Competence, the word is truly an enigma. To find a truly competent person you would need to find one with many qualities that together would make one truly competent. A teacher keeping a promise to a student, does not go back on his word especially the day he dies for his morality, compassion, dedication, and for his leadership.

Jiraiya, being a competent man, kept his word to his student and on the day he laid to rest, he was there. The will and testament to the great leader of the Leaf Village stated few things.

"On this the most happiest day in my life, the birth of my son, may be marred by the very thing he has shared space with for the last 9 months.

Jiraiya should anything happen, he will be yours to mentor, raise and lead down the path of what he will be capable of, I trust my son to your charge to mold and shape to the man he will become. Heh funny, but for some reason I see him as headstrong as his mother with the combination of both our spirits and wills. He will be a handful and I hope I'm there for every minute of it till the day he makes himself what ever he wants to be. Its his choice Jiraiya but what ever it is he chooses if I am not around make sure you point him in the right direction. Now I know you may not be the one most capable of raising a new born which is why I ask you you Auntie Tsunade, to bring up my child as a mother should, should anything happen to me and my wife. I hate to force either of you to surrogacy but I can rest assured that he will be loved if with you.

Jiraiya in our secure location with the toads I have sent instructions and further scrolls that belong to my son and not the village. My legacy remains his. I have left sufficient funds as well as anything he may need in the process of his growth.

Sensei, no, you have truly been more than that for me, my father of sorts, I leave my hopes for the future in your hands... no pressure or anything... should anything happen today of all days. Of course I have taken many precautions for the events that may unfold and as always you know my I have triple checked and added redundancies. I think everything will be OK and like Kushina says i'm just being a worry wort...she just called me 'anal retentive' and 'egghead' pfft go figure not even worried in the least.

Jiji-sandaime has a copy of our marriage liscence and you will have the original along with his birth certificate, his name will be his mothers as I have many enemies. If I am not there he will not bear my name as I wish to keep him as safe as possible. Inside this package there are more instructions on the storage seals left behind as well as all my notes on the many techniques I have started but have not completed. I just wish I could be there to see him finish my work I would be truly proud of him.

Jiji I leave the village in your hands for now I hate to dump it all back on you but if the worst were to happen I trust you to find a suitable replacement for I would have raised Naruto to be the greatest Hokage past and future.

These are the wishes of Yondaime Hokage Namikaze Minato, as well as the Jinchuriki of the Kyuubi seal master of Konoha Uzumaki Kushina.

Jiraiya sat brokenhearted in the hokages office, Tsunade staring blank faced at the floor tears streaming from her face. On this day they had lost two more precious people. The Sandaime looked upon his students, he too feeling the sting of loss.

"Jiraiya" spoke the old man through a choked sob "unfortunately I thought I would loose my self to death before my own student let alone one of my students own. This is a tragedy yes but I know your spy network needs your attention. What will you do, as I will respect your decision"

"we jiji-sensei" the toad sage said clearing his throat "how could I not respect his wishes honestly he was a better man than I could ever have been but I feel inequiped to raise a young man let alone a baby."

"well then looks like I will take over for now then." Tsunade finally pulling herself together "she may not have been a student of mine but Kushina was like a daughter to me and I can always have Shizune-chan help with the kids..."

"Kids?" spoke the men in the room.

"Yes I was curious of a few things and asked Kushina to help me do some research here in the village while i've been gone, it seems I have a bit of extended family which I was going to provide with some of the Senju funds but looking over the casualty list and checking over the injured in the hospital, she will be alone here an orphan just like Naruto" the two men shook their heads "it seems I will be raising siblings" she let out a sorrowful chuckle "even-though Dan died it seems I will have a family after all"

The three lowered their head as if thinking the same thing, a moment of silence for those that have passed

"i see, well then, Tsunade will be in charge of raising the children when she deems fit I will take over for the boy, he will need to be raised to be a man," she nodded in agreement "and we will see where we go from there... old man I don't intend of keeping his parentage a secret from him since we will be raising him, them, outside the village."

"What! what about the village i'm sure Minato..."said a startled Hiruzen.

"Don't worry sensei i'm just doing this for them both the Village and the boy,give them time to get over that night and allow him to study and learn. Want him to have every advantage and in the mean time while hes with Tsunade I will fortify my spy network with people I trust in order to add a little misdirection ill set up a small location, a home if you will, out in the country away from prying eyes."

"I do hope to have my students back home, after your Pilgrimage Tsunade, I can only trust either of you two to take up the mantle even if its only to keep the seat warm for him" pointed Sarutobi to the baby in the crib. "i can agree to this on one condition weather ready or not at age 10 I would like to see both those children in the academy even if its under false names to keep their identities a secret." they nodded "good then you are free to go I expect an update of sorts Jiraiya, Tsunade even if its non disclosure of where you are I would like to know how they are doing... please"

"Dont worry Jiji," Jiraiya In his Nice guy pose "Dont worry even though Minato said the Kid could do what ever he wants Im will to bet this kid will be the best Ninja surpassing even the Great Sage himself"

That being the finalization of the Will reading Tsunade left the village with Jiraiya, in charge of a 14 year old Shizune, a 8 month old Haruno Sakura, and a one month old Uzumaki Naruto to raise and live as a family