Cows In Space

"There are no cows in space," River says matter-of-factly.

Mal glances up from his gun, though he continues to rub it clean with an old rag. Most of the dust has been removed, leaving only a small area left to rub down. "Ain't true, little one. We had cows onboard our girl Serenity here just a month back, remember?"

"Weren't in space. Were in the ship. It doesn't count." She puts a foot out in front of her, touching the tips of her toes to the ground in front of her and balancing on her other foot.

"Right enough then," he agrees. "What's your point?"

She looks blankly at him.

"Where are you headed with this?" he elaborates.

"There are boy cows but not cow boys too," she adds, before skipping out of the room and leaving Mal wide eyed at the table.