A few months later…

"…And I hope you all go out into the world and achieve only the best at everything you do." Kyra said as she stood up in front of her classmates. She was almost in tears as she said her goodbyes to her high school career. She was going to end there but she decided to continue with a few words. "I never thought this day would come." She laughed a bit as she wiped away a tear that dared to escape her eye. "I always looked forward to it and thought what a great day it would be but…I have to tell you…it's a little sad for me. Yeah, I admit it." She said with a small chuckle. Her classmates laughed too and some wiped away small tears. "Before I go I would like to thank my mom…" Kyra turned to face to her mother who was sitting in the audience smiling. "She has been my rock and always supported me in everything I do. Without her I don't think I would be standing up here, so I thank you mom from the bottom of my heart."

Kyra stepped away and Reba stood up and clapped along with everyone else as they left the stadium. Reba was so proud of her little girl. She couldn't believe this day had come either. Now her baby was an adult and was ready to take on the world like Reba knew she would when she was a baby and started walking at seven months old. "Can you believe it?" Terry asked as he stood next to her by the car waiting for their daughter.

Reba shook her head and smiled. "No I can't believe it. Did you think this day would ever come?"

Terry shook his head. "I kind of wished she would go back as a little girl considering I missed out on most of her life."

Reba smiled and patted Terry on the back. "Hey, you made up for it in the past few months and she loves you dearly and I know you love her. Now quit complaining. That's all in the past." Terry nodded, still a little sad. Reba shook her head and kissed his cheek. "You're a great dad Terry." His face brightened up a bit and he kissed her back on the cheek.

"Hey, don't let me see you do that again pal!" Brock said as he walked up to Reba and wrapped an arm around her. "She's taken!" he said smugly.

Terry laughed a bit and held out his arms. "You want to take this outside."

Brock laughed loudly. "We are outside you big dope." Brock said still laughing.

Terry nodded and was about to say something when he heard a sweet voice behind him. "Mom!" He turned and watched as his daughter hug her mother. "I am so glad you could make it." She turned to Brock and hugged him too. "Hey Brock."

"Congratulations Kyra, you did great up there."

"Thanks." She said with a smile. "Are you guys going to come out to dinner with us?" she asked

Reba shook her head. "No, we have to get back to the hotel and pack. We have get up early tomorrow and head home. You two need some time to celebrate alone anyway but we will see you in a couple of weeks, right?"

Kyra nodded and hugged her mother goodbye. "Goodbye mom, Love you!"

Reba laughed and waved goodbye as her daughter ran off to hug some of her friends. Reba hugged Terry and kissed his cheek again. "Goodbye Terry. We will see you sometime in the summer too, right?" He nodded but didn't say anything as he went off in search of his daughter.

Reba sighed and turned to Brock. She smiled. "So, once we get back to the hotel, what did you want to do?"

Brock smirked and wrapped his arms around her waist. "Well, we can try the hotel hot tub that's in the room again. This is supposed to be a sort of vacation for us." Reba nodded and practically dragged Brock into their car.

Reba smiled and held Brock's hand as they drove back to the hotel. The past few months have been a blur. After she told Terry they were over she had served him divorce papers. He wasn't happy about it but he wanted Reba to be happy so he went through the divorce proceedings without complaint. Shortly after the divorce and after Barbara Jean's wedding to Jack Morgan, who Reba finally met and had to admit she had hard time talking when she met him. He was really hot. Brock and Reba were married in a small ceremony, only their children, Barbara Jean, and Jack were present.

Reba moved in with Brock in Houston and Kyra stayed with her dad. After his heart attack Terry had been a changed man. He actually changed his diet and was taking better care of himself. He said he wanted to stay around as long as possible for his daughter. He had changed, Reba admitted but she still didn't want him back. Kyra saw the change in her father and told her mother she would stay with Terry for the remainder of her senior year and get to know him but she would visit during Thanksgiving and Christmas of course. Reba agreed to this and happy Kyra and her dad were finally bonding. Terry was trying to be the best dad possible. He would be there for her and Reba laughed when Kyra told her about the guy she brought home to meet him. Terry went straight into protective dad mode. He was trying and he was doing great.

Reba was doing great too. She finally had the husband she wanted. He was caring and always concerned about her. He supported her with wanting to start her own real estate business. It was soon to open and she couldn't be more excited. Brock was a great husband. He even did most of the cleaning. He told her that she did enough of that in her life. Reba shook her head and didn't argue with the cleaning. She did have to put her foot down on him cooking. He still couldn't cook to save his life. She loved Brock with all her heart…and it only took her twenty five years to say I love you and marry him.

Reba laughed at this thought and Brock gave her a confused look. "What are you laughing about?" he asked as he turned a corner.

Reba shrugged. "Its nothing." She said leaning in close with him. Reba got a mischievous look about her and moved her hand to his leg.

Brock cleared his throat and shifted uncomfortable. "What are you doing Reba?"

"Do you remember the scene in the movie The Chase when they were in the car, near the end?" She said raising a suggestive eyebrow.

Brock shook his head as he realized what she was talking about. "Reba we are in a moving car. Now joining the Mile High Club on the way to Hawaii for our honeymoon was different. I wasn't the pilot. I am the driver and that would be a very bad idea. That was just a movie. Besides that couple was fleeing the country. They didn't exactly have time to stop at hotel or pull over to the side of the road." Brock loved the new side to Reba she was starting to show, her wild side but doing that in a car would be distracting.

Reba pouted and scooted away. She was disappointed and she now had to calm down. She then turned back to Brock. "How fast can you get us to the hotel?" Brock smiled and sped up just a bit. She sat back and laughed as Brock tried to make all the red lights. She really did love her husband and new her life.

The End