Chapter One

A Lovely Near Death Experience

I sat there on the ground my eyes closed. I knew Jane was going to kill me. I was hoping she'd go ahead and do it. My life had no meaning Riley had lied, everyone was dead, and Diego was dead, most importantly. If I could I would've gone with him to show Riley what we had discovered in our underwater cave. I sat there waiting in anticipation "Take care of that Flex." I heard Jane's cold voice say to the body builder that came with her. I heard him crack his knuckles and I held my breath. Then all of the sudden WOOSH! I couldn't feel the ground under me.

"So I came up with the most awesomest handshake ever!" a voice said to me. I knew that voice and it was music to my ears, Diego.

"Diego." I said opening my eyes

"The one and only!" he said smiling down at me. I smiled back looking at his face it was still perfect not a scratch on him. We ran a couple of miles before we were at least 1,000 miles away and then I realized my mind was playing tricks on me. I was already dead! And this is some stupid mental thing. I started to laugh. He stopped running "What's so funny?" he asked chuckling. I snorted "I'm already dead and this isn't happening!" I said laughing uncontrollably "What the hell are you talking about?" he said confused.

"This isn't real." I said

"If this wasn't real could I do this?" he said grabbing my waist and he kissed me. We stood there for 30 seconds. "Now do you believe it's real." he asked softly sitting down holding me in his arms. I nodded. From that point I realized my exact emotion wasn't choosen. I knew my life now had more meaning then ever.

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