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The vampires are based off of the standard vampire definition.

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Eternity in a Wooden Case


A long time ago, the first vampire was born. He was rather beautiful and attracted many women to himself. However, he did not desire their company and would only use them to sate his consuming thirst. He made sure to never drink too much, for fear that the humans in the surrounding villages would attack in their anger.

His power was so great that the people eventually wished to make him their King, yet he declined. It's not that he didn't desire the position, in fact, he very much wanted to take control of all the nations and rule as a King. When the humans had proposed that he become King though, they had also issued a set of rules and regulations to protect the rights of the citizens and limit what he could drink. The vampire rejected the position to spend decades on a plan to seize the land from the humans with no terms or conditions. He wanted to be a tyrant.

His name was Uchiha Madara.


It was decided from the moment she was born that Haruno Sakura was the most gorgeous child in the country, no, the world. And so she was raised. Men would come to admire and court her. However, Sakura was not vain and did not care for beauty.

She would always seek the company of her two friends, Naruto and Sasuke, and they would do insane things that made Sakura less desirable in the eyes of the adults.

"What use is beauty on a girl like that?" A woman would complain after her son was rejected.

"Who cares if she's beautiful if she is always in the company of those two trouble-makers!" A potential beau complained after she rejected him harshly.

Sakura did not care for the idiots that would court her. As far as she was concerned, she never wanted to be wed. She was content with her life spent among her two friends, she didn't need anything else.


Madara was successful. He managed to leave a trail of blood and destruction in his wake as he traveled from country to country, inspiring fear and hatred from all. Madara murdered every leader of every village with the exception of Tsunade of Konoha. She had, with severe regret, stepped down from her position, ensuring that none of the helpless villagers would be hurt.

"Tsunade-chan," he said leisurely as the former leader stood in front of him, "I hear you have quite a beautiful apprentice."

"Yes." She answered.

"I hear that she is the most beautiful creature in the world."

"She doesn't care for beauty. She is rather humble." Tsunade said quickly, she was confused with Madara's interest in her apprentice. "Many think beauty is wasted on her."

"Interesting. Bring her here." He commanded. He watched as Tsunade shuffled her way to the door and once she was gone, he leaned back at the desk. It was currently midnight, so no doubt the girl would be asleep. He didn't know why he wanted her to come before him, but it was a feeling that would not be suppressed.

Soon, Tsunade came back with the girl. She was hidden behind her master, as she was still tired and not aware of his presence. "Shishou? Is there something wrong in the hospital? Do you need my help with something?"

"Hush, girl." Tsunade chastised. She moved the girl to stand in front of her. Madara took in her appearance: she was relatively short with pink hair, a nice figure, and a pretty face. She was gorgeous.

"Hello?" She waved sleepily.

"How old are you?" Madara asked as he raised an eyebrow.

"I'm sixteen as of three months ago." She smiled.

"Hmm…I might require your help in the near future." Madara smirked self-satisfactorily. Oh yes, she was perfect for what he had in mind. She just needed to trust, and maybe love, him and the plan would be a perfect success.

"Okay. I'll be happy to help with whatever you need." Sakura gave a small, sleepy nod.

"Tsunade, take her to the empty room down the hall, she looks far too tired to make it home." Madara ordered in a silky voice. He would start tomorrow and soon his plan would come to fruition.


Near dawn, Madara sighed. He wouldn't get to see her again for several hours, and it depressed him immensely. Because of their different sleeping schedules, his plan would take longer to complete. He slowly made his way downstairs and into the darkened room.

Light couldn't be found in this room. The walls were covered with rich, blood red wallpaper that even enveloped the ceiling. Every piece of furniture was dark, cherry wood and all a very gothic design. Madara felt completely at home.

At the center of the room was the dark box. A coffin as rich as the room it resided in. This was his dark abode, where he would sleep from dawn to dusk. He locked the twenty locks on the door, it wouldn't do to be killed by some upstart while he slept, and moved to stand before the dark box. He lifted the heavy (for a human) lid and climbed inside. He laid himself in the coffin and pulled down the lid to shadow his world in darkness.


Sakura woke to sobbing. She climbed out of bed quietly and looked for the source. "Shishou?"

"I'm so sorry, Sakura. I'm so sorry." Tsunade mumbled from the corner of the room. She was perched on a chair, eyes devoid of life but filled with tears.

"For what, Shishou?" Sakura asked as she moved closer to the older woman. Tsunade simply tossed her a crumpled up letter that Madara had left before going to bed. Sakura read the letter out loud:

Dear Sakura,

You must be rather confused as to your purpose of being here. I need to explain a few things before you begin to panic.

1. Yes, I am a vampire.

2. You interest me.

3. You will not leave this building.

4. You will not run away.

5. Don't even think about other males.

6. I've sent letters to your friends. They won't be coming for you, so don't have any half-baked ideas of a rescue operation.

7. You officially belong to me.

Feel free to mourn your loss. I can accept that you probably have no interest in seeing me after reading this letter, but I'm confident that you will get over it and will be willing to accept my presence.


Uchiha Madara

Sakura crumpled the paper and violently chucked it at the wall. Her eyes began to cloud with tears and she threw her arms around her mentor. "Why, Tsunade-shishou? Why me?"

"I don't know!" Tsunade sobbed into her student's shoulder.

"If I'd known what this cursed beauty would cause, I would have marred my face with scars!" Sakura cried. She didn't want to accept it. She didn't want to accept Madara's proclamation. "I'm not his."

"That's the thing, Sakura." Tsunade wiped her tears on her sleeve as she pulled away from the pink-haired girl. "You are."

"What?" Sakura yelled in a broken voice.

"Let's get some sake from the kitchens and I'll tell you everything."


"Tsunade-sama, please tell me what's going on." Sakura said quietly as she poured the sake.

"You read the note," Tsunade slung the shot down her throat before gasping, "you belong to him now."

"I don't understand why I have to be the one." Sakura sipped her sake slowly.

"Neither do I, but it's what he wants." Tsunade slammed another shot and sighed, "I saw the letters he sent to Naruto and Sasuke, they aren't going to come after you."

"Why not? Did they really forsake me to this hell?" she shouted.

"No, quite simply, they think you're dead." Tsunade said with a sense of finality.





They think you're dead.




Which in essence, you are.





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