Well, here we are. Enjoy.

"Excellent work, Danny," Mrs. Mordin, the Trigonometry teacher, said as she set Danny's test paper down on his desk. Danny picked it up. 100%, predictably. He allowed a small smile to come over his face before tucking the test paper away in his backback and leaving the classroom for his physics class.

It had been one year since...IT happened.

After Danny had swallowed the antidote pill that kept his human body alive merely by the cold hand of science, Danny had woken up in his own room at home. At first, he was convinced that it was all just one big fucked-up dream, but his suit still folded neatly on the end of his bed, the strange sensations running through his body, and the dull pain in his ass told him that it HADNT been a dream. It was still five in the morning and the weekend, so Danny stayed in his room the whole day, lying on his bed in fetal position and trying to will away the memories of what had transpired in Technus's lair just hours prior.

He was actually surprised when Monday came and Technus still hadnt bothered him. And other than a faint fuzziness in his brain, Danny had no real complaint from the biomicros in his body. So he figured Technus made him one big spying object; as long as the lunatic wasnt bothering him, Danny could cope for now. The first thing in Algebra that day was a test that he hadnt studied for. Joy. But as soon as the test was laid out in front of him, Danny's brain seemed to comprehend the numbers as a language he KNEW and could understand, and almost against his own will, his pencil scribbled down the solutions to the problems as quickly as he could read them.

He was the first to turn in his test, and the only one to get a perfect score on it. THAT understandably raised a few skeptical brows; Danny was a D student in math, and getting a perfect score out of the blue was just...yeah, no. So Danny wasnt surprised at all when his teacher requested that Danny take another but similar test under heavy supervision. And once more, the numbers clicked for him, and he finished the test in less than five minutes, with the teacher watching him the entire time.

It wasnt until later that Danny realized that the biomicros inside of him had a few side-effects that the technopath ghost didnt tell him about. He became an overnight genius at math. He found that he could comprehend, construct, fix, and modify advanced technology with ease. He couldnt listen to one of Jazz's Classical music pieces without stopping to comprehend the mathematical theory behind it, and found that he suddenly had perfect pitch and went crazy if ONE NOTE was out of key. During a field trip to a museum, Danny kept getting left behind by the tour group because he HAD to stop and take in every detail of EVERY piece of artwork. He finally had to be physically dragged from the museum by Sam.

All of these things drove Danny crazy until he finally couldnt take it anymore; he flew to Technus's lair and demanded an explaination. The first thing Danny got was a rough kiss from the technopath, THEN he got his explaination.

"When my biomicros gave me a connection to you," he explained calmly, "they also gave YOU a connection to ME." Technus explained that Danny was in sync with Technus's own brain functions, and that's why he had suddenly acquired all of those gifts. He discovered that everything that was happening to him since that night was what Technus had to go through all his life as a human.

The bright side was, Technus continued, was that if Danny was willing to learn, Danny could harness and control the inner workings of his own brain, and all those things that were driving him crazy would eventually begin to work FOR him.

"...This was what you were hoping for," Danny finally replied, his voice soft and accusing. Technus grinned guiltily and shrugged.

"I wanted mastery of you," he replied, trailing his fingers up Danny's thigh; Danny made a move to smack them away, but Technus's control over the biomicros in his body prevented him from doing such. "Yet I allowed you to go free, even though I could just keep you here as my sex slave, if I so choose...but I'm above such lisentiousness." He kissed Danny's neck gently. "My mind is connected with yours...if you are happy, then I am happy. I will help you with this new life of yours, my Child, and in exchange, all I want is YOU."

So Danny agreed to that bargain, on the condition that Technus not take advantage of his power over Danny's very body. Immediately after making the deal, Technus hauled Danny into his lap and began molesting the halfa mercilessly. And Danny would be lying through his teeth if he said he didnt enjoy it. He had a strong suspicion that Technus had something to do with it, though.

And help Technus did. Danny qualified and applied for advanced classes, such as Trig, calculus, physics, chemestry, music appreciation, and microbiology. He was passing them all effortlessly, to the shock of everyone outside the know, and Danny was looking into Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York, just to sate his newfound lust for for science and technology. Technus told him later on that it was the school HE had attended...before he was kicked out for 'unethical experimentation'. Case in point-the biomicros.

He kept the newest part of his triple life a secret from EVERYONE, even Sam, Tucker, and Jazz. Hell, even Vlad didnt know. And he wanted to keep it that way. They were better off not knowing that he shared a mind with the Master of Technology, let alone the fact that he was routinely sleeping with the unstable lunatic to keep his end of the bargain and to keep from going insane.

School finally let out for the weekend, and Danny checked his watch. He could probably catch that matinee with Sam and Tucker before having to leave for the Ghost Zone. He flew home and changed clothes, only to hear from his friends that they had prior engagements for the evening, and they could try again tomorrow afternoon. Well, THAT left Danny's evening open. He half-heartedly flew through the Ghost Zone to Technus's lair and went right in.

He knew Technus's domain like the backs of his eyelids, and not just because Technus's influence told him. He had also spent a fair-enough amount of time there to know the layout. He found Technus in the technopath's laboratory, where the ghost was listening to Beethoven's 'Symphony #5 in C-Minor' on loud while he reclined on the padded table, looking quite content with himself. As soon as Danny stepped into the room, the music died down a little and Technus grinned.

"You're here early, my Child," he said off-handedly. Danny shrugged.

"I was free," he replied. "Got a perfect score on my Trig test."

"Tell me something I DONT know," Technus said, shifting his uncovered eyes at the boy.

"I open-mouthed kissed Tucker when I was fifteen during a New Year's party."


"That's something you dont know." Danny absently strolled around the technopath's lab, his fingers trailing over the bits and pieces of things that would someday become something powerful and quite possibly lethal. He heard Technus laugh softly and get up to stand right behind him without any regard to personal space.

"I've heard word from some of the other ghosts that you've been acting...odd," he said, wrapping his arms around his boy from behind. Danny shuddered, feeling sparks of electricity from the ghosts's hands. "They said you've taken to...how did they put it...?" He pretended to think, even though Danny was already blushing, having known what Technus was talking about. "...Monologuing."

"Oh, fuck you, Technus!" Danny huffed, blushing up a storm. Technus laughed and kissed Danny's neck.

"I look forward to it," Technus purred, dragging Danny back to the padded table and pinning the halfa down before kissing him hard.

And Danny kissed back, buring his hand in Technus's long hair and pulling the ghost closer to him. He had gotten used to these excursions by now, and even enjoyed them nowadays. He even had a feeling that somewhere deep down, Technus cared more for him than merely as conquest or something to have mastery over, but he could deal with what they had right now. The straight As, the bright academic future, and yes, even the sex, was worth it. And maybe eventually, he and Technus could team up to become the GREATEST LORDS OF ALL TECHNOLO-

...He HAD to stop monologuing.

"No, please, my Child, do go on with that tantalizing thought."

"Shut up, Nicolai."

THE END! *dies*