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C / A ranked Mission

I mean

C Ranked!

The Aburame household was always calm and quite. They were a people of logic, calm, cool, and collected was their life force. See, they were a hive, a family, whose members all worked in tandem for a singular goal. Right now, though was a proud moment therefore the hive was buzzing. The current youngest Aburame that had recently joined the ranks of Konoha's military force was given his first C ranked mission.

In much the same way, the stoic faces of the Hyuuga household, scurried about. The hair to the clan had received her first real mission request.

It was a well known fact that all shinobi are given 2 full hours notice before their first real mission. It was a mental preparation, and a physical one as well. It gave you time to go through your mental checklists, and your gear, you obviously didn't need to show up at the Hokage's office with everything, simply due to the fact that, well, you didn't know where the hell you were going.

Simply put, it was tradition.

Every Genin laid out their gear. Everything they could possibly need. Shino, was kneeling in front of every thing listed in the shinobi handbook. Spools of ninja wire, razor wire, shuriken, kunai, mesh armor, survival gear, rations, survival knife, soldier pills.

The Inuzuka Compound on the other hand... was, well, they had tradition also, but, today... "SOME ONE TRACK THAT LITTLE SHIT DOWN!" Roared Inuzuka Tsume. Kiba and a Naruto clone had decided to start a new tradition, one where they would prank the clan head.

The clone and Kiba were hiding in a near by stream... "Kiba, you know your going to have to go home and get ready eventually right?"

"Yeah but it was so worth it, you saw Kuromaru's face when he saw mom... Priceless."

"Dude, she's gonna take your balls for that... maybe you should have waited until after we left on mission."

Kiba looked at 'Naruto', his face all scrunched up like he was sucking on a lemon, "Dude, the 'Prank King of Konoha', afraid of a prank that's not like you..."

"Just saying, time and a place for everything you know. C ranks a big deal... and besides I've got one thing going for me that you don't..."

"Oh yeah whats that smart ass." He whispered as he heard his mother approaching.

"I'm not actually here.." 'Naruto' said with a huge smile before shouting "HEY PINK HAIRED LADY HE'S OVER HERE." then poofed out of existence.

Tsume, whom usually had a mane of dark brown hair, was in fact, sporting a lovely new head of pink hair...

"Inuzuka Kiba..." she said in a very calm and soothing voice. "your life is forfeit. Prepare to die."


"Sorry, but today, you learn why I am Alpha..."

Sarutobi Hiruzen stood before an exhausted blond haired boy, this boy was the real one, the real deal.

They were standing on an empty plain on the plateau that was the back side of Hokage Mountain. It was the Hokage's personal training ground and where all the high level Jounin, with special permission were, allowed to train incredibly strong Jutsu that would other wise destroy the village.

The Professor, was known as such due to the wisdom and knowledge the man contained. But, in the Leaf Village, He was known as such because he was always willing to help a Ninja out.

But today, today he stood before the son of the greatest ninja to walk the earth, and the boy was already proving the potential he had.

Right now though, the boy was panting, sweaty and looked exhausted. But behind him, behind him the battle field was literally blanketed in senbon.

"Naruto..." The Hokage, barely said in a whisper. " How... When did... Is that truly even possible?"

"Yeah...It... is... just... takes... a lot... of Chakra..." Naruto said between gasps.

"I'll say. I always thought that it could be done, but, thought no one could ever have the capacity to do it."

"What... am... I... doing... wrong... though?" He said still trying to catch his breath, while reaching in his pocket for a soldier pill.

"Well, for one, that combination of techniques will be written in the forbidden scroll immediately, I almost don't even want to acknowledge that it even exists, Boy."

"Heh, so if... I tell you... I really want to... do it with explosive... kunai?"

"That's not funny Naruto."

"I know..." he said finally catching his breath. "I can do about half that many Kunai." he said in a sweeping motion over the battle field. "I started small, but I don't think I will get this jutsu down for a while, I have other, more, viable techniques I want to get cracked old man, so no worries on that."

"I was going to say, that isn't even a viable sequence in a fight, too much prep-work. But if you set that as a trap, Naruto, would you really want to cause that much destruction?"

"Yes..." He answered as if the answer was obvious.

Hiruzen sweat dropped, he should have known better than to ask, Naruto, that question.

"Well, boy, do you think your ready for this mission, it is quite important."

"Hmm, lets see..." Naruto said scratching his head in a thinking posture. "You want me to pose as a Genin in front of the client, while actually taking lead, while Kakashi oversees the mission, in order to throw off the three missing ninja squads that have taken control of a small neighboring country, run as a distraction so that Itachi-nii, Sasuke-nii, and Sakura-nee, take out and seize control of the assets of a billionaire shipping company, in order to control the shipping port to make trade with Kiri much much cheaper, while adding said neighboring country to our protection in order to bolster our own economy... Did I miss anything."

The Hokage, by this point, had a perpetually dumbstruck look on his face, "Naruto, That whole thing isn't just your mission."

"Oh, I know, it just sounds cool when I say it like that."

"You know, your mother used to do that, she thought the second great shinobi war was her sole mission... It is refreshing to know that you have that attribute of hers." The old man had sarcasm dripping from his voice.

"Naruto, your mission, is to be the fourth member of team 8, and take command of the mission until it is upgraded to the A rank, which we are sure it will be. The client," he said handing the blonde a file, "is a bridge builder that has been manipulated by the current Shipping company. The reason it will be Miss-Ranked, is due to the fact that the Land Of Waves is currently poor, which we aim to change. Intelligence has reported the possibility that there are three teams of Missing Nin in the area, which is why Itachi's team will be sent ahead to rendezvous with the Kiri team that the Mizukage sent. Then your team will meet and be debriefed. Any Missing Nin encountered should be marked as primary targets."

"Why not make it an A rank from the start?" the blonde one said in one of his moments.

"As I said, Wave is a poor country, in order to pull off the illusion we must label this as a C rank, and send in Genin at best... The client must think you are not strong enough to represent him, without that any attacking squad will simply send in the heavy hitters at the start and put everyone in Wave on high alert."

"Understood Hokage-sama, How would you like me to portray myself while on mission..."

'When the kid is on he's on' The Hokage mused. "It is important to keep the illusion, but there are four clan heirs on this mission, no one dies, if you must do what is necessary to bring everyone back alive, do you think your ready for this young man?"

"As long as it doesn't turn out like my last real mission, everything should be good Old Man. Ill see you at the office, I need to eat." And the blonde was gone.

"That's what frightens me about you boy." He said as he looked out before, him, the ground literally littered with senbon, probably more than he could count, slowly the senbon poofed out of existence. "Mass Shadow Clone technique, with each Clone using the Mass Senbon Shadowclone technique... how many clones can Naruto make again?"

Hinata and Shino sat outside the missions room together awaiting the arrival of their third team mate... who happened to have just walked up the stairs.

"Kiba, What on Gods green earth happened to you... are you even going to be mission ready..." Asked Hinata.

Kiba was sporting an assortment of cuts, bruises, and scratches. "I'll be fine, Mom said, 'You will be OK, I wouldn't dishonor the clan by having you unfit for duty on your first C rank, you will feel pain, lots of pain, but its all just superficial compared to what I'm going to do to you when you return.' So I'm mission ready, whether I like it or not."

"I cant believe you, what did you do?"

"I pranked my Mother, I put pink hair dye in her shampoo... I thought it was funny..."

"HA! Me too Kiba that was great, glad I wasn't actually 'there' but the memories are priceless." Naruto laughed with a bowl of ramen in his hands.

"I should have known you had a hand in this..." She whispered.

"It was most unwise to act as such before a mission, you are not at 100% and therefore a liability to the group." The ever rational Shino interjected.

Naruto inspected the dog like child... "Well... he was never good looking anyway Shino, but he looks good for the mission, lets get in there and see what the old man wants..."

"Hai..." Said Shino... Shino, due to his families secret arts, was always keenly aware of chakra. And when he met Naruto, he knew it immediately... this boy had very powerful chakra, and he was holding back more. That quickly turned to respect, which his father viewed as very mature, which lead to the reveal. Shino's father had asked Naruto to his home and during dinner, had asked Naruto if he would share his secret.

They walked into the mission room and joined the queue.

Shino was always very rational, it was what his family was known for. So he, rationalized the obvious. Naruto, much like the Aburame, held something within himself that many felt was vile. His respect for the blond boy only grew. And their friendship abounded.

Kiba, as well, was very weary of Naruto and his abilities. The Inuzuka family had immediately labeled him an Alpha type. Let alone when Tsume, tried to help Naruto control his feral side.

The lie that the village knew about Naruto was: that he was a distant relative to the Inuzuka, from the once great nation of Uzu, Konoha's old ally. That way the Ninja clans could explain Naruto's 'Feral' transformation, should he ever need to use it in the village.

Regardless, the line of new Genin and Chunin receiving missions was long, they had time before the mission was assigned, so all they could do was wait and muse.


Flashback to the morning after the genin super test

"Naruto-sensei." Lee gasped.

One would wonder why Lee of all people, Naruto's own Senpai, was referring to Naruto as sensei, but it was simple. Naruto was, a very experienced person. One would wonder if it was truly possible for such a young person to have that much knowledge. But it was true. Having grown up with people around him to push him, he gained an incredible work ethic. Reading his parents diaries, notes, and letters only reaffirmed his resolve.

What Jiraiya meant as a way to keep up with the Sharingan, Naruto turned into a way to surpass every expectation the old sage ever dreamed.

Where a normal person would train for 10 hours a day, Naruto, was capable of such a feat in only one hour. If there was one thing Naruto could teach and teach well, was the art of sealing.

The math was staggering. 10 clones, reading 2 hours a day for the last 4 years... without fail. A promise made to his resting mother that he would learn the language of his forefathers.

Currently, however, it was Lee, on his knees pouring sweat and attempting to capture as much air in his lungs and he possibly could.

It was a known fact that Lee was a 'splendid' ninja, but lacked one key component to his skill set... Chakra. Naruto had known this and just couldn't fathom a great shinobi, in a great shinobi village, being left behind due to 'weak' or 'under developed' chakra coils. The day of the Genin super test, Naruto had explained to Lee that while, yes, he could be a great ninja on taijutsu alone, it would be better for the team and Konoha alike that he could be much stronger.

Combining Jiraiya's notes, along with his fathers, and then his own findings. Jiraiya had surmised that, if a person could increase their chakra control, then one could increase their capacity, and there was only one true way to do it, safely and effectively, (not like that bastard snake with his hickey seals).

Naruto explained, to Lee as Jiraiya had explained to him...

"Lee, from what we have found, it is possible to increase someones chakra capacity, but as you can tell it ain't gonna be easy bro."

"But... I wish to... be a spl...endid ninja... on tai..." Naruto cut him off.

"No doubt, you already are. But like I said, your true wish is to work hard, and defend the village, right..."

"Hai!" Was all the boy could muster.

"As a ninja, we must always use every tool that we possibly could to our advantage.' Said Jiraiya from a corner in the room they were in.

'Ah yes this room'... mused the white maned man. The room was located underneath Naruto's home, it was a marvel but with all the shinobi capable of doing great things it should have really been no surprise.

Jiraiya had asked Kakashi for some help. The room, was dug out with the help of Kakashi and one of Kakaski's old subordinates, a man that Naruto was getting to know. Yamato and Kakashi used their techniques to remove a vast quantity of earth beneath the house, and then Yamato did something that Naruto had never seen before, something that awed him and his siblings some more, than others.

Sakura, Sasuke, and Naruto watched as the man summoned, the wood of trees, and lined the hole and formed a two story basement. A place that would be totally hidden from view and would suppress chakra to the outside world.

Jiraiya scoffed under his breath at recalling the endeavor.

"Pipe down Ero-sennin, this is my student I'm running the show." Barked Naruto.

"Wise ass little shit, your lucky your going on a mission tomorrow or I would train you into the ground for that comment."

The blonde returned his attention to his 'student'.

"What we have discovered, is, that to a certain extent, one can train up chakra capacity like one would physical strength. You know physical training better than anyone, like you though, I know chakra training better than anyone..."

"Yes... your status as a container of a bijuu would make it as such." quipped the green clad boy.

"Right, your chakra coils are under developed, and you will never have an incredible amount of chakra at your disposal, me and Ero-sensei, believe that in time we may be able to get your chakra reserves to a chunin equivalent level..."

"It will not be easy Rocku Lee... Are you prepared to lend your self to such a task." asked the Sannin.

"How will I be able to do such a thing."

"The art of sealing... My friend, I would teach you something that I hold close to my heart, the art of my forefathers... will you honor my family with your dedication..."

Lee bowed to the ground, as low as he possibly could trying to show as much respect as he could. "I am truly honored that you would want to share this with my friend, I fear, I am not worthy of such a legacy."

"We're a lot alike Lee, I would not have asked if I dint know that my mother would not have done the same thing..." Naruto pondered for a second... "Lee do you know where the Yondaime gained his incredible sealing arts?"

"The Yondaime was a powerful and intelligent man, he gained the knowledge..." Naruto cut him off.

"From my mother..."

"Then that means..."

"Yup, I trust you with my secrets bro... Now the required texts are..." with a few hand signs Naruto produced a few tomes, books and scrolls...

Lee mused about the dedication necessary for the endeavor, 'To know the things the Yondaime knew... No wonder Naruto is so strong... I will not fail my friend, nor his ancestors, nor the fill of fire, I must show the village my flames of youth...' Feeling the full tug of the chakra seal now on his belly he promptly passed out...

Naruto shook his head.

The ending of the memory came in succession to being called up to the Hokage next in line.

Iruka was sitting next to the Hokage as the quartet approached the missions assignment desk.

"Oh secondary team 8 your mission is a special one today, unfortunately we are short on Jounin instructors and most of the other teams are already deployed doing other things... looks like the four of you are headed to wave country as an escort... Your mission is in the folder, and will be assigned to your team lead..."

"Sir, if there are no Jounin available who's going to protect my life on this journey."

"A Tazuna-san, meet your escort team, the mission as you described it is simple enough, the four before you are very talented, I say so myself as they are my students..."

"Um no offense but, a bunch of snot nosed kids, really?"

"Mr, Tazuna, I assure you if you have described the mission accurately then you have nothing to worry about as they will merely be defending you on the low probability that you may encounter stray highwaymen, bandits, and pickpockets." The Hokage queried "Unless you have been dishonest about the mission ranking?"

"Haha, not at all, I just tend to forget the training begins at an early age for ninja, ignore an old drunken fool, forgive me."

"Very well then, your mission leader is one Uzumaki Naruto, who has been given full mission command is that clear young ones."

"Hai Hokage-sama." Hinata, Kiba, and Shino chimed in unison."

"Good From here on out consider yourselves on mission. Naruto you are the commanding officer, Dismissed!"

The quintet walked outside the door and made their way out of the building.

Naruto broke the uneasy silence. "Tazuna-san, when would you like to leave, I may be in charge but you are the client, we leave on your word."

"Hmm... I think I would like a drink before we head out, perhaps tomorrow morning sun up."

"OK everyone gather your gear we're staying at my house tonight, I would like to go over the mission specs, you all know where I live meet there in an hour... Dismissed."

"Tazuna-san, why don't you come to my house as well, my master has excellent sake, I'm sure you would like it and it would be free of charge for a guest such as yourself."

"Oh a hospitable little brat ain't ya, alright kid lets see what you got to offer."

Hinata was in a state half way between livid and lucid.

On the one hand she had to, officially, take orders from Naruto, but she also got a chance to visit his home. It still didn't help that the girl was still at odds with her own feelings... She quickly gathered her effects and practically ran out of her house. It was a rare attempt at being nice, she wanted to get there early in order to maybe talk and clear the air before the mission.

The young Hyuuga shuffled through the crowds of the early afternoon, wondering... 'If the mission starts in the morning why does Naruto want to meet so early... oh maybe to strategize, or plan the route, and contingency routes. Yes that must be the case.'

She quickly made her way into the old Uchiha district, and made a bee line to her nemesis/crushes' house.

She rehearsed and rehearsed what she would say, not to come off as totally submissive but to show her willingness to work ass a team.

'knock, knock'

She was a Hyuuga, She was was a ninja, she was...

'The door opened.'

Totally unprepared.

Mouth agape, she looked on as Kiba ran through the house, currently being chased by 'the client?' She mused to herself. It felt like a dream really, but Akamaru yipping at her heals let her know this was as real as reality.

Just then, as Kiba ran by the door once again, arms flailing and a bottle of sake whizzing by his head, she realized two things.


'Naruto is coming this way.' She noted he also was laughing maniacally, but 'God his smile is amazing... No stop it Hinata get a grip.'

"Hey gorgeous glad you could make it, sorry bout the ruckus, you know Kiba, come on in you'll be staying in my room for the night..." said Naruto in the middle of her muse.


'This is going to be a long night...'

She was right, after several hours of drinking, there was a lull in the action, only to be shortly disrupted by more ruckus when Tsunade got home to see a strange man, in her home, wearing one of her undergarments... it wasn't pretty. The bridge builder was, fine, she was the greatest healer in all the Elemental Nations after all.

Later however, once the sun had set, and the real quiet set in Naruto came and got her out of his room. He led her, quietly to a basement type door. She learned one thing about Naruto that night, and it was... 'Cool' the young Hyuuga didn't even know that word was in her vocabulary, but once she saw the two story underground... hideout?... yes, hideout was the proper word. She was surprised though, in the underground lair, were a few familiar faces...

Lee, the loud, brash, yet gentile, and polite boy on her cousin's team was doing pushups wile reading a book.

Tenten, gave her a huge hug then ran back to the target range.

Neji, was meditating in the center of the huge room, in what looked like a small pond, with... 'yes that does seem to be a toad on his head. Just what the heck is going on down here.'

She was lead down the outer perimeter and saw a room to the right, in which was Shikamaru and his sensei were playing a game of Shogi.

"Hey Hinata, in here."

She barely noticed Kiba and Shino, in the next room over, in what looked like a library of scrolls. The room contained three tables, of a moderate size. The wall was stacked with shelves and scrolls of all sizes, Inks of all colors, and brushes... "What is this place, Naruto?"

"Welcome to my room..."

"Yeah, Naruto gets all the cool toys, and well, he has the most awesome room of all time Hinata, this just so happens to be the empty scroll room, but it makes good for team meetings and stuff." Barked out Kiba.

Shino pushed his glasses against his nose. "Yes, Hinata-san, I often come here and help Naruto organize the scrolls and other various tasks, it is also a great place to meditate, when Naruto is being serious of course."

"But why are we here now shouldn't we be resting now." Asked the pearl eyed girl

"Yeah, blondie whats the deal, I wanted to get some rack before the mission tomorrow."

"Yes Naruto the hive must rest as well."

"Yeah yeah, comin right up." Naruto, the produced three scrolls. "You guys do know how to release and reseal the contents of a sealing scroll yes?"

The three nodded.

"Good, I know you all have you packs all good to go, but, in there is a gift from my kenjutsu master."

"Kenjutsu?" she asked innocently.

"He means Masamune-san and Muramasa-san." Shino replied.

"So this is fun and all Naruto, but, can we go over the mission spec's already, I wanna get a decent nights rest."

"Yes, Kiba is right, it would be prudent to actually get some rest."

"Well, here is a copy of the mission file and dossier of the client. This is all the information we have study up, then look over your gifts then hit the rack we leave at an hour past sunrise."

Hinata laid there looking at the ceiling, wondering, how this mission would go. There seemed to be way too much build up for a simple escort mission. Sure, they may encounter some bandits and highwaymen, but meeting and hanging out a full day before the mission wasn't normal.

She strengthened her resolve she would sneak into Naruto's room, and talk it out.

Naruto paced in his room going over the mission at hand, sure he had the right team and back up for the mission, but, he of all people knew that even though you had a plan, the plan only works if everything goes according to that plan... fuck if he knew if things would work out that way.

The prospect of fighting an unknown number of enemy missing ninja, was, a bit unsettling.

But hey, at least now he would be able to go all out, see what he was really made of, a chance to prove himself... to himself.

'Knock, Knock, Knock,' He heard at his bedroom door. Before he could respond, a mob of blue/black hair peeked in the door...

"Naruto, can we talk?" she asked.

"Sure Hinata, come in."

And so she did, she entered the room coolly and humbly... this was a mission, it was serious, they needed unit cohesion.

She would swallow her pride.

And apologize.

Sunrise came quick in the spring time.

All to quick for Kiba's taste.

He was sure that Naruto would be up, ready, and out the door by now. This was one aspect of his close friend that he did, not, like. So it was no surprise to him, when he got dressed, Akamaru jumped on his head, and went downstairs to the kitchen and... no one was there.

He grabbed a ration bar, and sprinted out the door.

He quickly came to the appointed meeting place, and noticed a strange sight...

"What the hell happened to you Naruto?"

"Nothing it was just a misunderstanding?"


"Whats wrong with you Hinata?"

The pale eyed girl was standing there tapping her foot impatiently, arms crossed and Byakugan in full blaze, directly at Naruto.

"Wait, wait, wait... I've seen that face before."

"Indeed we have Kiba," chimed in Shino. "at the academy, when you pushed Naruto-san, into Hinata-san."

"Whoa,... No way again?"



The older man, now sober and nursing a hangover, immediately recognized the situation.

"You two," he pointed "will be able to keep your young hormones under control?" he quirked an eyebrow.

"Its all her fault!"

"Its all his fault!"

Naruto and Hinata said in unison.

"This is going to be a long trip..." Said Kiba, Shino, Tazuna, and Akamaru...well the young pup yipped it... its not his fault no one can understand him but Kiba.

"Wave good by to Konoha, we're on our way to wave."

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