Chapter 1

Reba Holliway stretched her body from the tips of her fingers to the top of her toes. She groaned and shifted as she cuddled up to her sleeping husband Terry. She didn't really want to get up today. She was content with just sleeping here but she had a house to sell. She sighed as she watched her husband sleep. They have been married for twenty five years today and had one daughter named Kyra. She was everything Reba was, right down to the red hair and bad temper. Reba kissed her husband on his cheek and eased herself out of bed. She sighed as she walked into the kitchen that morning turning on the coffee pot.

Twenty five years gone. She smiled as she recalled their past together. They were dating for a few months when he had finally proposed one night after she had sang. She immediately said yes. She felt her relationship wasn't going anywhere and she was ready to break it off when he popped the question. It was a beautiful wedding and Reba felt very happy. Brock was Terry's best man and Lori Ann was Reba's maid of honor. They were happily married for three years, he continued with the bar and she would sing on Friday's and Saturday's. It was then she realized something was missing and she wanted a baby. They had tried for three years to have a baby until they were blessed with Kyra who was now eighteen and in her last year of high school. Reba was so proud of her baby girl.

Unfortunately Kyra was the only child they were blessed with. Shortly after having Kyra Reba discovered she was unable to have anymore children. She was all right with that because Kyra was the light of her life. Reba and Kyra were so close and Reba spoiled that girl rotten whenever she could, even after all these years she still loved to spoil her daughter. It seemed nothing could ever be wrong after Kyra was born. It wasn't until Reba took a job at a real estate company five years ago that things started going south between her and Terry. He complained she didn't have time for him anymore. Reba shook her head at his statements because that just wasn't true.

She made all the time in the world for him. For twenty years she waited on him. She cleaned his house, cooked his meals, and took care of their daughter. He was the one that didn't have the time. He was always at the bar. He was always trying to figure out a way to make more money. If she truly wanted to be honest with herself she hadn't been happy for twenty five years, since the day she married Terry. He was wonderful for the first few months but soon she began to see what it was like to be married to Terry. He left early in the morning to meet the deliveries and then he wouldn't get home until after two in the morning when the bar closed. It's been like that for twenty five years. She has been dealing with it for twenty five years she was sure she could deal with it for twenty five more, she hoped.

She sighed and set her coffee cup down as she shook the head of her memories. She glanced at the clock and it was seven o'clock. Kyra and Terry would be downstairs soon and they would want to have something to eat before they both had to leave. She quickly whipped up some scrambled eggs, toast, and fruit on a plate for each of them. She set them on the table and grabbed herself a bagel, realizing that about all she had time for this morning. She hardly ever had a nice breakfast that she fixed herself. She would be shocked to the core if Terry ever got up and made her something. She toasted her bagel and added some cream cheese to it before taking a pretty decent bite out of it.

She smiled when she saw her daughter walk downstairs, looking groggy. "Tired honey?"

Kyra nodded and sat down at the table mumbling a thank you when Reba set juice in front of her. "I was up late practicing some new music Bryce brought over and then I finished my project finally that's due today. I didn't get to bed until three when I heard dad coming in from work."

Reba nodded and sat down next to her daughter to finish her bagel. "I told you that music can wait. Now you know I have been supportive of you with pursuing your music career after high school but right now, during the week, school comes first." Kyra nodded and began to eat her breakfast her mother made her.

"Good morning." She heard someone grumble as they walked into the kitchen.

Reba gave her best smile to her husband and poured him a cup of coffee. "Good morning sweetie. I made you breakfast."

He took the coffee from her and shook his head. "Don't have time. I have a shipment coming in this morning."

Reba gave a frown. "Oh well…" she said turning around. She smiled sneakily as she went into the cupboard and pulled out a small box wrapped up. Reba smiled and quickly turned around while saying, "Happy…" She frowned when she saw the only other person in the kitchen was her daughter. "Anniversary." She grumbled, setting the gift on the counter. Reba sniffed a bit and downed the rest of her coffee. "Well, I'll be home a little later than usual tonight, honey. How about we order Chinese for dinner?"

Kyra nodded and watched as her mother set Terry's uneaten plate of food in the sink and set her coffee cup on the counter. "Have a good day mom." Reba smiled at her daughter before giving her a kiss on the cheek and running out the door. Kyra shook her head. She felt so bad for her mother. She knew her parents were having trouble. They have been like this for years. Her father was so oblivious to her mother's needs and feelings. Kyra didn't know why her mother put up with it. She hated…she didn't hate him really but she didn't appreciate the way her dad treated her mom. Her mom was something special. She would turn the world around for the both of them but he didn't care. He didn't even remember their anniversary. How could he be so selfish? Kyra quickly finished her meal and cleaned up the dishes for her mother. It was these small gestures that she knew her mom always appreciated. She then went upstairs to get ready for school.

Meanwhile on the way to work Reba let the tears fall. Her husband had snubbed her and forgotten their anniversary. She didn't know how much more she could take of this. She was miserable. She would do anything for him. Even sacrifice twenty five years of her life for him. She had to stay with Terry for Kyra's sake. What would it do to her if her parents divorced? Reba shook her head and didn't even know what she was thinking. She couldn't and wouldn't ever divorce Terry. She loved Terry very much. At least that's what she kept telling herself.

End of Chapter