Title: Stupid Move

Chapter: The Reveal

Pairings: R/J, Z/W, S/K, M/I

Disclaimer: Blah blah blah ass is covered I own nothing.

A/N: The final of this little series!

The Reveal

Present Day (3 Years Post-BDM)

"Hey everybody, we've got an annoucement to make so get your pi gu's to the mess double time!" Mal grinned as he let go of the comm button and dragged a smiling Inara towards the mess. He entered the dining room, finding only Kaylee and Simon were already there. The flush to Kaylee's cheeks and the smile on Simon's face read loud and clear as to what the couple had just been up to.

'Cept Kaylee looked bout ready to pop she was so excited. "Simon, are we allowed to tell people yet?" Simon smiled at Inara whose eyes widened but when he lifted a brow she nodded her head conspiritorily. "Actually bao bei the Captain wanted to annouce something first, maybe we should wait until afterwards. Kaylee pouted but nodded, excited for her turn.

Wash and Zoe entered next, sitting down next to each other and grasping hands on the table. They smiled secretively to one another. Book entered next, slipping quietly into one of the spare chairs. Finally Jayne came bursting into the room, a giggling River in his arms as he boomed loudly.

"We're havin' a kid!" The room stood silent for a second before all hell broke loose. Kaylee stood up, "No you idiot we're havin' the little one, Simon just tested me earlier!" Jayne looked slightly flummoxed and glanced at River who said "shhhhh", pressing a finger to her mouth.

Mal looked outraged, "What the hell're ya talkin' bout Jayne, Inara's pregnant." Wash's eyes went wide at this, "Ummm, yeah about that, Zoe kinda is too."

The women of Serenity looked confused at first, except for River, but soon Kaylee burst out. "Oh my god we're all pregnant? Oh this is so exciting, Zoe you have to tell us all about it, Inara when did you find out, River you're so little you're gonna look ruttin' funny with a big ol' belly!" Kaylee babbled happily as she grabbed Inara and Zoe by and arm each and dragged them towards Inara's old shuttle. She yelled over her shoulder, "River you better be coming!"

River smiled at her husband, pressing a quick kiss on his cheek before slipping out of his arms and in the direction of the other ladies. The mess was silent. Four men who had just found out they were going to be father's, one for the second time, looked at each other. Wash spoke first.

"All of them?" Mal was quick to follow Wash's train of thought.

"Nine months with...and all of them...and we're...how?" Jayne raised a sardonic eyebrow, "Cap'n iffen ya ain't figured it out by now maybe 'Nara can give ya a lesson." Mal glared.

"You're sayin' you planned this? Any of you?"



"Not exactly."

Each man whipped his head towards Simon. "The hell do you mean not exactly?" Simon sighed at Mal's question.

"Remember when they all go the flu a while back? The anti-biotics can mess with the birth control shot. I didn't think about it at the time since the newer medications have no effect but now I know we were using some of the older ones. Effective against the flu, and unfortunately against birth control."

Wash looked at Simon from his chair and asked in an uncharacteristically quiet voice, "Do you guys remember when Zoe was pregnant?"

Each man went quiet for a moment before dawning terror filled their eyes.

"The nausea."

"The mood swings."

"Those weird cravin's."

"And now it's not one, but four of them." Each man looked the other in the eye as they sat around the large table. Simon promptly fainted. By the time he came to Jayne had produced an enormous bottle of whisky and five glasses. Each man sat somberly for a moment before a small noise sounded. They turned towards Book's end of the table.

There was a snort, then a chuckle, then a giggle, and finally an eruption of laughter from the older man. He couldn't catch his breath, he clutched his stomach and did his darndest not to fall out of his chair. As the giggles finally subsided Jayne quirked an eyebrow at the preacher.

"Yer livin' on this boat too ya know." Book sobered instantly, and sighed. "Well then, I guess there's only one thing to do." Each man nodded in turn, settling in to get good and drunk.

Later that night an immaculate ex-companion entered the mess and took her babbling husband by the hand, leading him down to their bunk.

A warrior woman and the man who made her laugh held each other close in bed, dreaming of their future together.

A mechanic and a doctor dozed in a hammock in the engine room, fingers intwined, smiles on both of their faces.

And a Shepherd with secrets watched from the catwalk as cold-hearted mercenary held his little wife with her back against his chest, his large hands splayed across her stomach, as they swayed slowly in place to music that only she could hear.

The End

A/N: This was so much fun to write! I'm contemplating doing a sequel to this story but I would really love some more feedback from readers so I know which direction to take it in. Thanks to everybody who read this, hopefully you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Please let me know your thoughts, complimentary or constructive, on both this story and possibly a sequel!


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