In one fine beautiful day in Mushroom Kingdom Princess Peach decides to plant some roses in the back of the castle.

Peach-*humming* Ok now to put this in.

*finds an object inside the dirt*

Peach-*gasps* What's this? No! It isn't. M-my long lost teddy bear. Plum I've found you!

*runs inside the castle*

Peach- Hey everyone look what I've found.

Toadette- What's that?

Peach- My first teddy bear my father gave to me. I've been looking for this ever since I was a little kid.

Daisy- Well, Peach I don't know doesn't It look a littleā€¦old.

Peach- Don't be mean to Plum. All she needs is a little clean up that's all.

Peach walks inside her room with Plum, but there was something fishy about that teddy bear.

*3:54 P.M.*

Peach- Okay time to get you clean!

Peach happily cleans the teddy bear then Daisy walks inside the room.

Daisy- Hey Peach you cleanin' that stupid bear.

Peach- She's not stupid.

Daisy- Yes she is what kind of bear doesn't have an arm. All the teddy bears in my room have arms.

Peach- Okay, I'll sew an arm on her tomorrow happy now.

Daisy-*laughs* Whatever, just make sure I don't see that stupid thing in my room.

*walks out the room*

Peach- Don't mind her, you're not stupid.

*12:00 A.M.*

*Daisy sleeping*

*door creaks open*

*Daisy wakes up*

Daisy- Huh who's there.

*goes back to sleep*


Daisy- What the-

*get's up, goes to her door and sees Plum on the ground*

Daisy- What's Peach's stupid toy doing here?

*kicks Plum outside of her room*

*goes back to bed*


Daisy- *groans* I thought I-

*sees Plum on her dressing table near her*

Daisy- How did you get over there? Wait, what are you doing? No!