The Paper And The Ring

Bring this to me in 5 minutes and look grim.

She trails her fingers over the slip of paper and thinks back to the day she was given it. She can still remember the look on Cal's face as he slipped it into her hand. His hand had brushed hers lightly and then all that she could feel was the paper, with its smooth but almost grainy texture.

Now, the page is rougher, with the words faded from age and the corners curled inwards. The message still sends a smile to her face though. She likes to remember back to those days. It was a time when she was young and for the most part, happy.

She glances at the man lying on the bed next to her, face unshaved and hair askew from the way he had been sleeping on it. The grin he wears makes her head swim and her heart race. She smiles at him and reaches for the second slip of paper lying on the bed beside her.

This one, he had slid across the table to her one night at dinner and it makes her grin even more when she reads it over again.

Marry me?