This is my first Blood+ fic, and if not for the fact that there is a severe lack of yuri fluff here on I probably wouldn't even try. Why are there not more Kaiori/Saya fics out here? It's a good pairing! Granted, overlooked due to lack of screen time with Kaiori, but still good! So here, for the viewing pleasure of those who cannot find enough decent Kaiori/Saya, I present to you:

Smiles and Encouragement

On the outside, we're friends. On the inside, we're so much more. Ever since I met you we've been inseparable. My mom still jokes about us being practically attached at the hip. You have your quirks, Saya, and that's what I like about you. Always so elegant and strong. You can make the most amazing high jumps and seeing you seem to hover in the air for that brief moment when you clear that pole—my heart stands still. Just like it does when our hands brush when we both reach for the chopsticks at the same time or when you catch me staring at you.

That's another thing I love about you. You're always so open to me. I always feel free to be myself when I'm around you, and I know that you feel the same way around me. You have a shameless appetite and can eat as much as three people combined; you never gain any weight (do you have any idea how annoying that is? I have to stay on a diet all the time and I still weigh more than you! Shesh…); and on top of all that you have the best pair of legs I have ever seen and your hair seems to actually listen to you. You are the most beautiful thing in my world for that. You're you, and to me that's the most amazing thing in the world.

I know that compared to you, I am insignificant, but I'd like to think that my smiles and encouragement help you some how. When you're sad, I'd like to think that it's my presence by you that helps you smile; my encouragement that motivates you to make that extra inch on the pole vault; my friendship that keeps you here.

"So why did you go?"

Disclaimer: I only own the creative contents of this fic, not the characters or show it is based on. Sue me not for I am but I poor college student.