Pages From The Book of Firsts

**First words: Sorin**

Grimmjow was in the bathroom one morning preparing for the day off with family, Sorin on the counter beside him, shaving. The kids were a few months over a year old at this point and were growing so fast that Grimmjow was certain they were bigger each day. Sorin was watching him intently as he banged Ichigo's toothbrush against the mirror, a bit of drool hanging tenuously from his chin. Grimmjow heard Tomoe squeal in the living room and say loudly and clearly, "Chichi!"

She was the first of the three to speak a real word and every time Grimmjow heard it he thought his chest would burst with pride. She referred to Ichigo as Chichi and Grimmjow as Papa, an interesting way to make the distinction between her two fathers. So far Taichi seemed to be picking up the trend as he had lately managed to call Ichigo Chi and had finally the week before looked up at Grimmjow with his big doe yes and reached for him with a quiet, "Papa." Grimmjow had almost cried but held back because they hadn't exactly been alone. Not that he would have actually cried, mind you. Grimmjow wouldn't do something so unmanly even in the face of such cuteness.

Sorin had yet to say his first words though and no matter the amount of prodding the little boy he just flat out refused to say anything that sounded remotely like words. He resorted to frustrated tantrums when he wasn't immediately understood and Grimmjow wondered not for the first time if he had been such a handful as child. With a sigh and a slight shake of his head to clear his thoughts he smiled down at Sorin before resuming his morning shave. One quick swipe up the side of his neck and he felt the undeniable prick of the blades going just a little too deep.

"Shit." he muttered, rinsing the blade and glowering at the blood now crawling down the side of his neck.

Sorin grinned and gurgled something at him as he reached for a square of toilet paper to press to the wound. He had just looked back at his reflection when Sorin opened his mouth and stated loudly and with a smile that rivaled that of his father, "Shit!"

Grimmjow's eyes went wide and his head wiped to gaze down at his son. He blinked a few times before Sorin giggled and said it again.

"Shit! Shit, shit, shit."

Grimmjow's lips twitched a few times before he too grinned and reached for his son, kissing his plump cheek and spreading shaving cream on him as a deep laughter rumbled from his chest. Sorin repeated it again, louder than before and Grimmjow cupped his hand over the tiny mouth and kicked the bathroom door closed. He shook his head and looked down at his son before setting him back on the counter.

"That's my fuckin' boy. But you can't say that kinda thing around Chichi." he lowered his voice and looked furtively at the closed door. "He'll be mad at me if he has to write in that stupid Book of Firsts that you said that."

Sorin giggled and threw Ichigo's toothbrush on the floor. Grimmjow shook his head and kissed him once more, this time wiping off the shaving cream with a smile.

"But what he don't know can't hurt him, ne?" he whispered conspiratorially.

He finished shaving and rinsed his face before tossing Sorin up into his arms and kissing him once again and walking out into the living room where the rest of the family was. Ichigo looked up at him with a large smile and waved to Sorin who ruined the shared secret with Grimmjow by grinning at Ichigo repeating the curse. Ichigo's eyes looked as if they would bug out of his head.

"W-what did he say?" he asked and Grimmjow shook his head, doing his best not to laugh. "Grimm!"

"What? I ain't the only one that cusses around them." Grimmjow defended and Sorin squealed before reaching out for Ichigo.

Grimmjow handed him off and ignored the reproving look Ichigo was giving him. The moment wasn't saved however when Sorin decided that it was time for him to say his second word. He looked up at Ichigo as he tried to crawl up his chest and planted a wet, openmouthed kiss on his chin.


This time Grimmjow didn't even try to hold it in, instead throwing his head back so hard it almost hurt as he laughed. Ichigo blushed and scowled, doing his best to correct Sorin over the noise Grimmjow was making.

The next day Ichigo cut his hair, which at that point had begin to reach just below his shoulder blades. Sorin called him haha until he was four years old, refusing and ignoring any attempt to correct him. Every time he said it Grimmjow would smirk, barely able to repress his mirth. He only did so because when Ichigo heard him laugh at it he could be sure he was sleeping on the couch that night.

Grimmjow liked his place next to the Strawberry too much to test that out too many times.

**Caught You!: Tomoe**

Grimmjow was behind Ichigo, his hips moving in a steady rhythm as Ichigo panted beneath him. His face was pressed into his pillow, his ass in the air and his own hips titled to receive Grimmjow as moved. They would be leaving the next day to go on a week long vacation to France with the kids and this would most likely be the last day they would be able to find this type of alone time until they got back. They were doing their best to enjoy their morning to the fullest before they had to finally get out of bed and make sure they had packed everything. With one deep thrust Grimmjow came as quietly as he could, grimacing slightly when Ichigo's orgasm squeezed him tight. They collapsed to the bed in a heap of panting and sweaty limbs, Grimmjow kissing Ichigo's temple as they fought to regain their bearings.

Ichigo rolled over and sat up, rubbing his hand over his face as Grimmjow too sat up next to him. At once they caught something at the door of their bedroom and both men felt their stomachs drop to their knees. Tomoe stood with her hand on the door knob, blue eyes wide and mouth hanging slightly open. No one moved until Grimmjow noticed tears in his baby girls eyes. Remembering to cover himself properly he stood and walked to her side, hurt and confused when she flinched away from him and launched herself towards the bed and Ichigo.

"Why were you hurting Chichi?" she almost wailed as she managed to wrap her arms around Ichigo's neck even as he was attempting to keep her off the soiled sheets. She sent a heated glare at Grimmjow and for the life of him all he could do was stare back at her. What the hell was she talking about?

Ichigo, bright red and light years beyond embarrassed, managed to open his mouth and speak, even if it was in a quiet and crackly voice.

"Tomo, Papa wasn't hurting me." he hesitated in explaining more but he really hadn't thought he would ever have this sort of a conversation with any of his children.

Tomoe looked up at him, the tears she had spilled staining her little cheeks. "But you were makin' weird noises. Like you were hurt."

Ichigo's eyes closed and he fought the urge to jump up and lock himself in the bathroom for the rest of his life.

"And Papa was grunting and growling like…."

"Okay that's enough description!" Grimmjow threw up his arms and quickly grabbed the blanket before it fell, placing his free hand over his eyes. Jesus, how much of that had the kid seen and heard?

"And then when you fell over I thought you passed out 'cos he hurt you too bad."

"Oh my God." Ichigo groaned, feeling slightly sick to his stomach.

"Wait a minute, why would I be hurting him?" Grimmjow asked out loud, peeking out between his fingers and meeting Tomoe's still glaring eyes.

She shrugged. "Then what were you two doing?" she asked, finally untangling herself from Ichigo's neck and looking up at him with wide curious eyes.

Ichigo gaped at, unsure what to say at first. "Uh… we- we were wrestling. Daddy's like to wrestle!" he smiled at her, thinking that he had come up with a rather good explanation of what he and Grimmjow had been doing.

Grimmjow snorted and mumbled, "Yeah, all the time and naked." under his breath. Sure that neither Tomoe or Ichigo had heard him.

Tomoe kept a close watch on both her fathers the entire trip, never letting the both of them alone and even going so far as to crawl into bed with them at night in the hotel. Ichigo wouldn't so much as let Grimmjow touch him casually the entire time and by the end of the trip tension was high between the two. Unfortunately Tomoe didn't stop her behavior once they returned home.

"She's driving me nuts!" Grimmjow hissed between his teeth one night a week later as he helped Ichigo prepare dinner.

"Well what the hell are we supposed to do about it?" Ichigo shot back, still absolutely embarrassed about the entire situation.

"Tell her to sleep in her own fucking bed! She's the only one here who has her very own room damnit."

Ichigo snorted. "Okay, yeah. You go ahead and tell her that and I'll nurse your broken eardrums after she throws the biggest tantrum we've yet to see."

"She's seven!"

"And she has your temper and logic." Ichigo pointed out, handing Grimmjow a stack of plates. "She'll get over it soon, just let her get it out of her system."

"I can't believe you let your daughter walk all over you like that."

Ichigo rolled his eyes. "Yeah, 'cos it's just me." he muttered under his breath.

The both of them turned to find Tomoe staring at them with arms folded over her little chest. Grimmjow shoved the plates at her and grumbled, "Go set the table."

She did as she was told, but not before giving her fathers a long look. Ichigo snickered and turned to Grimmjow, kissing his cheek lightly.

"You know. It's kinda cute." Grimmjow looked at him like he had grown another head and he smiled. "My daughter's just trying to protect me from the big bad-AH!"

Grimmjow grinned as he watched the plum sauce drip off the end of Ichigo's nose. He threw his head back and laughed.

"Ass." Ichigo muttered, wiping his face and returned to the task of finishing dinner.

Two weeks later they had Nnoitra and Shinji over for dinner They had been enjoying the evening but when a lull settled over them Tomoe spoke up.

"Uncle Nnoi? Do you and uncle Shinji wrestle naked like Chichi and Papa?"

Shinji choked on the mouthful of food he had just taken and after a short moment of shock Nnoitra fell out of his chair for laughing. Grimmjow couldn't help but grin, Tomoe was so entertaining with her straight forward attitude that it was easy to forget that he was irritated with her, or that he was embarrassed. One look at Ichigo and he almost lost it at the horrified look on his face. Across the table Sorin frowned and swallowed.

"Why would you wanna wrestle naked?"

This question sent Nnoitra into another fit and Grimmjow could no longer stop himself, covering his mouth in a last ditch attempt to stifle the laughter. Ichigo groaned and lowered his head into his hands Still frowning, Sorin turned to Taichi who shrugged and returned to his plate of food. Tomoe frowned at her uncle and father, not liking that she was being laughed at.

"Aw, man. Fuckin' great." Nnoitra said, wiping tears from his eye.

"Nnoi! Don't cuss in front'a the kids, idiot."

"Shut up, Blondie."

"How come you won't answer my question?" Tomoe asked, irritation clear in her voice.

Nnoitra grinned and before anyone could stop him he answered her.

"Yeah, Sweetie. We wrestle naked all the time. But only daddy's an' uncle's can do that shit, 'kay?"

Tomoe seemed to think this one over before grinning her blue haired father's grin.


That was it. From that night on Tomoe slept in her own bed and to reward him for his unexpected help, Grimmjow and Ichigo got Nnoitra a new bandana. They even let Tomoe choose it: Pink with a rhinestone unicorn on it. On the note Ichigo wrote: Don't ever talk to my daughter about sex again! On a separate note slipped to him later from Grimmjow it said: I'll buy you a fucking TV dude. He was too happy about sleeping alone with Ichigo and not having to worry about hiding embarrassing morning related male bodily functions from a seven year old girl, to care about anything else.

Things went back to normal and life moved forward too slow and too quick at once. If they learned one thing from that experience it was to remember that their daughter had a stubborn streak that rivaled their own.

And to lock the door every night before bed.

I hope you are satisfied with this, lol. It's what flowed out when I went to write it.

This is for NekoVampire on YG as part of the drabble challenge I did earlier this week. She asked for some Daddy!Grimm in the SBB 'verse so here are two future incidents for ya!



*And for those of you that don't know, haha is Japanese for mom :D*