Who is more foolish?

The fool or the fool who follows him?

That was something that had always weighted on the Velvet Room attendant's mind. Margaret could only smile weakly as she saw him, entering the Room, which was decorated in a manner similar to that of a limousine, letting the thoughts run amok in her mind.

Of course, the fool naturally has an unexplainable charisma.

That was what the fool was meant to do.

New beginnings.

Blind optimism.

Everything was reflected in this young, grey-haired man. He truly believed that he could do it. That he could unravel the dark conspiracies that were lurking behind this quiet, homely little town.

Margaret often wanted to scoff at him. He was only a mere mortal. An extremely talented one, but a mere mortal nonetheless.

Now, she finds herself inexplicably attracted to him, wanting to know more about him, and his life. The school he goes to, the people he mixes with... She wanted to understand him.

That was exactly the trap that Elizabeth and Theodore had fallen into, was it not?

She fell in love with that blue-haired man, and him with that red-haired girl.

All fools.

Margaret could, however, not fault them completely for their actions.

The Velvet Room was one that could transcend the barriers of time and space. The blue-haired man and the red-haired girl were from different universes, after all. She had, on some occasions, tested their power herself, and was amazed at how strong the human psyche was.

How strong their will were.

She finds that reflected in this young grey-haired man.

A strong will.

That was what truly defined a fool.

To never give up.

Now she ponders.

Who is more foolish?

The fool or the fool who follows him?