I decided to go along the route of Dark! Characters for this one. Enjoy!

For some odd reason, he couldnt seem to take his eyes off of the boy. It was a mystery to him, really. Just two years ago, he could barely stand the sight of the halfa freak. But now, it was impossible to not admire the sight of the boy flying through the night, the moonlight making his white hair glow a heavenly silver. The Ghost Child wasnt fighting ghost tonight; instead, it would seem he had taken the pleasantly cool evening as a time for recreational flying. The boy did dramatic dips and turns and dives, a look of contentment on his face the whole time.

One would think after two years, he would've gotten over the novelty of flying. One would be wrong.

But watching the boy fly was most definitely not a novelty for his watcher, even though said watcher was less of a 'watcher' and more of a 'doer'. But in any case, he just might 'do' something other than 'watch' sometime soon. His interest was quickly turning into a bit of an obsession, and ghosts were created from the base of obsession. And changing from one obsession to another was tricky and often dangerous business.

Case in point: Skulker. Point of case in point: the ghost had no real body to call his own. Case closed.

The observer watched as the boy suddenly stopped midair, checked his watch, then flew in the direction of home. Still, his observer pursued him, keeping a healthy distance to avoid being 'sensed'. That would be a problem. His observer watched as the halfa glided into his bedroom, transformed back into human form, stretched, yawned, and crawled into bed. And still, the observer watched.

It was about an hour before he felt certain enough the boy was asleep before becoming visible again and just standing a small distance from the bed to watch the boy.

Danny Phantom...the strange ghost/human hybrid that was a point of interest for many a ghost and human alike. Deadly interest, to be more accurate. There were very few humans and very few ghosts the hybrid had to call 'ally', and even fewer to call 'friend'. The observer really couldnt place himself in any category other than 'heavily intrigued'. It still bordered on 'obsessed' a little too closely to call safe.

After watching the halfa sleep for a few more minutes, his observer went intangible and flew down to the boy's family lab, then dove into the Ghost Zone and headed toward home. As soon as he was in his domain, he sat down in a chair and stared into space; at least, that's what it looked like he was doing. In reality, he was taking down notes on the small reflective screens that covered his eyes. They worked like computer screens, and could flash any information he so desired before them. The only downside was, he had to KNOW what he wanted to look for. It still served its purpose nonetheless.

So far, he had every email the boy currently used, his cell phone number, the access code to his PDA, his class schedule, his transcripts, his blog page, and his online diary stored away into his own memory. All of these things he didnt really need, but would probably use some time down the road. Especially the online diary. He needed to know the child. Everything about him. Anything he didnt know, he WOULD find out, eventually.

After all, he thought, grinning manically, he WAS Technus, Master of Technology.