Driving Lessons... Or Not

"Daddy? Could you teach me to drive?" Tomoe asked two days after she turned sixteen, her hands linked together under her chin and the most adorable look on her face.

Grimmjow looked down at her for a moment, taking in the sight of his daughter not being a hellion for however long it might last, before grinning and chuckling.

"No way."

Tomoe's composure almost broke, her eyes hardening for a moment before going soft yet again.


"Give it up Tomo." Sorin said from across the living room. "No one wants you anywhere near the steering wheel of a car."

Grimmjow watched the innocent form of his daughter morph into a beast that spat fire in an instant and stepped out of her path as her eyes darted for something to throw at her brother.

"Sorin." he said simply and Sorin's head shot up just in time to see the book that was headed for his face. Sorin ducked out of the way just in time and Grimmjow laughed.

"Daddy that's not fair!" Tomoe protested, following Grimmjow as he walked back into the kitchen.

"Life's not fair." Grimmjow muttered to himself but at the stamp of a foot he knew Tomoe had heard him.

"Yer teachin' Tai and Asshole how ta drive." she continued loudly and Grimmjow frowned at her.

"I won't teach you shit if you don't start watchin' that mouth of yers."

Tomoe rolled her eyes and crossed her arms under her breasts. "Fine, I'll just have to find a boyfriend to take me everywhere I wanna go."

"Bullshit." Grimmjow said, entire body suddenly tense at the thought of his baby girl with anything to do with men. "You can ride with your brothers."

"No way! Sorin won't do it and you know he won't and Tai and Daisuke never wanna go anywhere I do. God! This is so stupid. You totally favor them because they have penises!"

"He wouldn't let you drive even if you did have a dick!" Sorin yelled out with a laugh and both Grimmjow and Tomoe heard his quick retreat to the safety of his bedroom.

"Uncle Shin is teachin' Yo-chan how ta drive." Tomoe changed tactics and Grimmjow rolled his eyes again.

"I don't care what he's teaching her, I said no."

"Fine! I'll ask Uncle Nnoi. He'll do it." Tomoe said before stomping out of the kitchen, leaving silence in her wake.

Grimmjow sighed and opened the refrigerator, grabbing a beer and cracking it open before looking down and staring into the can. He'd have to call Nnoitra later and tell him that he didn't want Tomoe learning to drive quite yet. He had his reasons, one be being his daughter's impulsive and most often violent behavior. For a brief moment he wished he could trade daughters for a week with Shinji. That was until he remembered that Yayoi was being groomed to take over the family businesses one day, both the Solid Gold and Wank. For all the sweetness that little girl showed she was too much like her father and Grimmjow wasn't sure what he was more scared of. Tomoe driving, or having a female Shinji as a child. Grimmjow shook himself and took a long pull from his beer can before leaving the kitchen to find his cell phone.

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