Reba breathed in and out as she sat in the hospital bed. This could not be happening! Why did God think she needed to grow through this again? She was so sure she and Brock were careful but as she felt another one come her doubt left. She had been in labor for almost fifteen hours. She really hoped this child wasn't going to be another Kyra. She couldn't handle another Kyra. Once the contraction past, she relaxed. She was alone for the time being. She forced her family out and downstairs to the cafeteria for something to eat. They had been there since eight in the morning. She wouldn't let them come in the middle of the night when the contractions started. They started at three in the morning and she was sure she was going to have the baby before they even got there but no, here she was, still waiting. They had no clue if the baby was a girl or boy. They didn't want to know.

The kids were sure shocked when they told them once they confirmed that Reba was pregnant. They went to the doctors the next morning and she was indeed pregnant. She was warned of course by the doctor to take it easy considering her age and the fact that he informed her she had high blood pressure. She was considered a high risk pregnancy and had to be seen every week just to make sure her and the baby were perfectly fine. They told the kids that same day during dinner. They were all shocked and happy except for Van. He was happy but not shocked. His exact response was, 'With all the bow chica bow bow going on. I am not surprised'. He earned a smack on the back of the head from his wife and his mother-in-law. Reba, despite being pregnant three other times, still was a little concerned with how she was going to take being pregnant again. She surprised herself by being happy. She wasn't as sick as she was with the other three and the only time the baby kicked was during the day so he or she didn't disturb her sleep. She was happy when she finally went into labor. It was still tough because it hurt like hell. She wanted to try and do it natural but now she wasn't so sure.

Barbara Jean was doing well with their deal. She stayed away except when she was invited over or she asked if she could come over. The first thing she said to Reba was thank you and of course she added a huge hug. She wouldn't be Barbara Jean if she didn't. She was still the same, big, goofy, and loud. Henry loved her. He would run to the door when she showed up yelling 'Barber G' because he couldn't say Barbara Jean yet. He still loved Reba more and as his mommy and Reba noticed how it killed Barbara Jean when Henry called her mommy but it was just the price she had to pay to be able to see him. What surprised Reba was that Barbara Jean said she wasn't surprised when Brock told her that Reba and him were remarried, she expected that it would happen sooner or later, she was just surprised it took them a year. She was also very happy for them and congratulated them on their new baby. Reba was happy things were working out with Barbara Jean. She was even starting to grow on Reba but it would be a long time before Reba could ever say she was a friend. The kids were skeptical about Barbara Jean coming back in their lives but they figured if their parents didn't think it was a good idea she wouldn't be there.

Reba breathed in and out again as she felt the contractions coming closer. She knew it couldn't be very long now. She wished that her family would get back soon. She really needed Brock here…so she could kill him for doing this to her. She thought her prayers were answered when the door opened but it was only the doctor. He smiled. "How are we doing here?"

Reba glared and shifted a bit knowing he had to check how far along she was. "We want to know where said husband is so we can shoot him."

The doctor chuckled. "You're family is waiting outside. I need to see how far along you are." The doctor checked her out and then smiled as he stood. "We are going to push on the next contraction. I think we should get your husband in here."

Reba sighed in relief that it was almost over. Brock walked in smiling and stood right by her side. "I'm here honey. Don't worry. I'll help you through this."

Reba glared at him. "You want to help me. Don't touch me again, that's how you can help me!" Brock chuckled but backed away so she couldn't hurt him. Reba felt another contraction and the doctor immediately went to aid her. "Brock if you don't hold my hand I will hurt you even more when this is over with!" Brock cringed and let her have his hand.

The doctor stood in front of her. "All right Mrs. Hart, we need you to push now."

Reba held her breath and pushed with all her might while squeezing Brock's hand. Brock managed to get his hand out of her grip and wanted to cry at his red hand. It felt like she was about to break it. He then remembered what he brought with him. "Here honey…" he said as she took a small break. He took something out of his back pocket and held it in front of her face. "Focus on this." It was a picture of them at their second wedding.

She glared and grabbed the copy out of his hand and crumpled it up in his face, tossing it a crossed the room. "That is the last thing I want to see!" All Brock could think of at that moment was that he was happy he brought a copy of that picture instead of the original. Another contraction hit her and she pushed again. "Brock I want a divorce!" she yelled.

She collapsed against him completely tired. "You don't want a divorce honey."

"Yes I do." She said in a small voice.

Brock kissed her head and chuckled. "No you don't. Besides I won't give you one. Now you're doing great, only a little bit more."

Reba felt like crying. "Then I changed my mind. I want drugs. Screw this natural stuff, only idiots do it this way."

Brock again tried not to laugh. "Honey, it's too late now come on. You're a strong woman. You can do this."

Reba shook her head. "No I can't. Will you take over for me?"

Brock chuckled again and let her hold his hand this time. "I promise you if I could I would but I can't."

The doctor interrupted them. "All right Mrs. Hart, one more push." Reba again pushed with all her might until she heard the cry of a small child and she collapsed in Brock's arms once again, now she could finally sleep. "It's a girl!" She heard the doctor say and she smiled, another baby girl.

They cleaned her up, measured, and weighed her then handed her over to Brock. Reba still had her eyes close and was ready to go into a deep sleep. "Honey, look." He knew she would want to see her baby before she fell asleep. Reba opened her eyes and she smiled as she saw her beautiful little baby snuggling and warm in her little pink blanket. She touched the small hand and kissed it before she fell right to sleep.

Reba awoke when she heard a baby cry later that night to be fed. Brock immediately awoke when he heard the baby cry and smiled when he saw Reba picking up the baby to feed her. "Hey." He said walking over to her. "You did great today."

She smiled as she got a real full look at her daughter. "Yeah…she is gorgeous." She touched the baby's head ever so gently and smiled when she saw a little bit of blonde hair on the head. She looked into the baby's eyes and saw her own. This child was truly a mixture of her and Brock. Something suddenly came to her mind. "Sweetie…" she said ever so sweetly to Brock. He smiled. She always did this after their children were born. She apologized. "I am sorry for everything I said but it will be a long while before you touch me again. At least until you get a vasectomy done." Brock began to protest. "Brock, there will be no discussing this. I am not going through this again, even if it is worth it in the end." He nodded. She smiled and looked down to her baby. "What should we name her?"

Brock shrugged. "We could look at the list." He said bringing out a piece of paper. They made a list of names, boys and girls to name their baby but they hadn't decided on anything yet. "Jennifer?" he asked starting to read off names. Reba shook her head. "Amanda?" She shook her head again. "Elisa?"

Reba perked up on that name. Brock liked it too. "Elisa Ann." Brock nodded and Reba handed her over to Brock so she could fix her hospital gown. She then immediately took her back. "I had gone right to sleep when she finally decided to show up. I didn't get to hold her." Brock kissed her head and his baby's head. He was so happy everything worked out. Their family was finally somewhat sort of normal now and he was completely content with everything he had. There was nothing he would ever do to change it. Brock sat back down in his chair beside the bed and he watched most of the night his two girls sleep.

The End