TEASER_ _ _|

"All my life, I've been told 'You can't escape destiny. You can't escape Fate.'

A Sword is removed from it's sheath, revealing a blade made of crystal

If that's the case, Then Someone somewhere must really hate me with a vengance.

A boy, standing alone in the darkness, looks up at his unseen opponent.

I've been declared a fugitive by people who hate what they can't understand.

The crystalline sword in his hand glows fiercely, illuminating the surrounding environment with it's cyan glow.

My name- My name is Daisuke. I've been torn from the world I've known. Twice.

A blinding explosive flash of green. A swirling blue fragmented portal.

I've made friends-

FLASH! A young girl of eleven- Yeesha. FLASH! A small bahro- Tomoki. FLASH! An older girl of sixteen- Kaiyumi.

I've made enemies-

A "twisted", Nekisahl Bahro, wearing metallic body armor.

I've seen things beyond all imagination.

A Skeletal Quab roaring at The two Jungle explorers.

I've met my own ancestors-

A pair of twins smile at a camera.

Saved them from the shadows of the night.

The Explorer slashes his Crystal blade at an army of Bahro, flying towards a town in the middle of a night time storm.

And now, I ask one thing.

The Rivenese girl jumps over a cliff, her hand hastily reaching for the open linking book falling to the ground below.

Look up-

Yeesha, with a grin on her face, turns to face her companions.

And try to avoid-

The Armor wearing bahro clashes her claws against the Explorer's Crystal blade.

Any Kind of Temporal Alliteration.

URU Chronicles: Alliteration