Chapter 1

Reba paced the living room as she waited for her husband to come home. She was too excited. She had missed Vic so much. He had been gone to Italy to visit his grandmother for a week. He had called her everyday and they would talk for an hour or more before hanging up but as much as she loved hearing from him, it still didn't make up from not seeing him. She would tell him how much she missed him and wished he would come home. She loved their talks. They were once interrupted by his grandmother wanting to talk to her. She was the sweetest old lady and Reba hoped to meet her someday.

Reba told her family that she was now definitely not getting the annulment. They were very happy for her. They all liked Vic and wished them both the best. The week had been hectic. Reba had been working and still taking care of her family. Vic had asked her to look after his apartment. She gladly accepted the job. She had to get the extra key from under the mat and she cleaned up his apartment for him. It had been bugging her since she had first seen it. Vic told her never to do that again but she didn't listen. She thought about packing for him but they hadn't really discussed him moving in yet. Of course he would but they needed to discuss some things first.

Reba sat on her couch as she looked to the clock for the fifth time in the last five minutes. It was six thirty in the evening. He was supposed to be home by six. She had been on edge all day long, anxiously awaiting his return. She offered to pick him up at the airport but he told her no. He told her to just relax and he would be home soon.

She jumped when she heard a voice behind her. "Vic home yet?" Cheyenne asked.

Barbara Jean, who had followed Cheyenne in from the kitchen, giggled. "A little jumpy, are we?" she said

Reba glared and looked out the window again. "He was supposed to be home at six. Where is he?"

"Awww, this is so cute. You're anxiously waiting for you're loved one to return to you." Cheyenne said in a dreamy like voice.

Reba rolled her eyes at her daughter. She turned back to the window. "I am just a little worr...he's here!" she said roughly opening the door and running out. Reba stopped herself right outside the door. She didn't want to seem too anxious. She made it about half way before she saw Vic and his smile. She picked up her pace and then pulled him into a deep longing kiss.

They stood there connected by their lips for the longest time. Reba felt the electricity surge from the top of her head to the tip of her toes and she loved it. She loved Vic and she was happy she stayed married to him. What they didn't notice was Reba's family giggling at the window as they watched on. Reba pulled away and tried to control her breathing. "I've wanted to do that for the longest time." She said breathlessly.

Vic chuckled and grabbed his suitcase that was left on the ground by the driver. "You've kissed me before." He said chuckling. There was clearing of a throat and Vic turned to see the driver waiting for payment. "Oh…sorry." Vic handed him over a few bills and gave him a generous tip.

The driver smirked and shook his head. "No problem. If my wife looked like that I would forget about everything else too."

Reba laughed and blushed. She picked up Vic's carry on bag and walked to the door with him. "I am so happy you're back."

Vic chuckled. "If I had known just going away would have you all over me I would have done it a month ago when we got married." Reba chuckled and Vic kissed the top of her head.

Reba paused outside the door before opening it. She reached up and pecked his lips with a smile. "Welcome home." She said swinging the door open. Reba rolled her eyes when she saw her family jump to the couch again. "Did you really think we didn't notice that?" Reba smiled and took Vic's suitcase from him. "Go sit down and relax."

Vic didn't seem to want to relax because as soon as she set down his suitcase he brought her into another kiss. Reba smiled and happily kissed him back. Her family was now getting grossed out. It was cute once. Now it's just disgusting to see you're mother/mother-in-law/ex-wife make out. As the family looked on in disgust, Vic and Reba seemed to forget about everyone else because his hands began to roam down her arms, to her waist, then to her hips, and then to her… "Mom! Vic!" Vic removed his hands quickly away.

Reba turned red. She really did forget her family was there. "Sorry guys forgot you were there." She said quietly.

Cheyenne nodded. "Apparently."

Reba smiled sheepishly and turned to hang up Vic's coat she took. She secretly winked at him. "Well..." Vic said as he sat down in an empty chair. "What has been going on since I've been gone?"

Kyra, who sat directly across from him in the other chair, just shrugged. "Nothing really." Kyra then smirked as her mother sat on the arm of Vic's chair. "Mom's been really on edge though since you've left. She really missed you."

Reba glared at her daughter. "Kyra!" she hissed.

Vic smiled. "Aww…" he said pulling her into his lap. "You missed me?"

Reba shrugged and looked away so he didn't see her turn red, again. "I hardly noticed you were gone."

Vic nodded. "That's why you gave me that toe curling of a kiss outside? Because you hardly noticed I was gone?"

"Oh…" Reba said looking as if she suddenly realized something, "You mean this kiss?"

She wrapped her arms around him and pulled him into another passionate kiss. Everyone turned their head away except Barbara Jean who just smiled at the couple. Vic pulled away and seemed to be in a daze like state. "That would be the one."

Reba laughed and kept her arms around him. She looked to her family and rolled her eyes. "You can look now." Reba shook her head at her silly family. She had to put up with all the kisses and such between Van and Cheyenne and Barbara Jean and Brock, it was about time they knew how gross it was to walk in on a private moment. Reba tried to get up but Vic held on tight to her waist. "Vic…I have to get up."

He shook his head. "No you don't. Where do you need to go? I'll carry you."

Reba giggled. "You'll carry me?" Vic nodded and stood while picking her up in the process. "I can walk. Please let me down." Vic reluctantly let her down. She pecked his lips lovingly and smiled. "I'm not going anywhere, don't worry." Reba walked into the kitchen and Vic followed by her quickly. "What do you want for dinner?" she asked looking in the refrigerator.

Vic smirked and wrapped his arms around her waist from behind. "I know what I want for dessert." Reba giggled when she felt his breath against her ear and she shut the refrigerator door. Vic gently pressed her up against the counter and pulled her into another kiss.

They were so engrossed with the kissing they didn't hear the footsteps. "Hey Mrs. H what's…ewww." Van said as he stepped into the kitchen and he was just about to step out when he said, "Watch them hands Vic." He then quickly walked back out. "Their at it again!" they heard Van yell

Reba smiled as she pulled away from him. "You think we grossed them out enough?" Vic shook his head and brought her back into the kiss.

Reba made Vic anything he wanted for dinner. He tried of course to make Reba dinner but she wouldn't hear anything of it. She said he had a long flight and she would make him a good meal and put him to bed. She said that with a wink and it disgusted everyone to no end. The whole dinner was hard to take considering Vic and Reba had eyes for nothing or no one else but each other.

"I think I liked it better when Mom didn't like him." Jake said after he had seen his mother kiss Vic for about the hundredth time during dinner.

Barbara Jean just smiled. "Their just making up for lost time, leave them alone."

Kyra looked equally disgusted as she bit into her apple pie that Barbara Jean made. "I just know I am glad were leaving later tonight. I don't want to be around them."

Reba shook her head and then looked to her daughter when she realized what she had said. "What do you mean you're not going to be here?" Reba asked sitting up straight.

Barbara Jean swallowed what little bit of apple she had in her mouth and smiled. "Jake and Kyra are coming over our house for the weekend. We figured you two could use some alone time and we thought…"

Reba spoke up suddenly. "When do you leave?" she asked eagerly.

Jake scoffed. "Jeez, mom, you make me feel so loved."

Reba blushed when she realized how mean that did sound. "I'm sorry it's just…"

"We understand." Barbara Jean said. "If I had a hunky husband like that I wouldn't want children around either."

Reba laughed as she looked over to Brock who was making a face. "Barbara Jean…" Reba said in a sweet voice. "You have…" Reba paused and looked at Brock who sat up straight and smiled, "An ok husband." Everyone laughed and continued on talking. Reba wished they would just leave already.

After dessert Reba was thankful Kyra and Jake went upstairs to get their stuff. Reba sat next to Vic on the couch and she giggled as she whispered things in her ear, things she hoped her family didn't hear. Kyra and Jake walked down the stairs with their stuff in their hand and Reba jumped up. "Ok, be safe, I love you, goodbye." She said quickly.

Kyra chuckled just a bit and set down her bag. "Jeez Mom, relax. We will be going in a minute."

Reba nervously tapped her foot as she waited for her children to make sure they had everything. They didn't want to have to come back and walk in on something they didn't want to walk in on. Reba had never been this anxious before to be alone with someone. Except Brock but that was when they were dating. She looked to Vic and the more she did the more she wanted to be alone with him. Whenever he smiled or wink at her it drove her crazy.

"Ok Mom, were leaving." Kyra said standing by the door with Barbara Jean.

Reba smiled and hugged her daughter and son. "You guys be careful."

Kyra rolled her eyes and nodded. "I don't know what kind of trouble we could get into when we will be staying with Mrs. Rogers." Kyra said sarcastically while pointing to Barbara Jean.

Reba laughed as she shut the door behind her family. Reba turned to a smiling Vic and she walked up to him wrapping her arms around his waist. "We have the whole weekend to ourselves."

Vic nodded and kissed her lightly on the lips. "Let's go." He said picking her up and walked towards the stairs.

Reba laughed. "Hey, can you wait a minute."

Vic frowned but he didn't set her down just yet. "Why?"

"Put me down first." He sighed and set her feet down on the floor. "We have all weekend. Now let's just relax for a moment." Vic shrugged and then walked into the kitchen to get two glasses and some wine.

They settled themselves on the couch and Reba turned on the news. "I thought this was supposed to be a romantic evening?" he said handing her a glass.

Reba smiled. "I just want to see what the weather is like tomorrow and besides we have all night."

Vic shook his head. "I can't believe we have this whole house to ourselves and all you have on you're mind is the weather."

Reba smirked. "Well…I just want to see if it's going to be just warm or…" She moved her lips close to his ear and he shivered in delight when he felt her hot breath on his ear, "Hot."

Vic looked to her and gave her a suggestive smile. "I think it's getting pretty hot now." Reba giggled and was brought into a kiss. Reba moaned against his lips and ran her hands through his soft black hair. Reba felt it getting a little heated and pushed him away. She smiled when she heard him groan in frustration. "You're killing me here." Vic said.

Reba stood up and stepped away a bit. "Just relax. I'll be back in a minute."

Vic sighed and sat back on the couch as Reba walked up stairs. What she needed up there he didn't know. He had waited a little over a month to be with her. He guessed he could wait just a bit longer. He only hoped she liked the surprise he had for her, not that she hadn't seen it before but she didn't like it then. He was happy to give it to her now. He smiled as he pulled out the blue velvet box. She would love this.

He reached for the remote to turn the channel when he heard someone clear their throat. He looked up and at the top of the stairs stood Reba. She had her hair up and was wearing a short pure white silk robe. She walked down the stairs with a smile on her face and all Vic could do was stand there, drooling like an idiot. Reba giggled and stepped close to him, he still didn't move. "Vic, are you ok?"

He nodded and it finally registered with him. He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her close. "You look beautiful." He said putting a strand of hair behind her ears.

Reba smiled affectionately. "Thanks."

Vic sighed contently. As much as pulling away was going to kill him he needed to give her the gift first. "I have something for you." Reba smiled as he showed her the blue velvet box. "You think you could wear it now?" he asked showing her the beautiful diamond ring he had tried to give her some time ago. Reba nodded and she held out her left hand for him to slide the ring on.

Her eyes widened at the ring and how great it looked on her finger. The money wasn't necessary and she would love him even if he was broke but she still couldn't take her eyes off the expensive beautiful ring. "It's gorgeous."

Vic smiled. "I can think of something even more gorgeous."

"Really?" she asked smiling.

He nodded. "You out of this robe, what do you have on under there?" The robe was sexy enough but also discreet and so he didn't know what was going on under there but he sure wanted to find out.

Reba smiled suggestively and stepped as close as she could get to him. "Why don't you find out?"

Vic chuckled deeply and pulled her into a kiss. Reba responded and her stomach did a nervous flip flop as his hands moved to the tie on her robe. He slowly untied the robe and removed it from her freckled shoulders, letting it drop to the floor. His heart jumped in his throat when he saw her in that matching short nightgown. "Wow." He said still staring. Reba blushed a bit and smiled. She shouldn't be so embarrassed or nervous. Vic was her husband. She shivered when she felt his hand glide around her waist and pull her close once more. "You smell like sweet strawberries."

Reba giggled at the tickle of his breath and her stomach tightened again when she felt a strap being pulled down. "Vic…wait." She said pushing away.

He was quite confused now. "What's wrong?"

Reba shook her head. "I think we should take this upstairs. I know my children are gone for the weekend but…"

Vic nodded and smiled. Reba bent over to grab the remote and turn off the TV that she finally noticed was still on. Reba stayed glued to the television when a familiar picture came up on the screen. Vic chuckled and his hands went to her hips for a moment. "How do you expect me to take it slow when you do that?"

"Shhhh!" she said turning up the volume.

Vic was quite confused and a little irritated when she sat down on the couch. He sat next to her but didn't say anything for fear of being yelled at. He sighed and turned his head to the news break that she was watching.

"A local business has been closed down. The owner of the Little Beige motel/wedding chapel as it has been called is under investigation. He has been charged with fraud for forging marriage certificates and claiming to be able to marry couples. Over 250 couples have been affected by this since the business opened back in May. There will be more on this story once we return."

Reba stared at the screen as her heart beat faster. "Reba?" she heard Vic say next to him. She turned to him and was unable to say anything. "What is the matter? You've looked like you've seen a ghost."

Reba turned off the television as she stood up and she couldn't believe what just came onto the news. "That's the guy that married us." She said finally finding her voice.

Vic was still a bit confused and shrugged as he stood next to her. "So what…now where were we?" he asked as he wrapped his arms around her waist.

Reba pushed him away roughly and she her head. "Don't you know what this means!" Vic shook his head and shrugged. "We were never legally married!"

End of Chapter