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NOTE: this story has not been updated, just reformatted!

Reid was having a bad day, actually he was having a bad week. Today, though, had been especially bad. Reid had been paged at three in the morning and had to preform a six hour surgery. Reid still hadn't had breakfast. The day, like the rest of the week, had been full of consultations, pre-ops, post-ops, but today he had to do something he hated, he had to tell a family that there was nothing else he could do and their son was going to die. After a horrible lunch he had afternoon rounds with some winey patients, Reid had to type up a report, which he lost half of when the computer crashed. Now, finally Reid could go home, which wasn't making his day any better because he couldn't go home to Luke. Luke had been at a writing seminar all week and wasn't coming home for two more days. Reid missed Luke so much it hurt and he wanted him to come home but he would never tell Luke that. Reid really needed to hear

Luke's voice so when he got home, to the house they'd bought from Katie when she moved in with Chris, he called Luke.

"Reid? Is everything okay? I didn't expect you to call."

Tears sprang to his eyes, Reid had missed Luke more then he'd let himself admit, ", Luke, I just wanted to talk."

"Oh! Okay!" Luke exclaimed and launched into a long description of his week.

Reid sighed, it was like Luke was there, "Hey Reid?"


"Why did you really call, I know you don't care about this stuff, I can almost hear your eyes glazing over."

"No reason..."

"Reid...come on we've been together for over a year, I think by now I can see through you."

Reid took a shaky breath, "I just...I had a really bad day, a really bad week really, and I miss you. I needed to hear your voice."

"You want to talk about it?"

"I don't think..."

"Reid, of course I care, tell me." Reid sighed, then launched into a description of his day, and then, due to more prodding from Luke, his week.

"Oh Reid, I hope this made you feel better."

Reid smiled, "It did, thanks. Why aren't you home yet?" He said in mock anger, Luke laughed.

"I'll be home before you know it. Now, even the great Dr. Oliver has to sleep. Go to bed, I'll see you soon."

Reid laughed, "Okay, g'night."



"Yes, Reid?"

"I love you."

"Love you too Reid."

The next morning Reid woke up to the smell of coffee, he didn't remember setting the timer, but wouldn't be surprised if he set it half asleep the night before. Reid dressed slowly in scrubs, wishing that Luke was coming home today, instead of tomorrow. After shaving, Reid took his empty water glass and made his way to the kitchen. When he walked out the threshold of his room, who he saw made him drop his glass, causing it to shatter on the ground, Reid didn't notice.

"You...You...You aren't supposed to be here! You're supposed to be a a writing seminar, writing away, and I'm supposed to pick you up at the airport tomorrow!"

Luke smiled, "I wanted to surprise you."

"I hate surprises," Reid grumbled before Luke pulled him into a kiss.

Reid groaned, "I missed you."

"I missed you, too."

"Look at this mess," Reid grumbled at the floor.

"Mhmmm, you dropped the glass."

"Ah, but I have to go to work."

Luke sighed dramatically, "I guess since I made it happen, I'll pick it up for you."

"Thank you," Reid said, kissing Luke again, "Lunch at Al's?"

"I'll see you there."

"Oh and Luke," Reid said, halfway out the door, "This surprise, I liked."