Hello, everyone! This is Umbra the Hedgehog signing in! It seems I've reached a temporary standstill with one of my stories. In order to not keep you guys hanging, I'll work on this until I can think of something. Here, I'll explain one of the plot points for my very first story. I really hope that you'll find it satisfying. Well, here we go!

Description: What will happen when Sonic has to go with Tails to a store outside of Station Square?


-I do not own any of the characters or scenarios presented in this story.

Sonic's Trip to Anaheim

Chapter 1: An unexpected meeting.

"Hey, Tails. Remind me again: why are we doing this?"

Sonic was sitting in the Tornado 2's back seat, while Tails was flying the plane.

The two-tailed fox replied, without turning around. "I need to get some parts for the Tornado 3, Sonic. The engine is failing, the machinery is acting up, and I need to find a new battery to replace the current one."

"And your local store is closed, little buddy?"

"I went there, but the place was completely empty. Apparently, they won't be back for a few months." Tails continued. "And I found this chain of stores called LectricLand. The ad says they've got anything to supply your technological needs."

"So, we have to fly over to this store?"

"Yeah. I tried to find one on Station Square, but I came out empty." Tails handed Sonic a map, with a few spots marked. "The closest one we have is in Anaheim, California."

"OK, I get that part." Sonic put the map away. "And there's a problem that keeps you from going there by yourself, right?"

Tails began to fly downwards. "Exactly. LectricLand's policy apparently dictates that all minors must be accompanied by a responsible relative or guardian." He deployed the wheels. "And you're the closest thing I've got."

After this comment, the plane began to land. Once it finally stopped, Sonic jumped off the back seat.

"Well, let's go for it..." Tails also got out of the Tornado 2. "...little bro."

With this, they began to head to the store.

After going through the door, they were greeted by a pretty regular-looking store, except it was full of tons of technological bits and other things.

"Wow!" Tails felt his jaw drop in awe. "It's even more impressive than I thought!"

Sonic just let out a grin. "Heh, nice place."

After snapping back to reality, Tails began to walk towards one of the employees, with Sonic standing right next to him.

"Excuse me." This caught the man's attention. "Do you know where I can find some good parts for a monoplane?"

Surprisingly, the man wasn't at all confused by the two talking animals in front of him. Instead, he just turned and pointed to one of the aisles. "You might want to go there. You'll find everything you're looking for."

"Thanks a lot, sir."

A few minutes later...

"...And a new engine." Tails put it in a shopping cart, along with everything else.

Sonic approached his little buddy. "So, have we got everything you need, Tails?"

"There's just one more thing I'd like to find, Sonic."

"And what's that?"

"A high-rise double-pump carburetor."

Not being familiar with technobabble, Sonic tilted his head in confusion.

"Right, I forgot. Sorry." Tails began to explain. "Basically, it's a part that'll make the Tornado 3 fly faster."

"Oh." Sonic understood this. "OK, let's go look for one!"

Cut to the car section...

"Uh, Tails? Why are we in the car section?"

Tails began to explain. "You see, a high-rise double-pump carburetor is actually used on cars. The reason I picked up so many extra parts is to try and make it work on a plane instead."

"Alrighty then." Sonic began to visually scan the place. "You see any around here?"

"Nothing so far." And then, something caught his eye. "Wait... there it is!"

As he began to quickly head to where he had seen it, he didn't notice something: there was someone about to get in the way.


Although he tried to stop himself, he ultimately ended up crashing with the other person. This resulted in both of them falling to the ground.

After seeing this, Sonic quickly headed to his best friend's side. "Tails! You OK?"

"Ow." Tails began to get back on his feet. "I guess so."

He then noticed the other person had also hit the ground.

"Are you OK, ma'am?" They both approached her. "I'm really sorry for crashing into you."

She began to get up. "It's OK. Believe it or not, this isn't the first time this has happened."

Once she was on her feet, she looked at the two people in front of her, and reacted with what seemed like surprise. So much so, in fact, that she didn't notice that the blue hedgehog had a similar reaction once he took a good look at her.

"Hey, I know you." She put her glasses back on straight. "Aren't you Sonic the Hedgehog? You know, the one from the news? Station Square's local good guy?"

After hearing this, he was snapped back into reality. "Yeah, that's me."

"And Miles "Tails" Prower?"

"Pleased to meet you."

Now it was Sonic's turn to make his comment. "And I know you as well. Tanya Vanderflock, member of the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim hockey team. Number 23, left defense."

"I didn't know you were a hockey fan."

Sonic gave her a friendly smile. "What, are you kidding? I stop in front of the TV store every day, just to see you guys rule the ice!"

"Wow..." After shaking off her surprise, she continued the conversation. "So, what are you doing here in LectricLand?"

"Oh, I'm just keeping my little friend from getting kicked out."

Tanya crossed her arms. "Oh, right, the age policies."

"Exactly." Tails then began to take the carburetor. "I'm trying to rework my monoplane's technology. It's a good thing this place has so many great work materials."

"Yep, they have everything you could possibly-"

Before she could finish that sentence, a few people were heard screaming outside.

As they all turned, Tanya let out a comment. "I don't think they're cheering about the low prices."

"Come on, let's go!" After this, all three of them began to head outside.

Once they were outside, they managed to see the cause of all the screams: a group of robots were heading towards the store.

The robots came to a stop, and a man walked from behind them. That is, if you can call a half-machine, half-human wacko with a crazy hairdo a "man".

As would be expected, he began to talk. "Listen up, human bacteria! This store is now property... of Dr. Droid!" He began to laugh. "Be gone now, or be obliterated! The only difference will be the word!"

Tanya began to speak. "Well, haven't seen him in a while."

"You've dealt with this tinbrain before?" Sonic turned to her.

"Just one of the local nutballs." She switched to battle gear. "He tried to shrink us once, and also turned home appliances into kill-crazed stormtroopers."

"Well, he's gonna get a good old can-kicking!" Sonic stretched his legs. "Guy won't even know what hit him!"

With this, the three of them made their way to where the robots were.

Needless to say, Dr. Droid wasn't pleased. "Argh! One of these long-beaked pests!" In a characteristically crazy mood swing, he started to laugh again. "It seems you are five ducks short, you fowl creature!"

Sonic replied to this comment. "Hey, metal mouth! Has anyone ever told you that you're a lousy comedian?"

"Ah, more organic trash." The crazed cyborg let out, with an air of mockery. "I didn't know rats came in blue! Hahaha!"

Tanya was the next one to reply. "Well, thanks for the helpful insight, Droid. The next time we fight you, I'll be sure to hit you with a biology book."

"Enough with the small talk, you wretched organic creatures!" Dr. Droid pointed at them. "Seize the place, my robotic brethren! And erase these bacteria while you're at it!"

As the robots began to approach them, Tanya readied her Puck Blaster. "Well, it's that time of day again."

"It's like fighting Eggman's robots all over again." Tails was next.

Sonic was last. "Come on, this is nothing!"

Time for an action sequence!

Tanya dealt the first strike, shooting one of the robots with her gun. This was followed by Sonic hitting three robots with his Spin Dash, making them fly like bowling pins. Right afterwards, Tails kicked one of them in the head, shooting another one with his arm cannon. As one of the robots began to approach him from behind, it prepared to hit the fox, only to be stopped by a freeze puck and a Homing Attack, which shattered it into quite a few pieces. Another robot's assault was stopped by Tanya's laser cutter, while Sonic began to run around his current opponent in circles. Of course, this resulted in the robot's head flying off, and its body exploded after being shot by Tails.

"This is gettin' old pretty fast." Sonic punched a hole through another robot's chest. "How about we finish this already, guys?"

Tanya shot a puck at another robot. "Well, I wouldn't mind."

"The sooner we stop Dr. Droid, the sooner we can pay for all the supplies." Tails struck his current robot target with his boxing glove weapon.

"Alrighty then. Let's bring 'em all together!"

As they regrouped, the robots began to surround them.

"You miserable organic creatures! You stand no chance against the mechanized might of my fellow robots!" Mistaking this for a victory, Dr. Droid began to laugh. "It seems you've realized this, and given yourself up! Smart move!"

"Hey, buckethead! Ever hear the saying 'looks can be deceiving'?"

With this, Sonic jumped out of the circle, and began to quickly run in circles around all of the robots.

"Guys, do me a favor and get outta there!"

Tails began to fly away, while Tanya just jumped on top of the robots, both of them making their way out of the circle. In a matter of seconds, all of Dr. Droid's robots were stuck in a blue tornado.

While Tails and Tanya watched the robots fly, Sonic suddenly stopped right between them.

"Care to take a few shots?"

Getting the message right away, the two began to fire at them. After a few impacts, all of the robots were destroyed in a big explosion.

Of course, Dr. Droid didn't take this sight well.

"How is it possible? You are mere organic bacteria! We machines are superior in every-" This brief tantrum was interrupted when he noticed there was a small mechanism in his chest.

He noticed Tails still had his arm cannon ready. "If there's one thing Eggman has taught me, it's that villains gloat too much."

After this comment, Dr. Droid's body was completely overrun by electricity, going offline.

"What is this?"

Tails put his arm cannon away. "Just one of my latest inventions. I call it... a mini-EMP generator."

As his body began to fall to the ground, the mad cyborg detached his head, and began to fly away.

"Curse you, you feathered bacteria! I will destroy you for this one day!" He began to disappear. "You have made a new enemy, you annoying fox! And you too, you filthy blue rat!" With this, he disappeared completely.

Sonic began to yell at him. "Hey! I'm a hedgehog, shredder face!"

"Great moves, guys!" Tanya put away her Puck Blaster. "You just saved me a call to the Pond."

"No problem!" Sonic gave her a thumbs-up. "Compared to old Egghead, this guy's just a walk in the park."

Tails also replied. "This was fun, and it gave me a chance to test my mini-EMP generator. I have to thank you back."

After these comments, Tanya suddenly had an idea.

"Hey, guys. You want to come over to our headquarters?"

Sonic was surprised to hear this. "Whoa, whoa, wait... really?"

"Of course! I'm sure the guys would really like to meet you."

"Then what are we waiting for?" As you can tell, Sonic was really excited. "Let's go!"

However, Tails stopped him. "Wait, Sonic! We still have to pick up the parts for the Tornado 3."

"Oh, right. Sorry about that, Tails." He then turned to Tanya. "Hey, is it OK if we catch up to you later?"

"Sure, no problem." As she began to walk away, she stopped for a moment. "You do know where to find us, right?"

"Of course. The Arrowhead Pond of Anaheim, close to the mall."

"Alright, I'll see you two later then." Sonic and Tanya exchanged a handshake.

After letting go, Sonic noticed something. "Four fingers?"

"Yeah, a common trait among Puckworld residents. Blame it on the writer."

Sonic didn't get it. "Who?"

"I'll tell you later."

With this, she began to walk away. In turn, Sonic and Tails began to head back to the store.

Here you go. I hope you found this little piece of text to be, at least, appropriately entertaining. I'll keep updating this story for a long while, so, if you're interested in reading more, stay tuned.

After an interesting meeting, Sonic and Tails have been invited to a hockey rink. What's going to come out of this?

This is Umbra the Hedgehog signing off.