a small tiny thing'' said Kagami who went slightly red

''Oh come on, tell us already'' moaned Konata

''I was just thinking about how nice it would be to be in the same class as you and Miyuki, Tsukasa''

''Don't forget about Kona-chan'' said Tsukasa

''That's so adorable Kagamin! Your so cute when you get lonely'' squealed Konata

''Oh shut up Konata!, I didn't tell you because I knew this was how you would react and I knew that you would tease me about it'' yelled Kagami who was clinching her fists

Tsukasa stared and giggled at the argument that Konata and Kagami were having. For them it was normal but once again, she felt second choice to her sister and her good feeling had long gone. She watched as Konata and Kagami walked off to probably argue some more and Tsukasa felt all alone.

''Oh well, one can always dream'' thought Tsukasa

Tsukasa got onto her knees and rang the bell before clapping her hands together and closed her eyes shut

''All I want is for someone to spend time with me...someone who dosen't see me as a second choice but a first,I've never told anyone this before but I've always had feelings for Kona-chan. Her blue hair, those green eyes...but who am I kidding? A wish isn't going to make her see me any differently..I guess I have to get used to the fact that Konata and Kagami will eventually get together...I know that Konata likes her, I can see it and I think that sis has feelings for her as well but she would never admit it. Tsukasa had a think about her wish and thought about what else to say. Should she wish to see Miyuki more? No, she's a friend and nothing more, my feelings for Konata will never change'' thought Tsukasa

Tsukasa was unaware that whilst she was praying, a shower of stars had flown by and she had missed every single one of them...except for one, as she opened her eyes, she spotted a lone star out of the corner of her eye.

Tsukasa sighed ''Like sis says it's only a myth and it dosen't really work''

Tsukasa stood up and looked up to the sky and felt the urge to just cry her eyes out, being by herself on New Years Eve wasn't something that she was expecting but she still put a smile on her face despite the pain that was inside.

''Oh well, tomorrow's another day'' thought Tsukasa

Suddenly, Tsukasa felt a tap on her shoulder and she turned around to find Konata stood behind her. Her eye was slowly swelling up and she was moaning in pain.

''Konata! What happened?'' asked a surprised and caring Tsukasa

''I think I went a little to far with Kagami this time'' moaned Konata ''She said she never wants to see me again'' Konata's eyes were full of tears and from seeing this Tsukasa pulled out a tissue and wiped them dry.

''Sis punched you? But why, what did you say to her?'' Tsukasa asked

''I...I told her that I liked her'' muttered Konata ''And she just punched me before walking away''

Tsukasa's heart was racing, seeing Konata in pain and that she was in love with her sister made her feel upset but she also felt that this could be a small window of opportunity for her and that it was something that she shouldn't pass up.

''You...you like her that way? I had no idea'' said Tsukasa who sounded shocked and disappointed

''Yeah well it dosen't matter any more because she hates my guts now'' weeped Konata ''I guess I won't find anyone who loves me after all''

''I...I see'' muttered Tsukasa

''Are you mad at me Tsukasa, for having these feelings about your sister?'' asked Konata

''I...I don't know what to say, it's a shock I'll admit that to you'' said Tsukasa

''I never wanted to hurt anyone...but I couldn't fight the feeling any more, I guess I should have kept my mouth shut''

Tsukasa's heart missed a beat, this was her chance to say something to her

''No! I'm proud of you Kona-chan'' said Tsukasa who was now feeling a second wind

''Huh?'' replied Konata

''I wish I had the courage to tell the person I like about how I feel about them'' said Tsukasa ''You were brave and I admire that'' said Tsukasa

Tsukasa noticed a glimmer in Konata's good eye, her heart went faster and faster and she panicked as Konata got closer to her.

''No...I can't, it dosen't feel right. I should go''

''I...I have to go Konata, I'll see you later'' said Tsukasa who then tried to walk away but was quickly stopped by the blue haired Otaku

''Wait! Please don't go...I...I need you'' pleaded Konata ''I need to hold someone''

Tsukasa thought about it, Konata was her friend but Kagami was her sister and she felt that she had to be their for her in her time of need but seeing Konata's crying face made her think differently. Without thinking, Tsukasa wrapped her arms around Konata and squeezed her tight. The feeling of Konata's head in her shoulder and her arms around her made Tsukasa feel good again, her smile was back and she felt like she was truly needed by someone she cared deeply for.

''Maybe...wishes do come true'' thought Tsukasa

''Hey Tsukasa'' whispered Konata

''Yes Kona-chan, what is I?'' asked Tsukasa

''Happy New Year''

''Happy New Year...Kona-chan'' smiled Tsukasa

The two kept on hugging as fireworks exploded in the sky as midnight had arrived and it was January. For Tsukasa, the moment could last forever and she would die happily when it was over.

''I'll always remember my Lucky Star''

End of Chapter 1