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Bella woke to see the sun starting its slow ascent into the sky. She stretched with a groan. This was her last morning as a single woman. Sue and Renee both wanted to help her get ready. She hadn't been able to tell either of them no. Renee slept on the floor next to her. The boys slept in their playpen on the other side of her mom.

She threw her legs over the side of the bed and walked to the bathroom silently. Her dad's door was still closed so she knew that he wasn't awake. When she came back into the room Josh was awake and standing in the playpen. She picked him up, kissing his closed fists all the way to her old desk to grab a diaper and change of clothes for him.

"Gamaw?" he asked.

"She's still asleep buddy," Bella said quietly.

Renee had been trying to teach the boys to say grandma since she gotten there three days ago. Gamaw was as far as either of them had gotten. It was the only new word that John had learned in almost three months. Josh only had four words that he could say; Daddy, more, dog, and Gamaw. No matter how hard Bella or Jacob tried he wouldn't say Momma. He knew who she was. When John would call for her Josh would look right at her. She had finally given up after two weeks of trying. Jacob still tried at least once a day.

She carried him downstairs and fed him while she heard someone walking around upstairs. Renee came down with John once Josh was done eating.

"Perfect timing, come here," Bella said holding out her arms for John.

"Momma," he said with a shy smile.

"Morning Baby," she said as he laid his head on her shoulder.

"Gamaw," Josh said, patting Renee's arm.

"Momma?" she said pointing to Bella.

Josh smiled at Bella while looking at her from under his eyelashes. They had both mastered the look, damn Jacob for teaching it to them.

"It's okay Buddy, maybe next time," Bella said as she sat John in his booster seat.

Charlie came down as Bella was making breakfast. He kissed Bella's temple before grabbing the paper from the counter. He sat across from Renee silently and started reading the paper. At least they were getting along.


Rachel had been nice enough to let Jacob sleep in the bedroom last night. He knew the real reason behind the gesture when he heard her sneak out around eleven then come back in four hours later. No doubt she had been with Paul. The guy had been more than nice when Rachel was around. Jacob still wanted to hit him sometimes but he stopped himself every time. The last thing he needed was to get another lecture from his dad about getting along with his future brother in law.

Someone knocked lightly on the door and he rose to get it. Rachel stood outside looking tired.

"I didn't think that you'd be up yet," he said.

"Quil's at the door. I'm going back to sleep. Wake me up in two hours," she said as she passed him to go into the room.

He closed the door behind him before walking the few feet to the door. Quil sat on the steps looking out over the yard. Jacob sat next to him without saying a word.

"What's going on?"

"I just wanted to talk."

"So talk."

"I'm starting to think having an imprint that is so much younger than me is someone's idea of a joke."

"You don't want Claire? I don't think that you can have a redo man."

"It's not that I don't want her. I just don't see how it will work."

"You'll see it when she's older."

"I'll be older too. I'll be in my thirties when she's finally old enough for me to start a relationship with her."

"You'll be a thirty something in a twenty five year olds body."

"It just feels weird."

"You won't be thinking that when you finally get with her."

"You're probably right. Sorry for unloading it on you. It's just that Embry wouldn't understand."

"I know."

The two friends sat in silence as a group of birds landed in the yard. Quil wasn't the kind of person who worried. The fact that he thought that Claire was wrong for him made Jacob wish that Quil hadn't phased. Quil hadn't wanted this anymore than Jacob or Embry had. He'd been afraid of the pack until he joined. Life could be cruel sometimes. They were both testimonies to that.


The ride to La Push was nerve wracking. Renee and Charlie rode up front while Bella sat in between the boys. It had been her idea to get married on the cliff that she jumped off of two years ago. They saw it as a closing of one chapter of their lives and the start of another.

She had been nervous all day yesterday up until she went to bed. She thought that the nerves would be back in the morning. Surprisingly they weren't. John played in his car seat beside her, blinking wildly when the sun blinded him. Josh was on the other side of her playing peekaboo with her.

At Sue's Renee and Sue fussed over her hair and makeup once her dress was on. She had wanted everything to be simple. Her dress wasn't fancy; it was a knee length spaghetti strapped cream colored dress with ruffles on the skirt. Her hair was down and curled and pinned back with a single clip.

"You look beautiful," Renee said as she curled Bella's hair.

"Thanks Mom."

"Do you have everything you need?" Sue asked.

"My dress is my something new, mom's letting me borrow her bracelet, my earrings are old, and the clip in my hair has blue in it.

"It looks like you're ready to go."

"What time is it?"

"You've got fifteen minutes to get there," Renee said, leading her out of the room.

The car ride took less than five minutes. Everyone was already there and she desperately tried to find Jacob. Emily and Leah had the boys while Sam and Clay had their girls. There wasn't a wedding party, just Jacob and Bella.

Her dad stood next to her and took her arm and slipped it into the crook of his arm. They silently walked up the incline to the cliff. Everyone stood to face her but all she saw was Jacob. He smiled an easy smile as she walked towards him.

Charlie handed her off without a word before going to sit with Renee. Jacob took her hands in his, squeezing them tightly as the minister started. Soon Embry was handing them their rings and they were pronounced husband and wife. Jacob kissed her slowly as everyone clapped. When she pulled away they were both smiling.

"It's about damn time."

"Better late than never," she said with a light laugh.

"I like what I said better."

"Me too," she said in agreement.

He picked her up off the ground spinning her until she was dizzy. She put her forehead to his as the minister dismissed them. They ran past everyone as they threw rice at them. Nothing else mattered.

They would spend the next few days in Seattle while the boys stayed with Charlie and Renee. They were getting along for a change. No barbs or sharp remarks had been exchanged and for that Bella was happy. They didn't want presents or a reception, they didn't need it. They had everything they needed.


Coming home after being away from the boys for three days was a relief. Bella had missed them like crazy. Jacob carried them in before coming to grab their bags from Bella.

"I'm pregnant, not crippled," she said in exasperation.

Jacob ignored her as he set the bags by the door. She went to walk around him and into the house but he stopped her.

"What do you think you are doing?" he asked.

"Going inside," she said slowly.

"I don't think so," he said with a shake of his head.

He picked her up swiftly and held her close to him. He carried her over the threshold hearing the boys play in the living room. There was a noise followed by a bump making him put her down. She got to the room first and picked up a crying Josh. John had apparently taken his toy then pushed him down. Jacob handled John while Bella soothed Josh.

"Momma," Josh said in a sad voice.

"Yes Baby, Momma's got you," she said kissing his temple.

"He finally said Momma," Jacob said with a smile.

Bella nodded, not able to hide her own smile. The house was quiet once again as Jacob handed Josh back his toy. Things were slowing down for them. It wouldn't stay that way once the new baby came. Bella had a business to get started once she was ready to work again. The money would be left untouched until the time came. They were a tightly bound family for now. Nothing would separate them until the time came.

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