Chapter 1

Reba relaxed on her couch, hoping for a quick nap. She had been up a little late last night trying to help Barbara Jean with baby Henry because Brock was trying to stick with the promise Reba made to Jake that they would stay in the tree house together, which didn't last because Brock soon had to leave but Jake was all right with Van sleeping in it with him. Reba wanted to give props to Brock for trying and she knew he had a new baby but he still had other kids to think about. She knew Barbara Jean is a new mother too and Reba understood what it was like when she had Cheyenne but she had managed to do it all right while Brock was away.

Reba was ready to fall asleep when she heard the doorbell. She groaned and dragged her tired self over to the door. She opened it to reveal Brock and a crying baby. "What do you want?"

Reba noticed Brock seemed a little down. He shifted the baby in his arms and said in a weak voice, "Can I come in?"

Reba sighed and stepped aside to let her ex-husband walk in. Brock walked in and went straight to the couch and set everything down, except the baby. Reba sat in an empty chair and figured she would wait for him to talk when he was ready. For some reason he seemed down and his face looked like he had been crying. Reba has hardly ever seen Brock cry.

Brock sat down on the couch trying to sooth the crying infant. He bounced him and rocked him, he tried to feed him, and he even checked his diaper but he didn't need a changing either. He suddenly without giving a cause or reason, burst into tears.

Reba didn't know what to do. Sure, she had said she has seen him cry but never break down like this. Reba approached him cautiously and sat down next to him. She turned to him holding out her hands, asking to hold Henry while he gets himself together. Brock handed Henry over to Reba and she bounced him lightly while searching for his pacifier in the diaper bag.

Brock and Reba must have sat there for almost an hour, Brock just crying and Reba soothing the baby. Reba had no clue what to think happened or what was wrong. She looked down to Henry and saw he was asleep. She carefully set him in his car seat that Brock had set by the couch.

Brock sniffled a little and wiped away the last bit of tears that escaped his eyes. He didn't know why he came over here, well, he knew why but he didn't really expect Reba to be any sympathetic to this situation. He looked over to the car seat and saw Henry fast asleep. He couldn't help but think how good she was with children. He shook his head, he didn't come here to comment on her mothering abilities, he came to break news to her, news that he found shocking and heart breaking. He pulled an envelope out of his back pocket and handed it to Reba.

Reba sat there patiently knowing that he would tell her when the time was ready. She saw him go through so many emotions but this; this was one she really hadn't seen. He was a completely broken man right now and she wanted to know why he was this way. She looked up just in time for him to reach in his back pocket and reveal an envelope to her. She watched as he cautiously handed it to her. She was utterly confused but she figured he wanted her to read whatever was inside. She opened it up and inside was a neatly folded line paper. Opening the paper, she began to read:

Dear Brock,

I am very sorry Brock but I am leaving. I really hate myself for leaving but I can't do this anymore. I can't handle being a mother. I am not a good mother, I am not a good wife and you are better off without me. Please forgive me. I am sending divorce papers shortly after I leave, again, please forgive me. I just feel you deserve someone better, someone who can handle being the wife and the mother you want.


Barbara Jean

It took Reba a few moments to grasp what she had just read but once she did she was in utter shock. Barbara Jean left? Why…what would make her do such a thing to just up and leave her husband and child?

Brock expected Reba to laugh or just say that he deserves what he got after what he did to her. He now knew what Reba felt when he had left her and the kids. He had no clue what to do next. BJ had left him and Henry. Oh poor Henry. That's all he could think about, what was going to happen to Henry, not knowing his mother.

Reba looked up from the letter. She really didn't know what to say and she didn't know what Brock expected from her. Yes, she did feel bad but she couldn't really do anything about the situation. She couldn't bring Barbara Jean back. "Brock…I don't understand, why would she leave?"

Brock threw his hands in the air. "I don't know Reba. I thought we were fine. I thought everything was great. Sure, Henry would cry a lot but he's a baby, he's supposed to cry. I guess she left because of what she said in the letter, she couldn't handle being a mother."

Reba started to feel anger, not towards Brock but towards Barbara Jean. "I was a first time mother once and I got along fin…"

Brock cut her off. "I know but BJ is different I guess. She doesn't care about other's feelings. She just ups and leaves Henry and me behind." He placed his head in his hands and started to cry again. "I just don't know what to do, I have to get to work and I have Henry and…I am just so confused on what to do."

Reba's heart went out to him and she placed a gentle hand on his arm. "Brock..." She swallowed the big lump in her throat, she couldn't believe what she was about to do. "You go to work. I will watch Henry for you."

Brock shook his head. "I can't let you do that. This is my problem…"

Reba sighed. "Brock, would you stop. I would be happy to watch him just for today, all right. You go to work or you go and do what you need to do to sort out this mess, try contacting BJ."

Brock sniffed and wiped away the tears. He nodded as he stood. "Thank you. You shouldn't really be doing this but I do need to try and work things out." He started walking towards the door and Reba followed. He turned back and put a hand on her arm. "Thank you Reba. I don't know what I would do if you weren't here." He kissed her cheek and walked out.

Reba sighed and shut the door. Just as she shut the door Henry started crying. She looked to the ceiling, what had she gotten herself into?

End of Chapter