Chapter 1:

The war between Eli and Fitz continued to wage on. It was becoming petty really; even Fitz had to admit he was stooping down to low levels. Even though watching Eli sit on a tic tack was satisfying, Fitz knew it wasn't his best work. Whatever he did, Eli came back swinging full force and it was becoming tiring. But he was not going to give up that easily. So Fitz used every brain cell that still functioned to think up a plan that would shatter that annoying and death-crazed kid. It was going to be perfect.

"Hey." A deep voice spoke out causing Clare to whirl around from her opened locker. Her short brunette curls bounced with her movement and for some reason it mesmerized Fitz.

"Oh, what do you want?" Clare asked skeptically, first thinking it was Eli behind her but was shocked to find Fitz standing there.

"You're Clare right?" He asked, gripping onto his back pack and Clare nodded her head, still wary of his motives.

"Yes, is there something I can help you with?" Clare asked once more, arching a brow. It was strange talking to the bully that was tormenting the guy she liked. He was a Degrassi bully who roamed the halls, a predator in other words.

"Actually there might be. I need a tutor for English class." Fitz said simply, his intimidating posture caused Clare to sink back a bit.

"You do know I'm in grade 10." She said crossing her arms and Fitz shrugged.

"Yeah, I'm taking grade 10 English. So can you tutor me or not?" He asked again his voice never fleeting.

"I don't know." Clare began, still uncomfortable.

"If you can help me, I'll promise to lay off that dyke." Fitz said and Clare rolled her big blue eyes.

"His name is Eli." She corrected with slight annoyance and he shrugged again.

"Whatever, I don't even know why you hang out with that loser." He stated looking down. Out of boredom Fitz grinded his shoe onto the polished floor of the hall.

"What do you mean?" Clare asked slightly shaking her head.

"Don't know, always thought a girl as pretty as yourself wouldn't hang out with a loser who drives a hearse." Fitz smirked, before stepping closer.

"See you around, Clare." He smiled before walking away and leaving a rather blushing Clare flabbergasted.


"That Neanderthal approached you." Eli almost shrieked.

"Nothing bad occurred. He just asked for my help." Clare said, trying to quiet him down. She left out the part of him calling her pretty; she was still trying to decipher that part.

"With what?" Eli asked in a whisper, now considering that they were in the library.

"With his English class, he needs a tutor." Clare explained and Eli only let out a chuckle.

"His in grade eleven, how dumb could he be by asking someone in a lower grade for help." Eli said turning his attention to his opened text book. Clare furrowed her brows.

"What is that suppose to mean?" He looked up, surprised by the annoyed look on her face.

"I mean, the guy is a dumb ass." Eli smiled and Clare only rolled her eyes.

"Well I think it took him a lot of courage to ask for help, especially from someone in a lower grade." Clare stated firmly and Eli nodded his head.

"True but I just don't want you near him… or even being in the same room as him." Eli stated and Clare's eyes softened just a bit.

"Why?" She asked gently, hoping he would just say it. Clare wanted to make sure she was not the only one feeling something between the two. Whenever he smiled, her heart fluttered and when he said her name, she felt her knees go weak. She just wanted him to express some sort of feeling that went beyond friends.

"Because I hate that guy and he is a freaking psycho path." Eli said and Clare's shoulders slumped.

"I've got to go." She said suddenly and Eli raised his dark brows.

"Where to?" He asked as Clare stuffed her books into her bag.

"The Dot, I have a grade eleven to tutor." She smirked and she heard Eli huff.

"What the hell Clare?" Eli said and Clare playfully stuck out her tongue.

"You'll thank me later and for your information, I'm in the gifted program. I'm in your grade eleven English class." Clare said before leaving, ignoring Eli's protests.