Jeff was on the floating Angel Island.

Jeff's Pre-Game Thoughts: Welcome to the Fifth season of Survivor! We've had some memorable players, who've made major moves to get farther in the game. Now, 18 previous contestants will get to battle one more time!

– – –

A red headed teenager stood arms crossed.

Jeff's Pre-Game Thoughts: Beat is the youngest winner ever to win the game, and he won using manipulation and taking a under the radar player; Banjo. Like all the winners, he had to be asked to play.

"Last time, it was win, win, win. This time it's all beat, beat, beat! I've got to prove myself for a second million dollars!" - Beat, Sole Survivor; Survivor SEGA All Stars

– – –

A dirty blonde man stood watching the shore, very tired.

Jeff's Pre-Game Thoughts: A surprise to many, Sabastian. He's one of my favorites. Funny, over-the-top. Sabastian knows when to follow a player, and when to jump loose. He didn't get a chance to do it in Green Hill, but this time he might.

"I'm ready to play again, especially after I got blindsided. Will I follow Will again if he's here? Who the hell knows." - Sabastian, Ninth Voted Out, First Juror; Survivor Green Hill

– – –

An anthropomorphic dalmatian stood arms crossed, and he had a serious look on his face.

Jeff's Pre-Game Thoughts: Dribbles' gameplay has always impressed me. His strategy was to stick with the better group of people. He didn't like Quinn as much as Dongwa. As such, he jumped ship! I don't think Dribbles will get far into the game with this group. But he might surprise me.

"I'm ready, bring it on. Second time's the charm." - Dribbles, Third Place, Seventh Juror; Survivor Reals vs. OCs

– – –

A black-haired male stood watching the lake.

Jeff's Pre-Game Thoughts: Matt Farmer was always a question mark to me. But he's entertaining as hell, we've named our cheeseburgers after him; the Farmer Burger. He wants to do well in the game, and he's pretty sneaky too.

"I'm going to eat these all stars up like mice!" - Matt 'Farmer', Eleventh Voted Out, Second Juror; Survivor Emerald Hill

– – –

A brown-haired male stood heroically on top of rocks.

Jeff's Pre-Game Thoughts: Andrew will always be the most deserving winner ever. He played it well, never got too cocky, never got too comfortable. He was always looking on the bright side, and knew when to play like a bad guy. Andrew might not do well here, but if they like him, he will go far again.

"Good will always win over evil, and I know who some of the evil players are." - Andrew, Sole Survivor; Survivor Emerald Hill

– – –

A light brown haired man stood praying at the top of the cliff.

Jeff's Pre-Game Thoughts: Peter's physical strength is a surprise to me. He's not as skinny as he was on Emerald Hill, but maybe not as strong. Who knows, but if he retains his original strength, then his tribe will go very far.

"God is still on my side, which is good!" - Peter, Runner Up; Survivor Emerald Hill

– – –

A young brown-haired girl stood watching the camera.

Jeff's Pre-Game Thoughts: Natalie was one of the few who I considered to be not an All Star. She rarely appeared in many episodes in the beginning, only really making an impact in the end. She played like Jess did, but Jess appeared more often. But Natalie is back because people love her.

"I am the only girl here, and my old strategy of all women won't work here. I'll have to play like a bitch and manipulate the men all I can." - Natalie, Fourth Place, Sixth Juror; Survivor Emerald Hill

– – –

A blue hedgehog was running all over the place, and stopped in front of the camera.

Jeff's Pre-Game Thoughts: Sonic, in my book, should of won SEGA All Stars. He made a strong 3-man alliance on Day 2, and it was broken on Day 37. Sonic knows how to form alliances, and he will do it again here.

"I'm going to win this time, nothings stopping me here." - Sonic, Third Place, Seventh Juror; Survivor SEGA All Stars

– – –

A big man with short dark hair stood arms crossed, looking sternly across the ocean.

Jeff's Pre-Game Thoughts: A surprising first winner, Curtis is. We all thought Will would win, but long behold, he didn't. Curtis certainly battled a lot to make it all 39 days. He may not last long here, but who knows? He might be brought along for the ride.

"Dawg, I've got this. I might of won, but it doesn't make me as much as a target as the other 3 winners. Those are the real targets." - Curtis, Sole Survivor; Survivor Green Hill

– – –

A skinny man stood with his hands on his hips.

Jeff's Pre-Game Thoughts: Kevin might be a surprise to a lot. He said he knew a lot about the game, but he let Will lead his alliance. Kevin might gotten 2nd place in Green Hill, but he might have what it takes this time to make it to Sole Survivor.

"Watch out!" - Kevin, Runner Up; Survivor Green Hill

– – –

A dark haired man, with a scar on his forehead, stood silently on the cliff.

Jeff's Pre-Game Thoughts: Squall is a likable guy. He flew under the radar, following an unlikable guy; Angry Video Game Nerd. This time Squall wants to be the man who leads his tribe to the win.

"I'm not backing down without a fight." - Squall, Sole Survivor; Survivor Reals vs. OCs

– – –

A short haired dirty blonde guy was out watching the riffs in the ocean.

Jeff's Pre-Game Thoughts: One of the best strategists in the game; Will Rose. He never received a vote the entire time he was out there on the island. He was taken out by luck, but he's here to make it to that last day.

"I was screwed over by a purple rock. This time, I'm going to screw everyone else." - Will, Fourth Place, Eighth Juror; Survivor Green Hill

– – –

An anthropomorphic fox stood stretching.

Jeff's Pre-Game Thoughts: Quinn was a big hero in Reals vs. OCs. He fell in love with his princess, Jada. Their a couple now, and now he's coming back into the game to win it! Can he do it with his Jada? We'll find out.

"I can do it, no question." - Quinn, Twelfth Voted Out, Fifth Juror; Survivor Reals vs. OCs

– – –

A man with short black hair stood smirking. His face was recognized, but his hair has changed.

Jeff's Pre-Game Thoughts: He's lost the afro, and now, Anthony is back for a second time. Anthony wasn't a villain in Green Hill until the tribes swapped. He orchestrated the move to save his partner Jess, and vote out a floater, Junior. He was well liked too, until he started playing like a bad guy.

"I hope I'm smarter this time, and I do not get fooled by an idol." - Anthony, Thirteenth Voted Out, Fifth Juror; Survivor Green Hill

– – –

A well known Portuguese man stood smiling into the camera.

Jeff's Pre-Game Thoughts: Everyone loves Junior. He's like the Rupert of these seasons. Mix in a little 'Bob' into him, and you have Junior. He didn't last long in Green Hill, but in SEGA All Stars, he made it to Final 4. Can Junior do it again?

"This is my third time doing it. Do I have what it takes to make the Final 3 or 2?" - Junior, Seventh Voted Out; Survivor Green Hill/ Fourth Place, Sixth Juror; Survivor SEGA All Stars

– – –

A Mexican-American man with wavy black hair stood watching the camera, and smirked.

Jeff's Pre-Game Thoughts: Kruz is the only one on the all stars edition that never made the jury or past the jury. I think Kruz has a lot to prove this time around. He's a great leader, he's strong in the challenges, and he might actually win. Who knows.

"They better watch out, you know. (laughs)" - Kruz, Ninth Voted Out; Survivor Emerald Hill

– – –

An anthropomorphic cat was laying down watching the clouds.

Jeff's Pre-Game Thoughts: If anyone was a major underdog in their season, it had to be Dongwa. He went from being a pawn in Angry Video Game Nerd's alliance, to being the one to stab him in the back and take control of the game! Dongwa may not last long in this group, but who knows he may slide by again.

"I've got some dirty tricks up my sleeve, and I'm not afraid to use 'em." - Dongwa, Runner Up; Survivor Reals vs. OCs

– – –

A Japanese American with short and straight black hair, and a stern look on his face, walked forward towards the camera.

Jeff's Pre-Game Thoughts: I was rooting for Ryo Hazuki during SEGA All Stars. He got played by his own alliance because they were afraid he would win the game had they not done anything. Ryo is a generally nice guy that can and will help you. I won't mind seeing Ryo win this game.

"Bring it on." - Ryo, Tenth Voted Out, Third Juror; Survivor SEGA All Stars

– – –

There you have it! Did your favorites make the list?
























*Junior competed in both seasons.


Jess (She didn't want to do it again.)

Ben (Currently busy in Singapore.)

Banjo (He didn't want to do it again.)

Jacky (Not interested.)

Ryan (Busy getting ready for baseball season.)

Angry Video Game Nerd (Still mad about losing the last season.)

Jada (She's living with Quinn now, so we could only take one of them.)