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Chapter 1 (Arrivals and Departures)

Mikaela checked the calendar as she entered the motorcycle shop – in two days Sam would be home for spring break. She couldn't help but grin at the thought of finally getting to spend some time with him. They had already planned trips to the beach, going hiking, watching movies…

"Hey honey," her father called. "Would you open the garage door, please? I can hear Jared driving in," referring to one of the guys who worked at the shop.

"Sure dad." She looked over at him and saw the smile on his face. He could probably guess what she'd been daydreaming about.

Being able to work with her dad was something she had thought would never happen. Ever since he had gotten out of jail and they had started running the shop, both of their lives changed for the better; she loved every minute of being there.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, sir. It's been confirmed," the soldier replied.

"I'll have to brief the team; then we get rolling. Sound the alarm."

Major William Lennox had been relaxing in his room at the NEST base on Diego Garcia when the urgent message came through. He wasn't on duty that the moment, but like all soldiers he had to be ready for anything at a moment's notice. He rushed to get to the hangar where the NEST team held most of their briefings. It was the one area on the base where the most people and Autobots could assemble comfortably. The base had been awaiting a word from all the proper authorities, and now that everything had been given the affirmative Lennox and his team would have to act swiftly.

Within seven minutes, Will reached the top of the platform and checked the information that would be displayed in moments to the personnel. Large screens would show the map readings for all to see. The atmosphere in the building was hushed but tense.

"Good evening," he started. "Thank you for arriving at such short notice. We've just been given the go-ahead on the reports that our reconnaissance team sent earlier today. A Cybertronian vehicle has been discovered in Indonesia." Lennox circled a group of islands east of Sumatra on the projection board. "This area constitutes North Maluku." Zooming in, the map now showed landmasses of Pulau Ternate, Pulau Tidore, and Pulau Halmahera. "The vehicle is situated on southern Halmahera outside of an isolated village called Payahe; the locals reported it as a downed satellite. We need to move quickly though, because it is unknown what kind of energy signature this thing could be giving off. You know the drill, people – we roll out at twenty-two hundred hours."

As soon as he finished speaking, military personnel started moving in all directions to get ready for the latest mission. NEST had grown considerably since the last major Decepticon battle six months ago. They were a dedicated team, always doing whatever they could in order to keep the peace and prevent a full-scale war from breaking out between the Cybertronian natives. The government had finally seen just how important the work was that they did, and expanded their funding.

Thankfully, this time the situation was not too far away. Diego Garcia, located in the middle of the Indian Ocean, was only a few hours from Indonesia, which meant less time wasted flying. Lennox would be able to catch at least a couple hours rest before arriving at the scene. This wouldn't be the first sleepless night that he'd spent on the job though.

Sam returned to his dorm-room after his second to last day of classes. He was loving college life, but craved much-needed rest and relaxation that awaited him back at home after those exams. Even if it included his mom's pampering. Although he'd be seeing his girlfriend at the airport tomorrow evening, Sam couldn't resist phoning her that moment.

"Hey Sam," Mikaela greeted him.

"Hi, Gorgeous. How has your day been?" he asked.

"It's been really busy here – it'll be nice to get away for a bit."

"I can't wait to see you. I've got a surprise for you."

She laughed softly, "Awe, you're so sweet. I actually got you something too."

"Really? Wow, thanks. It's not even a special occasion… wait, is it?"

"No, you haven't forgotten anything."

"Hey, have you heard from Bumblebee recently?"

"Um, yeah, just a few days ago."

"He's coming to pick me up right?"

"Ah, no. He's been really busy with Optimus and stuff… He can't make it back here."

"Oh… Ok, that's cool."

Since Bumblebee had agreed to let Sam attend college on his own, Bee had been working with the other Autobots doing NEST missions. The concept of sitting around in the Witwicky garage never boded well with him.

"Well, I'm starving, so I'm going to go eat."

"Alright. I'll see you tomorrow."

"Ok. Love you."

"Love you too," she replied before hanging up. Though he couldn't see it, she was still smiling after hearing those words of affection.

After stopping to refuel in Java, the NEST dispatch arrived at Ternate's Babullah Airport on the small island in two C-17s. It was the largest airport in North Maluku, and the only one where they could land the massive airplanes. The re-con team had advised that a military ship assist the operation if possible, and NEST had been able to contact a one in the vicinity. Fortunately, it was a heavy landing craft and had just arrived at the Ternate harbour by the time they landed. The passage was brief, but there was a long drive of one and a half hours to follow it.

Finally, his squad – made up of Brawn, Sideswipe, and a military Humvee – reached the site of the Cybertronian wreckage. The area that had been cordoned off was a large one, though there were few people out at this part of the island. A main office in the form of a tent had already been established, outside of which the reconnaissance team's commanding officer stood waiting expectantly for the troops from NEST.

"Glad you could get out here; this is a remote area," he called out as Lennox approached. They dispensed with the salutes and got straight down to business.

"It's what we do. So, let's see this thing."

The two men, along with several others, made their way down a narrow, muddy pathway through the dense vegetation. It was already night but the thick foliage made it seem even darker. The path sloped downward, and water could be heard in the distance. Suddenly they emerged onto a beach illuminated by floodlights. Four troops were on guard in addition to Evac, the Autobot assigned to this particular group.

"There has been a marked amount of seismic activity in the area lately, which is not unusual because of all the volcanoes. Then the metal part juts out of the water over here," the officer explained and pointed to the spot just off the shoreline. "Local fishermen then reported what they believed was a satellite in the water. When we saw the glyphs on that thing we knew what we were dealing with. We're still sticking with the satellite story though."

"How big is it?" the major asked.

"We can't be sure. Not only is it underwater, it's also buried in the sand. Seismic activity is the only thing that brought it to the surface." There was a barrier floating in the water over the approximate location. "Divers have already been down – they estimate it to be about the size of a private jet. That's about all I can tell you at this point; it hasn't even been twenty-four hours since we've been here though."

"Well, that's plenty of info. Good job. The rest of the crew should be here by in a few hours, then we can really get to work." Sergeant Robert Epps and half of the team would still have to brave the rugged, dirt roads in pitch-black darkness.

"Hey, is the big guy himself here?"

Lennox grinned. Everyone always wanted to meet the famous Autobot leader. "Yeah, Optimus is here; also Ironhide and Bumblebee. Brawn and Sideswipe came with this advance team. I'll introduce them all to you later."

"I'm so glad that you could come along with us to pick up Sam!" Judy Witwicky exclaimed.

Once Sam had mentioned that Mikaela would also be meeting him at the airport, his parents had insisted on bringing her with them. She didn't mind though; Ron and Judy were nice. They loved having her around, and were always asking that she visit more often.

His mother shifted her position in the passenger seat so that she was facing the Mikaela, who sat behind the driver's seat of their grey Pontiac Vibe. "You look wonderful, dear! Sam always gets red in the face when you get all dressed up for him. Ron does the same thing when I put on something special – it must be a Witwicky trait."

"Honey, we don't have to get into the 'Witwicky traits' discussion right now," Ron said to his wife, almost anxiously.

Mikaela smiled and chuckled, those two were so cute. It was true that she'd taken some extra thought as to what to wear that afternoon, since she hadn't seen her boyfriend – aside from on a webcam – since his winter holiday a few months ago. Her outfit consisted of a simple white tank top paired with a silk, bubble-tiered skirt in a dusky pink colour, a wide black belt, and black patent platform pumps; it was sure to please.

Ron did his best to plant himself in a chair with a newspaper when the trio walked into the 'Arrivals' section of the airport, while Judy and Mikaela stood closer to the door that Sam would enter through. Mrs. Witwicky wondered aloud a couple of times what was taking so long, before an employee finally opened the door for the passengers.

"Honey, come over here!" Judy called to her husband. "He's going to think you don't like him if you sit over there."

He complied, muttering, "He won't think that – he's my son, of course he knows I like him."

Mikaela scanned the exiting people for Sam's cheerful, boyish face. Several of the male passengers eyed her up or gave low whistles when they noticed her waiting. She was used to the looks and ignored them, but slipped on the denim jacket that she had brought along; the air conditioning made it cool inside anyways.

After about three dozen people had come off the plane, Sam finally strode out with a bag slung over his shoulder. He grinned ear to ear when he spotted his parents and girlfriend.

"Oh Sam, my big college boy!" His mother squeezed him tightly in one of her hugs, until he insisted that she release him.

He also greeted his dad before approaching Mikaela. "You look beautiful," he said, and gave her a quick kiss. She noticed him blush a little, just like his mom had predicted.

Ron cleared his throat and started speaking; "Hey Sam, I know you just got in and you're probably tired, but your mother and I want to take you both out for lunch, ok?"

"Wow, you must've really missed me," Sam joked. "That would be awesome – thanks Dad. I just have to pick up my luggage first."

As they walked to the baggage carousel, he took Mikaela's hand in his own and she couldn't help but feel blissful. Everything was perfect.