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Nine felt as if he had forgotten something. As Rose and Jack discussed how to get out of the basement, Nine could feel something tugging at the back of his memory. But what? When he looked over at Rose, he suddenly felt as if he hadn't seen her in a long time.

Not knowing why he did it, he went over to her and gave her a big hug. "What's that for?" she asked, laughing at him. He grinned. Man, how he loved that laugh.

"I don't know." he answered honestly. "Just because I felt like it, I guess." Rose laughed again.

"Well, feel free to hug me whenever you want." she told him, hitting him playfully on the shoulder. Jack rolled his eyes.

"Don't I get a hug?"

"Sorry. I only hug girls." Nine told him, making both of his companions laugh.

"Now, then." said Rose. "How do you suggest we get out of here?"

Ten felt warm. He heard voices. He opened his eyes and realized that he was standing. Then he heard it. "...what was the last thing you said to me?"

Rose. Beautiful, glorious Rose! She was standing right in front of him, waiting for a reply. He realized happily that he had been sent back (or ahead, which ever you prefer) to before he answered her.

Out of the corner of his eye, he spotted Donna. She was giving him an encouraging smile, and he smiled as he remembered what Twelve had whispered in his ear right before he died. Maybe things were going to turn out well after all.

"I said Rose Tyler." He smiled, waiting eagerly for what was to come next.

"Yeah, and how was that sentence supposed to end?"

He noticed HD watching them and remembered what Twelve had said. Any regrets he might have about leaving HD alone were gone.

He took a step closer to Rose. He took her hand. "It was supposed to go," he said slowly and drawing the sentence out, "like this. Rose Tyler, I love you too."

Rose smile seemed to light up the sky, and suddenly Ten found her arms around him and her lips met his.

Not caring what anyone else thought, Ten returned the kiss and his arms tightened around Rose's waist.

"Doctor? Doctor are you alright?" He opened his eyes and saw Amy standing over him, an anxious look on her face. He groaned and sat up. "You passed out." Amy explained. "I think you're over tired. Why don't you go lie down?"

He looked around and realized he was back in the TARDIS. Neither Amy or Rory seemed to notice that anything unusual had happened, yet something was different.

As he wondered over to the console to see how the ship was holding up, he realized it was him. He felt different, yet...yet familiar.

"Amy..." he stopped. His voice was different. What the...? Then he caught a glimpse of his reflection on the screen. No. I couldn't be. He rushed over to the wardrobe, where there was a mirror. He needed to make sure.

He looked into the mirror and let out a low gasp. It was him alright, but not as his eleventh form. It was the face of his tenth form. At was as if he hadn't regenerated. A smile crept onto his face. He had always loved this form and had often missed. Now he was back! But how?

"Oi!" a familiar voice bellowed. The Doctor nearly collapsed in disbelief. He turned to see Donna Noble sauntering over to Amy. "Where is he? He promised to take us to Paris in half-an hour, but it's been twice as long as that!"

The Doctor continued to stare at her. "Donna...?"

"Oh, there you are!" she said spotting him. She gave him what he had once dubbed "The Noble Glare." "Well, are you ready to leave or not?"

The Doctor began to stammer. "How...did..you...?"

"Oh, leave him alone, Donna." His eyes widened. Now he knew must be dreaming. He turned to see a vision, Rose Tyler smiling at them. "He'll leave when he's ready to. There's no use rushing him."

Rose. His Rose. She was here. The Doctor thought he might cry. Never before had he ever seen anything so beautiful.

Donna sighed. "Very well. If you say so." She turned and left Rose alone with him. Rose laughed, but stopped when she noticed him staring.

"Are you alright? Amy told me you passed out? Do you want to rest? I'm sure Paris can wait."

He shook his head, coming to grips with the fact that she was actually there, in the TARDIS, with him. "No, I'm fine. Paris it is. We wouldn't want to keep Donna waiting, would we?"

Rose smiled. "Okay. I'll go tell Donna that we're on our way." She turned to leave.

"Rose!" she turned back when he called her. He went over to her and took her in his arms. "I love you."

Rose returned the embrace. "I love you too." He bent his head down and kissed her, passionately, which she returned.

Reluctantly he released her and as he watched her turn to go, a smile light up his face. Rose was here and this time they would be together...forever.

The End.

Author's Note: Tears of joy cannot restrain themselves as wrote this. I hope you love the ending as much as I do.