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Summary: Bella is alone once again and trying to outrun the darkness left behind for her. Will she escape or was she meant for that life all along?

WARNING: This story may contain violence, profanity and some adult themes. If you are not 18 please do not read this!

Bella's POV

If there was one thing I was sure about in my life it was that this time Edward Cullen was no longer a part of my life. There was no way in hell he would ever be returning for me. I was promised this. He would have no contact with me, ever.

There was no leaving me in the woods. No desperate cries coming from me for him not to do this to me. The only real sound was the silence that was left when I walked away. I saw the determination in his eyes just like the last time and I knew there would be no convincing him otherwise. He was ready to leave by the time he walked through my front door.

Somehow I knew this was going to happen again and I welcomed him in. I was resigned to the fact that I would not fight him on it and I didn't.

Running through my house as fast as possible without tripping, I began throwing things into a duffel. I already made my call to Charlie letting him know I wouldn't be home tonight. He asked very little and I gave even less. We were simple together; father and daughter, so it raised no suspicion.

I emailed my mother telling her I would be busy for the next few days with my job and friends. Her only response as usual was about her recent trip to the Bahamas with Phil and that she loves me.

I took one picture of each person who meant something to me, a few changes of clothes and my bath bag. When my bag was in my truck and the house locked up I took one last look around and drove off; away from the place I had actually started to like.

It wasn't a surprise to anyone when I arrived that I hated it here. The snow, the trees, the cold, the only thing that held me was Edward and now he was gone; hopefully for good this time. I had healed enough to live last time and this time I was expecting it. My heart still hurt and my head still cloudy but I knew it was coming.

The only problem I had with him leaving besides the little consideration and respect he had for me was the fact that he left me unprotected. He knowingly left a human behind as a feast for an army to ravish and devour. I knew when he left the first time most of the words he spoke were true. You don't say so much to one person while tearing out their soul without at least some part of it being the truth.

Maybe it was the change that was unbearable, or the fact that I am still a human that he found in some way unattractive, either or he didn't completely lie to me. I blame him very little for this time, in fact I don't blame him at all for this. I knew saving him and putting him back into my life that I was just setting myself up for more trouble. I couldn't help it though; he was an intense love for me, unforgettable and forever in my heart. Having him back felt like our first days all over again. It was like he had never left for me when I awoke to him. I couldn't see past the fact that I had back what I thought I so desperately wanted. I was so wrapped up in the idea of us that it took me too long to see that in all the time he was gone I had gotten over him.

I had my Jacob, he helped but I'd always been strong and somehow had done it for myself. Even when he was back I was letting go. With each look I gave I became more distant. Every time his arms wrapped around me it was nothing more than for security. He made me feel safe and I took that from him.

Now though when I need that safety, he leaves. Once again leaving me as nothing more than bait for the razor sharp teeth of another. My blood may have called to the monster within him but my love once again failed to keep the man beside me.

I drove on slowly looking, watching the trees pass me by. I was in no hurry for the fate I had created for myself. There was so much I knew I was leaving behind by running like this. The only thing that kept my foot held firmly on the gas pedal was the fact that Charlie was safe. The wolves were more than capable of handling themselves.

I had already spoken to Sam and Billy about what I was doing. Just moments before I called Charlie I called them. None of them were fond of me at the moment anyway, so the arguing about my departure was minimum. Jacob was out so they assured me there was no stopping me, I would be in the clear to go until Sam phased. By that time I would either be dead or long gone from Forks.

As my drive wore on I was still only miles from my house. The truck had been freshly tuned and the thunderous roar was now gone thanks to Rosalie. She actually stole my truck from school one day to fix it. Edward had asked her to demolish it but out of her newly found respect for me she fixed it instead. Edward wasn't pleased with her work but neither of us cared about that, I was happy she was happy and we spent a full hour not glaring or throwing snide comments at one another. It was the first of many times we hung out and I would miss that. She grew close to me just as her husband, my brother, Emmett had. If there were any of them I would wish I could still have in my life it would be those two.

When I made it to Port Angeles I stopped for gas, food, and a map. I knew the general direction I was heading but because this was me, I grabbed a map just in case.

After I washed my face and paid for my things, I jumped back into the cab. I opened up the glove box and went to throw everything inside of it when an envelope dropped to the floor board. Stuffing everything in I closed the compartment and grabbed the paper off the floor. Looking around when I sat back up I could feel my heart pounding in my chest. I had no idea who could have put this here but if it was who I was trying to get away from, I was in trouble.

The only writing on the front was my name, Bella, and nothing more.

Opening it up I found hundreds of dollars in cash and a key with a small note attached. Shoving the cash back inside the envelope I sat up and put it underneath me. I took the key and put it in my pocket and took one more look outside. Seeing no one there I unfolded the note carefully in case something was inside of it and began to read.

Dear Bella,

I know that we have not been there for you when we have been needed the most and I, along with the others, apologize for this. It was never our intention to leave you the way we have. Edward is very persuasive and capable of many things; making us agree with him being one.

I know a note is not a very good way to tell someone good bye but it was the only way I could without having everyone go crazy. Emmett, Esme, Carlisle and I still needed you to know that we love and care about you. You are our family Bella, no matter what.

We are still unsure of the circumstances as to why we had to leave this time but whatever it is, Edward assured us you want this. I don't trust him, you know this, so I am writing to you in hopes that maybe, just maybe I will hear from you. I don't believe what he has told us is what is really going on and neither do a few of the others. I know you're leaving, I could tell just by the way Edward talked, and I have given you a few things to help.

I hope that I am right in assuming you're heading north for now. If I am, there is a key to a safety deposit box with ID and other essentials; they are a gift from Jasper just in case you need them. There is a set of keys to a truck, paid for and in your name from me, the address to it is in the box. Emmett gave you something but I am bound not to tell you by him, I actually have no idea what it is so beware ok?

Carlisle wanted to give you a credit card but I knew you wouldn't want that so they only put cash in there so you would be able to get by.

I know you Bella and I know that you do not accept gifts. These things are not those type of gifts, when you get there you will understand why. We all ask you to please just take these things, we love you more than you can know and hope that one day soon we will see you again.

You are my sister Bella, I know I have treated you roughly but that does not mean I love you less than any of the others. There is nothing I want more beside a child than a sister, a true sister, and you gave that to me. Please don't take that away from any of us before we get the chance to really have it.

Love, Rosalie

Also, Edward has no idea we are doing this and neither does Alice so please do not think that this is their bidding. Contact us when you can and please be safe.

I sat there inside my truck going over the note for almost two hours before making my decision. I couldn't let my pride make choices for me any more; I didn't have that luxury now. It was either accept what they were doing or try to do this on my own and fail.

I knew over the last few months that if I could count on any of the Cullens, Rosalie and Emmett were it. Both of them had shown more interest in spending time with me than anyone. I trusted the both of them and knew there would be no way they would try to hurt me, even now. Rosalie would never do a favor for Edward even if it involved me. She does things for herself and her mate only. I also knew that if it weren't for Emmett I would be very much alone and without help right now.

I looked over the map and found where the bank was and drove there as fast as possible, always looking in my rearview for signs. I knew by now she had to know I had left, after all, she was having people watch me daily. I was lucky as hell to have made it out of the house alive much less all the way here.

When I reached the bank it was already getting dark outside. The street lights were just flickering on and my hands started shaking. I wasn't afraid of the dark, I never was, but knowing what was out there now had me terrified. I could, at any point, be snatched out of here without any one person even noticing what was happening. It wasn't like they could really do something but having the comfort of at least knowing someone would see it would have been nice.

When I got myself calmed down enough, I stepped out of the truck and walked up to the bank. I had less than fifteen minutes before the bank closed which meant that when I leave, others would be leaving with me. I knew she wouldn't risk so many lives at one time just to get me so for the moment I would be safe.

Stepping into the bank I walked directly up to the first teller who looked at me. After about twenty questions and copies of all the forms of ID I had on me she walked me into the back with the safety deposit boxes.

I stood inside the room with the box opened and just stared at it. I was trying not to debate this but pride is such a hard thing to just throw away. I knew I was stubborn and hard headed, I knew this was her form of helping me but old habits die hard. Looking inside I saw three large envelopes, each was marked differently, the handwriting was different as well. When I picked them up there was only one note at the bottom.


I miss you, I left you a surprise when you get to the truck a few actually. Enjoy them ok? Everyone says they love you and I wanted to say that I'm sorry for letting you down again. I promised you I wouldn't let him do this to you again and I did. I hope one day you can forgive me. Remember this is not good-bye.

I love you sis. Emmett

This was the one and only time Emmett ever talked seriously and I was surprised. I knew this wasn't his fault. It was none of their faults really. They did what they had to do and there is nothing to forgive.

I gathered everything up and threw it inside my backpack and left quickly. Everyone was locking up and walking to their cars, I felt like I was in some sort of buddy system. Every person walked with a partner to their cars and everyone left at the same time. I knew they felt safer this way and I was grateful that I showed up at the right time for this.

When I got back into my truck I took off down the road as fast as I could to where the truck that Rosalie had left me was parked. I gathered my belongings and tossed them inside. When I went back to get the map out of the glove box there was another note inside.

I grabbed it along with the map and got into the new truck.

It was nothing I would call Cullen fancy but it was what I would call Emmett. It was a 1999 Z-71 Chevrolet, lifted six inches. This was one of Emmett's prized babies. Midnight blue in color and fixed to perfection by Rosalie. I was jealous of this the first time I laid eyes on it and new for a fact that's why it was sitting here now with me in it, keys in hand. This was his surprise and right now I was on the verge of tears knowing good and damn well it was his way of letting me know he did in fact love me and was going to be seeing me again.

I started the truck and drove out of town. I didn't want to stay in one place too long especially right beside the truck I was letting go of. I knew my scent would be all over it and just sitting here going over everything in my head could cost me my life.

So far I was being smart about all of this. Getting the hell out of Forks was priority number one and I did that. Leaving behind the people I cared about was number two, if any of them were to stand a chance then I had to leave them.

It's weird but leaving all of them wasn't all that hard. I said my good-byes easily and without tears. I knew for some reason it would always come down to this; me having to go away. Once the Cullens entered my life, being a normal human was out of the question. Even the first time around I was still surrounded by vampires and shape-shifters. They still looked for me, hunted for me, I would never be free of them and I knew that. I would miss Charlie and the rest of them but it was not my life being there; I didn't belong, not anymore.

After five hours of driving in complete silence, I stopped in Kennewick and got a hotel room for the night. I used the cash that Rosalie left me and ordered room service instead of going out. I had taken enough risks today and I wasn't up for any more.

While I was waiting on the food I went through each envelope. Setting each one out across the bed I opened them up being careful not to rip anything that could be important.

Peeking inside I noticed there was cash in each one, I didn't even bother to try to count it I just stuffed it all in one and closed it. In the second one was two forms of papers for a new ID. My picture was already attached to the passports and licenses. I was given two options to choose from and I appreciated it. I could be a Hale or a Whitlock, I wasn't ready to decide yet so I just shoved what I could in my bag and would use them both for now.

A phone was in the one from Carlisle along with some paper work. I decided to keep the phone just in case I wanted to call. I knew they could possibly find me by keeping it but I trusted them enough to let me be until I wanted or was even able to be found.

There were three other notes , one from each envelope. Emmett and Rose wrote another, Carlisle had one along with Jasper too. By the time I got to them the food finally arrived.

Sitting down on the bed food in hand I decided to read the note that was left in the glove box. I was surprised that they had actually left another one and not tried to look for me or talk to me. They were so close to me back there.

When I opened it I knew it was not from any of them and I knew I was one step closer to death. I instantly felt dizzy. My stomach weak from all that's gone on started to turn and my hands began to once again tremble.


Thank you. You are making this much more fun for me this way. As I am sure you know if you close your eyes and think back to when my mate was still alive you know we love games. He taught me well over the years and this is the one thing I am very good at. I've decided to give you a little time, false hope if you will, to get away. know that I will be watching though and you will be mine.

Your mate has gotten away but left it very clear that you are not a priority of his any longer. That's a shame for you my sweet girl but a gift for me. Please take this time to live a little outside of the world you have thrust yourself into because I will take deep pleasure in making sure you are no longer a part of it.


I hope this version reads much better. I wrote this story when I first started so I know there are mistakes but I'm proud of this story. 54