Disclaimer: I do NOT own Total Drama Island/Total Drama Action/Total Drama World Tour series or characters, this was strictly written for fun.

Note to Readers: This story is a follow up to my other Total Drama Island story Total Drama Island: Return to the Island. Its suppose to be like there was two seasons of Total Drama Island, and there wasn't a Total Drama Action. Instead another season of Total Drama Island ironically Duncan won my season too, LeShawna placed second and Courtney placed third. Justin was the main villain and placed fourth.

Total Drama Island: Guys VS Girls

Chris is standing on the dock of shame the sun is shining brightly and the birds are chirping in the air.

Chris "On the last episode of Total Drama Island! We orgianlly brought back nineteen of the original campers of season one for an all new season! Who did we bring back?
Gwen, Owen, Duncan, Courtney, Justin, Heather, Trent, LeShawna, Geoff, Bridgette, Cody, Katie, Sadie, Tyler, Lindsay, Izzy, Dj, Harold, and Beth!
Then later to add some extra drama into the show we brought back Eva! Haha pretty good right!

I thought so too in the end after countless eliminations, alliances formed and destroyed, Duncan and LeShawna made it to the final two! And Duncan won thanks to Justin and Heather accidentally helping him! Don't know what I'm talking about? Then you should have watched season two! This time we are bringing back eight guys and eight girls making sixteen campers in all returning, but this time Chef and I came up with a new idea for this season. Want to know what it is? Of course you do! The only way to find out is to watch this season of Total Drama Island season three! Haha were back baby!"

Chris and Chef await the campers return to the island by standing on the dock of shame, so they can greet them when they arrive at the island.

Chris "Chef are you sure you made sure to tell the boats to come to this island?"

Chef "For the last time I told yes!"

Chris "Okay...okay no reason to get upset big guy."

Chef "I wouldn't be if you didn't always nag! You little chicken head!"

Chris "Did you just call me a chicken head?" Laughs. "Because that's the lamest come back I've ever heard dude!"

Chef "Err! Is not!"

Chris "Is so!"

Chef "Is not!"

With Chris and Chef arguing they don't hear Duncan pull up and walk on to the dock.

Duncan "Do I sense a divorce coming?"

Chris "Duncan you made it!"

Confessional: Duncan

Duncan "Well everyone I'm back for season three of this show! Your probably wondering why? Well I'll tell you all after I won my 100,000 dollars and had that awesome party thrown for me. I realized when I got home I was cheated! Chris used a thousand of my winnings to throw the big party for me for winning, then my parents put the rest of the money in a college fund for me! Yeah like I'm going to college. You know where I'm going to be in ten years? Jail!" Confessional Ends.

Chris "I'm glad you could make it back my season two winner!"

Duncan "Yeah whatever where is the rest of the loser squad?"

Anther boat pulls up to the dock and out comes Heather, she walks over to Duncan angry because she heard what he said.

Heather "Who are you calling a loser! You..."

Duncan "Winner of season two!"

LeShawna's boat pulls up next.

LeShawna "Hey y'all its your girl LeShawna!"

Heather "Oh! Great its so nice to see you!" Heather rolls her eyes at LeShawna.

LeShawna "Who are you rolling your eyes at! You backstabbing no it all!"

Heather "Oh no you didn't Miss Piggy!"

LeShawna "Oh girl start hiding by the time I count to three!"

Heather just stands there.

LeShawna "Okay one...three!" LeShawna runs over to Heather, Heather starts screaming and hides behind Chris.

Chris "Ladies please! Start slapping each other!"

Heather "What!"

LeShawna "Oh I'm gonna do more then slap her!"

Courtney clears her throat so everyone will hear and notice her.

Courtney "Hello everybody!"

Chris "Welcome back Courtney!"

Duncan "Hey sexy!"

Courtney stands right next to Duncan and blushes.

Courtney "Duncan not in front of everybody."

Chris "Here comes another boat!"

Chris, Chef, and the campers look to see who it is. And its Ezekiel he steps out the boat waving to them.

Ezekiel "Hey guys its your boy Ezekiel!"

Campers "Oh hi."

Confessional: Ezekiel and Duncan

Ezekiel "Hey to all my loyal fans! Ezekiel is back and I am here to win season two! Oh I mean season three! Wait no two! No its three! It three!"

Duncan "They brought this dude back..."

Ezekiel "Is it season twenty-three?" Confessional Ends.

Ezekiel "Courtney looking fi-i-i-i-ine!"

Courtney "What!"

Duncan "That's it your dead!"

Ezekiel "What I mean...she's okay looking!"

Courtney "Oh my gosh your so rude!"

Duncan "Your really dead now!"

Duncan starts walking over to Ezekiel but LeShawna steps in front of him.

LeShawna "Pick on someone your own size!"

Duncan "Uh...fine your safe for now!"

Ezekiel "Oh thank you LeShawna! Thank you!"

LeShawna "No prob honey bee."

Confessinal: Ezekiel and LeShawna

Ezekiel "Forget Courtney! I like that curvy luscious LeShawna!

LeShawna "I only stepped in like that because it wouldn't be right for Ezekiel to get beat up on the first day! Its okay if its Heather, now the second day he is on his own." Confessional Ends.

Trent and Gwen get off the boat together holding hands.

Trent and Gwen "Hey guys!"

LeShawna "Hey girl!"

Duncan "Whats up Trent!"

Ezekiel "Hey guys!"

Gwen "Oh uh hi."

Trent "...Oh hi."

Izzy jumps off her boat and on to the dock.

Izzy "Ah ah! Why hello there mates! Its Izzy you see!"

Campers "Hey Izzy!"

Izzy "Aww thank you, thank you!"

Justin gets off his boat.

Justin "Hello friends."

All the campers except for Ezekiel give Justin dirty looks.

Ezekiel "Hi!"

Heather "So did you get plastic surgery to cover those scars from last season!"

Justin "Uh...no!"

Confessional: Justin

Justin "It isn't that noticeable is it!" Confessional Ends.

Geoff and Bridgette get off their boat together.

All the campers except for Heather and Justin "Hey guys!"

Bridgette "All I'm saying is you could have won last season if you didn't help Justin!"

Geoff "He said his pap was dying! And how many times are you going to bring this up now Bridge!"

Bridgette "Oh just forget I ever brought it up Geoff!"

Geoff "Fine I will!"

Gwen "Bridgette is everything okay between you two?"

Bridgette "Of course it is. Just a little fight that all couples have you know."

Gwen "Okay I'm just making sure you are okay."

Bridgette "Don't worry about were okay."

Confessional: Bridgette

Bridgette "No its not okay! Ever since season two ended all me and Geoff do is fight! I just don't know what to do!" Bridgette tires to hold tears back. "Your not going to air this on TV will you?" Confessional Ends.

Chris "Welcome Cody!"

Cody "Thanks Chris! Emm! So many lovely ladies all so hot! God must really love me!"

Justin "No he doesn't if he did you would be with one."

Cody "So true..." He walks over by Gwen and smiles at her, but Gwen ignores him.

Confessional: Cody and Gwen

Cody "Well I've been single ever since Lindsay dumped me last season. And I'm still looking so ladies give me a call!"

Gwen "I seen that smile Cody gave me, I just hope this season he is not in love with me still." Confessional Ends.

Owen jumps off his boat and onto the dock causing the dock the shake.

Owen "Me peeps! My buds!" Owen sees Izzy. "My ex girl friend!"

Noah gets off his boat.

Noah "Hello everyone please hold your cheer thank you."

Duncan coughs "Nerd!"

Noah coughs "Ugly! Now stop acting like your five years old."

Duncan "Even if I was five I bet I could beat you."

Noah "Oh I'm so scared."

Heather "Chris! Are we done now with these special reunions!"

Chris "No we are still waiting on two people."

Heather "Uh who else is coming!"

Katie and Sadie get off their boat.

Katie and Sadie "Us! Duh! You said duh! We said that at the same time! Oh my gosh!"

Katie "We can like read..."

Sadie "Each others minds!"

Katie "Oh my gosh yes!"

Duncan "Can I have some cotton balls so I shove them in my ears so I don't have to this listen to these two!"

Katie "Well someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning!"

Sadie "Don't worry abut him he is like crazy."

Katie "Oh I know like totally!"

Duncan rolls his eyes at the two best friends.

Duncan "I guess so sista's!"

LeShawna "Yeah? Oh were you talkin to them? Sorry my bad!"

Chris "Now that we are all here..."

Heather "Let me guess! Your going to tell us who is on team Screaming Gophers and who is on team Killer Bass!"

Chris "No."

Heather "Let me guess! You made new team names! Like the Mole Rats or the Crazy Monkeys! Something dumb like that!"

Chris "Well Heather you do look like a crazy monkey but no!"

Noah "She does look like a monkey!"

Courtney "No she looks more like a rabbit to me!"

Trent "No more like a bird!"

Gwen "No a cow!"

Heather "Uh!"

Chris "People please stop saying what animal you think Heather looks like I personally think its a rat."

Heather "Chris!"

Chris "But moving on! There is no teams!"

Duncan "Were all going up against each other?"

Chris "You didn't let me finish gosh! No team names! Simply a guy team and a girl a team!"

Geoff "I'm confused."

Chris "How is it hard to understand!"

All the campers look at Chris confused.

Chris "It means this season its Guys VS Girls!"

Campers "Well why didn't you say so Chris!"

Chris "Oh come on it was simple! That's not the only thing that's changed the winner this season will get 350, 000 dollars!"

All the campers look at Chris shocked.

Chris "Now get settle in because your first challenge is tomorrow!"

Confessional: Gwen

Gwen "I came here for 100, 000 dollars! But 350, 000 is even better!" Confessional Ends.

To Be Continued...