Its written from behind Kyoya.

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The Host Club, including Mori-sempai and Ootori Kyoya, blinked as soft music met their ears. When the door opened to reveal two boys in the high school uniform and a blond girl in a white dress, Suoh Tamaki was too startled to join in with the usual chorus of "Welcome". Kyoya raised his eyebrows; he had half expected Renge-san to show up again. Instead it was a tall spiky haired brunette boy with a half undone uniform, a short boy with semi-long silver hair in a neat uniform, and a long blond haired girl all carrying instruments.

"Who're you guys?" The taller boy asked, holding an ocarina, startled by the sound of voices. "We thought this was a music room."

"Lloyd-kun, it says Music Room 3," The blond girl smiled at them, having checked as this 'Lloyd-kun' spoke. She carefully moved her flute to her other hand.

"You are?" Kyoya pushed up his glasses. Perhaps these three were the new students? It would certainly explain the silver haired boy being in high school.

"Aurion Lloyd." The tall brunette boy scratched the back of his head with his instrument less hand.

"Sage Genis," The silver haired teen glared at Tamaki. Kyoya looked back to his laptop. So they are the transfer students, interesting. How come he hadn't seen Aurion-san earlier? He was in Kyoya's class after all.

"Brunel Colette," The blond girl looked around nervously. "Where are all the instruments?"

"I don't know. Will you play for us?" Haruhi-chan asked, shrugging.

"Um…" Aurion-san glanced at Sage-san and Brunel-sempai. The three are in all different grades, though Aurion-san looks older than Brunel-sempai. Kyoya's glasses flashed as he pushed them up again. So Aurion-san is the oldest, being 18, Brunel-sempai is 17, and Sage-san is 13. Very interesting, he made a note of it. The other two nodded. "Sure. That song?" Aurion-san hummed a tiny segment of a cheerful song.

"Alright, if I have to," Sage-san groaned. "Colette-chan, do you see a tambourine?"

"Hai!" Brunel-sempai ran over to a curtained area containing a piano. She grabbed a tambourine from inside a nearby box. "Got one!" She grinned at her two friends. She ran back over and handed it to Sage-san.

"Ready?" Aurion-san looked over at Sage-san, and nodded. Sage-san switched his panpipes to his left hand and held the panpipes in his right. After Brunel-sempai nodded to him, the trio played a short festive song that made all the Hosts urge to dance. Hikaru-kun and Kaoru-kun even did after a little while. (1)

"That was a pretty song! Do you want to eat some cake?" Hani-sempai asked, bubbling with excitement. Or maybe it was just the excess sugar. "Tama-chan, you forgot to introduce us!"

"Thank you Hani-sempai! I am Suoh Tamaki, the 'Prince' type and King of the Host Club!" The tall blond male tried to put a hand under Brunel-sempai's chin, only to get fireballs glared at him from both males and for Brunel-sempai to grab his hand and place it at his side again. Fireballs rather than daggers, maybe they just really don't like flirts, Kyoya smirked. It would be best to steer Tamaki away from them, then.

"Um, Suoh-san, please don't do that, it's rather creepy." Brunel-sempai smiled sweetly at him before adding, "And besides I have a boyfriend." Even Tamaki noticed how smug Aurion-san looked at that comment so he turned to Sage-san.

"Does that mean that you are gay?" Tamaki asked, very curious.

Sage-san continued to glare fireballs at him. "I happen to have a girlfriend," Sage-san said acidly, "so shut up if you don't want to get fried." Sage-san looked at Brunel-sempai and Aurion-san, both looking vaguely curious. He sighed. "Presea-chan. Suoh-sempai, have you met a redhead named Wilder Zelos?"

"No. Do I resemble him or something?"

Sage-san and Aurion-san snorted. "Only in behavior, though he didn't go after boys. Well, boys who weren't Lloyd."

"Hey!" Aurion-san cried, glaring at Sage-san.

"It's true! I mean all his surprise hugs, and calling you 'Lloyd-kun' when you hadn't given him permission to call you that, plus the 'Don't hate me because I'm beautiful' comments." Sage-san snickered.

"Those were directed to you or the mons-!" Aurion-san blinked as Brunel-sempai placed a hand over his mouth. "Sorry, forgot."

Tamaki cleared his throat, "Anyway, this is Ootori Kyoya, the 'Cool' type and vice-president of the Host Club." Kyoya pushed up his glasses and continued his search for information about the Trio, adding this 'Presea', and the person called 'Wilder Zelos' to his search. "Haninozuka Mitsukuni, called Hani-sempai, is the 'Loli-Shota' type. Morinozuka Takashi, called Mori-sempai, is the 'Wild' type." Mori-sempai nodded as Hani-sempai grinned and waved.

Kyoya frowned at his laptop screen. How come he couldn't find anything? The only other things he could find were that Aurion-san used to be Irving Lloyd, and then Irving-Aurion Lloyd before being Aurion Lloyd and that the Wilder family was rich.

The redheaded twins scowled at Tamaki. "Who's the brunette?" Sage-san asked pointing at Haruhi-chan.

"Oh! I'm Fujioka Haruhi." Haruhi-chan smiled.

"That's right!" Tamaki declared, spinning. "Haruhi-kun is the 'Natural' type."

"Oi, Tono!" Hikaru-kun huffed.

"Why are we last?" Kaoru-kun asked.

"These two are Hitachiin Hikaru and Kaoru. They are the 'Little Devil' type, they also do twincest." Tamaki was annoyed; Kyoya didn't even have to look up to notice it.

"Yo," The Hitachiin Twins slung an arm over the others shoulder and placed the other hand on their outside hip. "We're in 1-A with Haruhi-kun." Kyoya saw Sage-san mouth the word 'twincest' at Aurion-san and Brunel-sempai.

"Kyoya and I are in 2-A."

"Takashi and I are in 3-A!" The deceivingly small senior cried, holding his Usa-chan. "Can you play another song for us? The Host Club will start soon so please do!" Hani-sempai gave them his puppy dog eyes.

"So this isn't a music room?" Aurion-san asked. The Host Club nodded, except for Kyoya. "What do you mean 'type'?" Tamaki fell over. "And what's a 'Host Club'?" Tamaki went to his corner.

"Alright." Ignoring Aurion-san, Sage-san set down the tambourine. Brunel-sempai began to count, then Aurion-san and Sage-san started to play. Brunel-sempai sang a haunting Latin song (2) with Aurion-san and Sage-san playing harmony and back round. During their performance they closed their eyes and the Host Club opened, after rousing Tamaki from his corner of course. They appeared to be so absorbed in their music so much, that they only noticed the amount of girls watching when they finished and the applause started. Blinking a bit, the trio bowed.

"That was so pretty! Thank you Lette-chan, Genis-chan and Lloyd-chan! " Hani-sempai cheered from his table of cakes. Kyoya had to admit the Latin song had been pretty, even if it had been about light instead of shadow.

"Lloyd-chan?" Aurion-san asked, very clearly puzzled.

"Hani-sempai gives everyone nicknames, apart from Mori-sempai, of course." Kyoya explained. "Your names, Aurion-san, Sage-san are already short so he just added -chan."

"Yeah, but Lloyd-chan?" Kyoya raised an eyebrow and pushed up his glasses.

"I think its cute Lloyd-kun. Hani-kun, you can call us Lette-chan and Lloyd-chan!" Brunel-sempai smiled at him, "'kay?"

"Yeah!" the small senior smiled back.

Sage-san grinned, "Lloyd-chan is in 2-A, I'm in 1-A and Colette-chan is in 3-A."

"Genis! Why'd you call me Lloyd-chan?" Aurion-san pouted. "It makes me sound like a girl," he whispered after receiving a glare from Kyoya. He had stared back until Kyoya, getting annoyed, told him about the police force (3). After shifting uncomfortably under the stares of the girls, Aurion-san, Sage-san, and Brunel-sempai left, likely for a music room still functioning as a music room.

After looking at his short notes on the trio, Kyoya decided to investigate a bit more… thoroughly than he did others. After hosting hours ended, he decided to set up part of his plan, "Hikaru-kun, Kaoru-kun, come over here for a minute."

The twins looked over at each other then started walking over to Kyoya's table. After all it wouldn't be good to keep the Shadow King waiting. "Look, if this is about," Hikaru-kun started.

"The profits, can we," Kaoru-kun continued.

"Get it over with?" they finished together, as usual.

Just as Kyoya was about to tell them that he wanted their help in kidnapping Sage-san, Tamaki bounced over. "What do you know about our new students, Mother?"

Kyoya fake-smiled, "That's what I called the Twins over for, Father. I think having the trio tell us will be enlightening." Kyoya wished Tamaki would stop calling him that.

"Why can't we just ask them?" Haruhi-chan looked over at them, pausing in her sweeping. She knew Kyoya meant to kidnap and interrogate the trio. "I'm sure they don't have anything they need to hide."(4)

"Perhaps, but I doubt it." Kyoya sighed, "I'll have my team investigate for now."

"Oh, and Mother?" Tamaki leaned down and whispered, "I want Aurion-kun as a Host." He smiled and walked off.

Kyoya irritably closed the envelope from his investigators that told him in one day, they'd managed to find nothing on the trio of transfers. "Well, at least there are the Physical Exams tomorrow. I'll be able to get something at least." He mumbled. Although he disagreed with Tamaki's reasons for having the Host Club host in the courtyard, it had been rather nice for the profits.

"Physical exams?" Haruhi-chan blinked at twins and Hani-sempai as they walked over to the Host Club room.

"Yeah, we have physical exams on a month after the start of school every year." Kyoya noticed Brunel-sempai walking over to his table. Luckily she tripped as the twins smirked and said, "Guess we won't be able to keep passing you off as a boy, Haruhi-chan. Isn't that right, Tono? Not that it'll matter for us, because we are in her class." Unluckily, for her, she hit a table and knocked the contents to the floor, breaking a few teacups, and a vase. (5)

"Heheh, oops," Brunel-sempai faced Kyoya. "I'm so sorry. How can I make it up to you?"

Kyoya pushed up his glasses to cover his start as Brunel-sempai offered to pay back the Shadow King without being pressed. "You and Sage-san can play music for the Host Club during hours."

"What about Lloyd-kun?" Brunel-sempai asked, probably worried about what her boyfriend would be doing during those hours.

Kyoya smiled, "I'll talk to him later." Tamaki had said he wanted Aurion-san as a Host.

"Just as long as Genis-kun doesn't have to sing, we're good." Brunel-sempai smiled cheerily. "Ootori-san, how long will we have to work here?"

Kyoya pushed up his glasses. Well, considering they are able to buy uniforms….a month or three would be enough, but if they pay for half the damage less than a month to a month and a half. "We shall see about that when your debt is paid off, Brunel-sempai."

"Call me Colette. After all, we are friends now right?" Brunel-sempai, no Colette-san, smiled again before adding, "I was gonna ask you if the three of us could use the club room to practice, but….heheh, I'm such a klutz." Colette-san turned around and was about to leave when she saw the shattered teacups and vase. "Ootori-kun, where are the brooms?"

"That small room over there, Colette-san," Kyoya pointed, "but shouldn't one of the other two sweep up the mess? So you don't break anything else."

Strangely, Colette-san blushed, "Um, yeah. But I don't think I can break a wall this time." Colette-san had clenched her fists and sort of bounced. (6)

Kyoya raised an eyebrow. "Brunel-sempai, isn't that an over exaggeration? Surely you haven't broken a wall before," Haruhi-chan walked over with a broom and dustpan.

Colette-san blushed harder, "Spring cleaning in a wood house. It has a hole shaped like me now, just like that other building…" (7) Then Colette-san regained her smile, "You can call me Colette too, Haruhi-chan. All of you can, if you want."

As Colette-san said this, Tamaki sauntered over. "If only you were a boy, Colette-chan! You would have made a fantastic host!" The Twins finally noticed what Colette-san called Haruhi-chan.

"Eh? Why'd you call," Hikaru-kun said.

"Haruhi-kun, Haruhi-chan?" Kaoru-kun continued.

"He's a boy." They ended together.

"No, she's a she." Aurion-san's voice came from near Mori-sempai and Hani-sempai's table. His spiky brown hair made its way over to the group surrounding Colette and stayed next to her. "Face shapes wrong and she's too way feminine to be a boy." He grinned, "And that's saying something."

"Lloyd-kun! Can you sweep up the shards please? I don't want to make another hole…" Colette-san brightened visibly as her boyfriend showed up.

"How'd you get here? You didn't come through the doors," Kyoya pushed up his glasses as Haruhi-chan asked the question.

"The window." Aurion-san yawned and scratched an ear. "You left it open."

"Yeah, but we're on the top floor! How could you have gotten in through the window?" Hikaru nearly yelled.

"Don't yell at Lloyd-chan!" Hani-sempai cried glaring at him. Apparently the small senior had taken to the older teen.

"Don't be mean to them, Hikaru!" Haruhi placed her hands on her hips and glared at the twin. "They haven't done anything!"

"Yet…" Hikaru pouted and glared at Aurion-san.

"I can climb, you know. Well, maybe you don't know." Aurion-san took the cleaning tools from Haruhi-chan and began to clean up. "At least you weren't holding anything Colette." He grinned widely.

"Yeah," Colette-san smiled brightly back to Aurion-san's grin.

"Aurion-san, I need to talk to you about Colette-san's debt." Kyoya stated and walked toward the piano. After a little hesitation, he heard footsteps following him. "It's not a large debt; if you paid half of it you would be done in a matter of weeks. However in order to pay it off, you three are going to be musicians."

Aurion-san nodded slowly, "Okay, that's fine. What else?"

Kyoya smiled, "It would be faster if you became a Host."


"Only during breaks of course, but all you would need to do would be talk to some of girls and sit with them."


"Tamaki will assign you a stereotype and you will need to occasionally do things that fit that stereotype."

"Huh?" Kyoya sighed. "Why do you want me to become a philander?" Kyoya blinked. "That is what the Host Club does isn't it? Play with girls for their amusement."

Kyoya shook his head. "How do you even know that word?"

Aurion-san stuck his tongue out at him.

"The Host Club 'plays with girls' for the girl's amusement, not the other way around."

"Oh, so it's different. Okay." Aurion-san shrugged. "I'll join. Can I leave now?"

"Yes." Kyoya smiled inside his mind, now they only need to find a type for Aurion-san.

"Aurion-sempai! Don't walk out the window!" Haruhi-chan yelled.

"But that's not fun." Kyoya heard the smile in Aurion-san's voice. "C'mon Colette, Genis is waiting. And call me Lloyd!"

"Okay." Kyoya could hear the smile in her voice. "Bye Hani-kun, Mori-kun, Suoh-kun, Kyoya-kun, Haruhi-chan, Hitachiin-kun and Hitachiin-kun. See you tomorrow!" With that Colette-san followed Aurion-san out the window. The twins rushed over to the window and looked down.

"Weird. They're already on the ground." The twins yawned. "Bye." They waved and walked out the door. Mori-sempai and Hani-sempai left a little later with Haruhi-chan.

"Tamaki, Lloyd-kun accepted the offer."

"Great! Now I need to think of a type…" Tamaki paused, "Musical?"

Kyoya shook his head, "We need to know more about him. Wait a couple days; then decide." Kyoya smirked, "Okay, Father?" Tomorrow I'll find out about Sage-san, the day after tomorrow Lloyd-kun and three days from now Colette-chan.

(1)Annual Festival from FF Crystal Chronicles.

(2)Fiat Lux from the OVA of Symphonia. It still sounds the same despite the different instruments. The Lyrics aren't written because I have no idea what the Latin words are.

(3)Kratos' glares are scarier. Lloyd wouldn't want to beat up that many people.

(4)If only Haruhi realized how wrong she was. They have many things they need to hide.

(5)I know that Colette has super special awesome hearing, but she crashed into stuff when Kao-chan and Hika-chan spoke, so she was distracted.

(6)Her insistent "That's not right!" movement. It's hard to describe easily.

(7)Iselia's school house and the house/tent in Triet.

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