*12:00 A.M.*

Peach- You killed all my friends….you're a monster!

Plum- *laughs evily* Peach you forgot one more person.

Peach- Who?

Plum- You!

*pulls out a knife*

Peach- Where did you get that?

Plum-*laughs evily*

*walking slowly to Peach*

*Peach terrified*

All hope was lost, but then Mario came outta nowhere and shot Plum twice in the head.

Peach- Mario, I thought you were dead.

Mario- No, Plum got me in the chest but luckily I was wearing my knife-proof vest. I managed to survive her attack.

*Peach running to Mario, gives him a hug, and kisses him on cheek.*

Peach- Thank you Mario.

*looks outside through her window*

Peach- The Koopatrol is here!

Mario- What are we gonna do with Plum?

Peach- I'll deal with her.

*Next day*

*goes outside in the back of the castle*

*buries Plum in the dirt*

Peach- *sobbing* All my friends are dead. What am I gonna do now?

*goes back in the castle*