Disclaimer: I do not own Doctor Who nor any of its characters. If I did, the tenth doctor would never have regenerated (no offense to Matt Smith, I just prefer David Tennant), Rose and Donna would both still be traveling with the Doctor, the human doctor and River Song would not even exist; therefore season 4 would have ended differently and season 5 would be very different as well. I will now leave it up my readers to decide whether or not it is a good thing that I don't own Doctor Who.


History can be rewritten.

Everyone dies. Sooner or later it happens. No one is meant to live forever. Everyone knows that. Some die of old age, others from illness, and others in accidents. Everyone is fated to die. Everyone has a certain point in time which they are destined to die. But what if that point changed? What if someone died before they were supposed to? History would change.

It was a rainy day and for one man, death was the last thing on his mind. Perhaps if he had known that he was fated to die in two years time, then he would have done more with this life. Perhaps if he had known that his death would be two years early, he would have stayed at home. Perhaps if he had seen that strange man lurking in the shadows watching him, he wouldn't have gone to the pub. But he didn't know, and so history was changed.

If his death had come when it was supposed to this would have been the most important day of his life. For this day was the day that he was going on out with a couple of friends, the day that he would meet a beautiful young woman, the woman that he would one day marry and that would one day give him his daughter. A daughter that would be more important in the history of the universe, then he could ever imagine.

This was the day that Pete Tyler died. He wasn't supposed to, but he did. The strange man saw to that. By pushing Pete off a curb into the path of an oncoming car, history was changed, and Rose Tyler was never even born.

Author's Note: My apologies for making this so short, but this is more of an intro to the actual story. The story will start with the first chapter which will be longer and hopefully prompt in coming. So please read on and review!