So now you've met the four teens, but will they become bffs? And how will they act in school? Find out in this chapter.


IT was the morning of the first day of school.

Kiki, Shout, Marina, and Twist were already dressed, so they grabbed their backpacks and exited their apartments.

"Hey!" "Hey!" Kiki and Shout said when they saw each other. "It's gonna be a cool day." Marina said. "Hey Hey! It's a super cool day!" Twist said. Suddenly, an idea popped into Shout's head. "That sounds perfect for a song!" he shouted. "What?" Twist, Kiki, and Marina said puzzlily. Shout began to sing a tune.

Hey HeAy!

It's gonna be a cool DaAy!

Hey Hey!

It's a music school Day!

"That is totally SWEET!" Twist exclaimed. "Hip hop and pop, it sure is cool!" Marina said. "Super kickin," Kiki said. Shout wrote the lyrics down in a notebook. "Maybe, after school, we can try to make a beat to go with the song." Shout said.

"I think it's a great idea." Kiki said.

"Totally," Twist said.