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"What? The Ootori groups aqua garden? I think I'll pass, Kyoya-san." Lloyd smiled slightly, "Colette and I were planning on going out that day. Have fun." Lloyd waved at him and walked over to Colette, grinning and talking to her when he reached her.

She beamed at him and grabbed his hand. "Let's go, Lloyd!"

Genis scratched the back of his neck. "Sorry Kyoya-san. I'm going on a date with Presea that day. Tell the Hosts I said 'Have fun'." He walked away.

Well, Kyoya thought, I don't need to worry about hiding Haruhi-chan's gender for this outing...from Sage-san.

(A/N yes I know, not much happened differently in the indoor gardens, so it's being skipped.)

"The beach?" Colette tilted her head. "That sounds fun, Kyoya-kun! I'll ask Lloyd if he wants to come too."

Kyoya smiled very slightly, "As we are actually going to host at the beach, I'm sure Lloyd-kun would have no objections."

Colette smiled, "As long as he can wear a shirt, I'm sure Lloyd wouldn't mind."

"I'm going." Genis said.

"Huh?" Colette looked around for her friend.

"I'm going with you guys, and I'm wearing a shirt too." Genis walked over to Kyoya and Colette, glaring at Kyoya.

"If you three play, I'm sure no one would object to you coming along." Kyoya shrugged slightly.

Genis gave him a look. "Why wouldn't we be playing if it's a hosting event?"

Lloyd walked in and Colette walked over to him, explaining what Kyoya had asked her about earlier.

"Okay, so….. Dance in the Sunshine?" Lloyd asked, looking between the annoyed Genis and Colette.

"Sure!" Colette chirped.

Kyoya pushed up his glasses. "Please keep in mind that even if you wear a shirt, you may end up swimming."

The trio shrugged. "It's not that we don't like or can't swim, we just don't like to show our sc-." Genis started, Colette clapping a hand over his mouth.

"We will likely swim, Kyoya-kun," Colette explained, "so they don't want to get sun burnt."

"But we have sunscreen…." Lloyd and Genis muttered.

Kyoya shrugged and decided to ask why Genis didn't want to show scars that evidently all three had, later.

"It's so bright!" Colette gasped slightly, as they walked onto the beach. She shielded her eyes, adjusting the top of her swimsuit.

"I'm happy we managed to find a swim top that covered your shoulder blades, Colette." Lloyd sighed, absently scratching his shoulder blades, letting small turquoise sparks fall to the ground. He told Colette something with an annoyed look on his face.

Genis looked at the pair, "Should we play now to get it over with?"

"Sure…." Lloyd flopped onto the ground after pulling out a flute.

Colette smiled and pulled out a tambourine as Genis retrieved a small electric piano. Colette and Genis started playing with Colette just playing ta-ta-tata-ta-ta to Genis' melody. After 17 seconds, Lloyd joined in. 33 seconds later Lloyd wasn't playing, only to join in again about 20 seconds later. The girls who heard the trio play, began to dance in the water or on the beach, stopping only when the trio finished playing.

So, Kyoya thought, they can play a song called Dance in the Sunshine which makes the girls dance. Well, Tamaki danced as well, Kyoya amended, so not just girls.

Lloyd began to wriggle on the ground.

"Lloyd-kun, what are you doing?" A girl asked.

He looked at her. "I'm absorbing heat from the sand." He continued to squirm.

"Lloyd-kun, why are you wearing a shirt? Isn't it hot?" Another girl asked, playing with her long hair.

"I don't like to get sun burnt or get sand on my back. It doesn't feel that good, you know?"

"That makes sense, Lloyd-kun." A third girl said, nodding.

"Lloyd-kun, don't you want to swim?" a fourth girl asked, looking at him from the water.

"My back itches, so I'm going to stay here. You should swim though. Just because I'm not doesn't mean you can't." He smiled slightly. As soon as they left, he muttered to himself angrily, but Kyoya couldn't tell about what, though he caught the words 'molting' and 'Aska'.

Kyoya looked over to the Twins, who were talking to Tamaki. "The deadline is tomorrow at sunset," Hikaru started.

"Whoever finds her weakness first wins," Kaoru finished.

"And?" Tamaki asked. "What's in it for the winner?"

Kyoya strolled over. "Assorted photos of Haruhi's middle school days." He held up a few such photos.

Colette frowned from nearby. "But isn't her business what she's scared of, not anybody else's? What if she's scared of something because of a traumatic experience?"

Genis tilted his head. "You mean like how Sheena was scared of lightning because of Volt?"

Colette nodded.

"You don't have to participate if you don't want to." The twins replied, "It just means we're more likely to get the photos."

After several failed attempts at scaring Haruhi, Kyoya saw Lloyd sit up from where he'd been wiggling on the ground the entire time. Lloyd then stood up and ran to the cat shaped cliff face. "Colette, Genis! Some jerks are picking on Haruhi-kun and some of the girls!" Lloyd quickly ran up the cliff, skipping corners. As soon as the trio, for the other two had caught up to Lloyd, got to the top, Haruhi had been thrown off.

"Haruhi-kun!" Tamaki yelled, not bothering to run up to the cliff. He must have known it wouldn't have helped. He swam to where Haruhi fell in and dived, searching for the girl.

A shocking change came over the three companions on top of the rock. "Get out of here now." Lloyd ordered, coldly. "After you give us your ID cards. Unless you want us to beat you bloody."

Kyoya raised an eyebrow, hearing the normally cheerful Lloyd threatening someone.

"There are three of us and one of you is a girl." The man looked at his two friends. "We can take you on."

Colette glared at the trio. One of them ran at her and she pulled out two tambourines. She threw one of them and the other two gaped in shock as their friend was knocked out by the tambourine. Colette caught it and looked at the remaining two men.

One of them had run at Genis, who pulled out a kendama, and bopped the man on the head with it several times. That man didn't last much longer than Colette's opponent had.

Lloyd looked at the last man, dodging a poorly timed punch before merely kicking the man in the leg. "ID cards."

The man was still conscious. "J-jacket pockets." He pointed to the locations.

Lloyd nodded, and punched the last man's head lightly, merely making him pass out. He grabbed his opponent's-if you could call him that-ID card as Colette and Genis did the same for theirs.

"And don't come back." Genis muttered.

Colette tilted her head and tried to be cheerful, "I don't think they can come back."

Genis sighed, "You've been spending too much time around Lloyd, haven't you?"


Dance in the Sunshine - Altimira's song.

Not much really happened here, but Lloyd, Genis, and Colette got to show how scary they can be...

Lloyd is molting, so his mana feathers are falling out and it itches so he's on the ground. He mention Aska instead of using a Earth swearword.

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