Sirius looked at the wall, best he could tell he had been in this stinking cell for almost four years. The only reason he wasn't a drooling mess was because he was innocent. The dementors had taken a lot but they hadn't taken that. They hadn't been able to take it because it wasn't a happy memory. It was a bitter memory, he didn't kill his friends, and he didn't sell them out either. But he did let them choose a bad secret keeper and that was just as bad in his eyes.

At least it wasn't his idea to switch secret keepers. No it was the rat's idea. He was the one who wanted the job so he could give them to Voldemort. To this day Sirius had a hard time believing the rat was able to pull it off. Sirius knew it hadn't been his idea but some other death eater or Voldemort telling him what to do. For all the pranks he screwed up at school why did he have to get this one right.

Sirius fell asleep in his cell thinking about all that had happened and wondering where and how his godson was. When he woke up he knew something was wrong. He wasn't in his dingy grey cell. He was in a clean white room. It was so clean he could smell the clean. Having been in the cell so long it took him awhile to realize it was a hospital room.

At first he thought he must have gotten hurt but he wasn't in the bed. It was far too small to be a bed for him. He took a close look and saw a boy with messy black hair that looked vaguely familiar. He sat there wondering why they would bring him out of the prison to sit by a little boy's bedside. After a while a nurse came in, at first Sirius was afraid that she would call the guards but she ignored him. In fact as she passed him by she walked through his legs.

He began to think am I sleeping? Did the dementors kiss me? Have I finally gone insane? Am I dead? The nurse walked to the other side of the bed to stop a beeping machine. After she stopped it she rubbed the boys head, "There you are Harry, I've stopped the noisy machines, sleep well, I hope you wake up in the morning. It's been three days since you fell down those stairs we need you to wake up soon."

Sirius' heart clinched but he wasn't sure why. It took him a few minutes to put it together; the boy in the bed was named Harry. Just like his godson. The boy in the bed had messy black hair, he was sure Harry's would be just the same. Then Sirius realized that when the nurse moved his hair it had shown a lightning bolt shaped scar. Just. Like. Harry's.

Sirius stood quickly when he realized this was his Harry. The boy was small for a five year old. He was bruised and scraped and had several bandages wrapped around his head and arm, from what Sirius could see he was in bad shape. There were a lot of tubes and wires that made Sirius think he wasn't at St. Mungos.

How could Harry be in a muggle hospital? Who was responsible for this? What was happening? A while later the door opened and a very large man walked in. He looked around like he was trying to avoid detection and Sirius tried to get between him and Harry. Again the man walked through him like he wasn't even there.

The large man leaned over Harry and spoke harshly, "You had better keep your mouth shut freak. Tell them you fell down the stairs, if they knew you were so bad I had to throw you down the stairs they would punish you even more. Hopefully you won't be coming back to our home ever again."

The man quickly stood and left the room. Sirius was furious this man had thrown Harry down a flight of stairs. It's a wonder the boy had survived. He wondered who Harry had been living with when the man walked back in with a woman and a healer.

The healer was talking, "…sever trauma. The boy will need lots of hands on care to recover from this."

The fat man started talking, "I'm not sure we are qualified for care of this kind. What would be the best thing for my nephew? Should we get a nurse full time or send him to a facility that can help him?" The man sounded so sincere, if Sirius hadn't heard the threat himself he would have been fooled. Sirius finally recognized the couple as Lily's sister and her husband.

The healer said, "Those are both possibilities but I fear either one is a long way off. We can worry about that part later, let's just get him to wake up first then we'll know what the problems are." He then left the room so the couple could talk.

The whole time the healer was in the room Lily's sister had been dabbing at her eyes like she was crying. But as soon as he was gone she dropped the pretense and said, "I hope they send this freak somewhere far away from us." The man nodded in agreement.

Sirius was blown away. Who was crazy enough to send Lily's son to her sister? Didn't they know that the woman was insanely jealous of Lily and did everything she could to make her life miserable? Didn't they know that because of that jealousy she hated Lily and anything that had to do with her?

Sirius decided if he woke up from this nightmare he was going to escape and get Harry someplace safe. The next thing Sirius knew he was waking up back in his cell in Azkaban. His first thought was Harry, the second was I have to escape.

It was still dark out so he lay in his bed thinking. Sirius knew he couldn't plan much in the cell, he had to escape first. So when first light appeared Sirius transformed into his animagus form.

It wasn't long before the dementors started making rounds. Sirius sat by the door waiting, when they reached his cell there was a bit of commotion. They didn't sense his presence so they opened the door to check the body. When it opened Sirius slipped out.

He worked his way through the prison sticking to the shadows. He was lucky in two things, one he was a black dog and two there were a lot of shadows in Azkaban. After only a few minutes an alarm sounded and dementors started to swarm. He was passed by many but they couldn't sense him so he was never stopped. He somehow found a door, he stood for a few moments smelling fresh air, and then he headed for the sea.

On his swim Sirius wondered if the dream had already happened or if it was a prophecy and he could stop it. He sincerely hoped he could stop it. He swam until he thought he couldn't swim any more. Just as he was thinking that he had failed his godson he was picked up by a swell in the water and could see something in the distance. With renewed energy he started swimming for it. He kept thinking I can't stop, I can't give up, Harry needs me.