This was supposed to be a one shot about Fitz's crush on Clare, but after Try Honesty part 2 came out I decided to scrap my original story and rewrite it as a multi-chapter fic with more of a focus on the Eli/Fitz rivalry and including an Adam/Bianca/KC subplot. I kinda worried how future episodes will mess up my storyline so I'm writing this entirely as an AU fic.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything related to Degrassi. If I did KC would be with Bianca right now...

Dedication: To Annie of DOD.

Fitz reached around Bianca for another cold one. "The two of you wanna use the car or are you good?" he hissed as Bianca maneuvered off the log they were sitting on and settled on to KC's lap. Fitz was surprised Bianca was still into the guy. He had seen many boys fall for Bianca's charms but usually they only lasted a week or two before Bianca found someone more fun to play with.

"Shut Up, Fitz!" she snapped before redirecting her attention to an amused KC.

Great, Fitz thought, another night alone watching Bianca and KC suck face, always a fun time. He turned towards the fire KC had started for them earlier and let his vision blur as he took in the orange flames. Bianca's giggles began to mix with the snaps of the blaze. Fitz took a sip from the beer in his hand. If he was alone for the night he might as well be drunk. As he threw his head back a distant light caught his attention. He squinted and realized the light was actually a pair of headlights; a car had turned into the edge of the clearing. The car came closer and Fitz heard the familiar sounds of Dead Hand, one of Bianca's favorite bands.

The music was enough to catch Bianca's attention and she turned sharply pulling KC forward as she did. "Who the hell is that?" her expression changed into her signature smirk before she continued "aw, did you invite a friend Fitzy-boy!" KC leaned into her trying (and failing) to contain his amusement. Before Fitz could come up with a clever enough come back the sound of a car door slamming interrupted his thoughts.

"Fitz my man! Mind if we crash your party?"

Eli. "Did you come here for another beating…" Fitz sneered. He paused as a smaller figure stepped into the light behind Eli. Her soft pink lips parted slightly and her deep blue eyes drifted uncertainly from her boyfriend to Fitz himself. She purposely avoided his eyes and instead moved a little closer to Eli where she rested one hand on her beau's arm. Fitz could tell this was a warning, Clare's way of letting Eli know she wasn't happy with the situation.

Fitz waited a minute, his eyes searching the edge of the clearing instinctively looking for the third little misfit who made up Eli's posse. As if on cue a twig snapped on the other side of the fire. Adam shuffled from foot to foot distinctively apart from Eli and Clare. Fitz noticed the boy's gaze had settled on Bianca and KC. Adam's expression was unreadable but Fitz could have sworn he saw disappointment in the younger kid's eyes. He probably has a crush on Bianca, Fitz thought. Hilarious! Like that loser actually had chance! Fitz laughed before turning his attention back to Eli.

"Actually we just figured we'd have a drink, you know a little youthful revolt with a side of rebellion on this beautiful Friday night!" Eli raised his eyebrows daring Fitz to challenge him. Bianca threw a disgusted look Eli's way before sliding off KC's lap and grabbing the six pack from KC's backpack, the last of their stash for the night. She tossed a can to Adam, and dropped one in KC's hand before taking one for herself. Looping an empty ring around her finger she dangled the rest above the fire.

"I'd offer you a drink, but I'm afraid their warm." Bianca teased in her faux sweet voice.

"I'll drink it anyway." Eli smirked as he settled on the log opposite Fitz. Bianca snorted before tossing him the remaining cans. Eli offered one to Clare who took the can uncertainly before joining him on the log. Fitz couldn't help but notice that she made no move to open it. He watched as her right index finger drew circles around the metal top. Her eyes drifted across the fire and for the first time that night Fitz was able to catch her eye. Her face was lit by the glow of the fire and the flames reflected in dark of her eyes creating orange reflections that twisted like ribbons highlighting her beautiful blue coloring. Fitz could not bring himself to look away. But apparently Clare wasn't quite as captivated by him and she turned away from his gaze to lean her cheek on Eli's shoulder leaving Fitz cold.

Fitz was surprised by the sudden emptiness he felt. "Eli here is a good friend of mine" he hissed suggestively to KC. His new friend was looking at Clare with a confused expression. For some reason this upset Fitz more than it should have and he wished more than anything that Clare wasn't here.

"So Eli, a little birdie told me you're in the fake id business now." Bianca said.

"Oh really? Well I know a guy y'know." Eli smiled at her.

Bianca nodded and looked away. Fitz could tell she impressed and it just pissed him off more.

Clare whispered something in Eli's ear and he rolled his eyes before putting down his drink. "As much as I love bonding with you my man, I actually have places I need to be."

Fitz snorted, "Oh really? So you just show up, drink my beer, and take off?"

"mmm…. Pretty much!" Eli flashed a toothy grin and nodded at Adam. Clare rested her unopened can next to her seat before starting off toward Morty. Eli followed her wrapping his arm around her shoulders. Fitz watched as Eli turned his head back towards the fire. His dark eyes caught the flame's light but instead of lighting up like Clare's had, Eli's dark orbs only seemed more menacing in the fire's glow. He gave Fitz one last smirk before turning his back on the clearing. But Fitz understood the meaning of Eli's last look.

A war was about to begin.

To Be Continued...