Maybe, Maybe, Maybe

When he promises Kate that he won't ever intentionally do anything to harm her, she looks at him oddly and then smiles. She shakes her head a little – her auburn hair dances around her shoulders – and she lets out a soft sigh.

Was his confession really that out of place? He can't help but wonder. Maybe it was a surprise to her that he cared for her. Maybe he had something on his face as he told her. Maybe, maybe, maybe.

He watches her move about her desk, shifting files, papers, her coffee mug. Her brow furrows, and her attention is drawn from him back to her work. The answers he so desperately wants to know remain hidden in her mind and for once he doesn't ask. He doesn't speak, doesn't open his mouth, just watches her and lets her reaction be a mystery.

When he thinks about it, he doesn't really need to know how she feels. As long as she is safe and happy, all is right between them.

He'll give her the world if she asks (he knows she won't though) and he'll give up himself for her. He'll give her his heart too – but only when she's ready to see what's right in front of her.

Time. That's what it will take. As he looks at her and she continues to smile, he hopes it doesn't take too much time.