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The time line up to this moment goes like this:

Bella didn't leave with Alice to the Volturi, Victoria attacked with her newborn and the Cullens helped but left. Embry's mom marries Charlie and they move to Forks. Embry stays on the rez and Bella moves in with him. Jacob and Bella get together before the fight. Two weeks after the fight, they have S…ee…xx :P. They spent their day on the beach when a new girl called Tess Lunkah asks for the direction to the council. Jacob looks at her and imprints. Bella jumps in her truck and runs away.

Oh, and Seth and Leah are twins in this story, so they just turned 19.

I knew it. I fucking knew this would happen. It always does, once everything falls to place, someone or something just ruin's it. Did he have to look at her? Did he? He ruined everything. Fucking Imprinting. No, fucking werewolf shit. If this never existed, this would be happening. But guess what? It did and I cant turn anything back. It was my idea to go to the beach. So partly, it's my fault. No, scratch that. Its all my fault. If I never surrendered to Jacob's constant and irritating begging then none of this would have happened. I wish she was never born. She took the most important thing from me. She took away my sun, My Jacob. I knew that by now, he lost all his feeling for me and that they retook their root and set their direction towards the girl. But I couldn't be mad at her, no really. I couldn't. She doesn't know anything. So I decided that it was my fault and Jacob's fault. My fault because I surrendered and Jacob's because he didn't fucking listen to Sam fucking Uley. The person that experienced it all.

"Jacob. You know exactly what will happen." Sam's once again irritated voice said. Irritated because he was sick of explaining it to Jacob. Irritated because he never listened anyway.

"What could happen. Not what will happen. I won't imprint. Ever. I love Bella, and she loves me. Its Enough. Besides, I'm not that weak. I'll fight it." Jacob said stubbornly. His stance angry and tense. His eyes were narrowed through his whole speech.

"You think I'm weak? You have no idea how this could affect Bella! She's one of us now, and we protect our own. I will not put a command on you, because I know you will do what's best for her, but help me god, if you imprint, I will cut your dick off and let my fucking cat eat it. Oh, and that's not all… I'm not going to be the only one after you." Sam said in a deadly voice. That was the first time I was truly terrified of him.

So as I said, we were both stupid, but only I got hurt. I remembered when Sam said that the whole pack will be after him and smiled as I thought over the current relationships I formed with them.

Emily was the first person that accepted me, she was there for me when I got upset because of Jacob; when he wouldn't stop pushing me about sex. She was the one I always got a wise answer from.

And if Emily came along, so did Sam. For me, it was the most important acceptance. He is after all, the Alpha of the whole pack, so his judgment seemed very important me. During our bonding time, we started a weird friendship. a one of brother/sister, but sometimes his protectiveness showed and his roles switched to father/daughter which irritated me to bits. The best thing, was that me and Emily had him whipped like a fucking girl. No seriously, he was scared of me and Emily separately, now imagine me and Emily together. We were true partners in crime.

Paul was the harder one. He wasn't used to a pale face, or a leech lover so he was a competition. But as any good cook book says, the way to a mans heart is through its stomach. So I made my famous extra chocolate chip muffins, and he was like putty in my hands. Jacob was often jealous at our closeness, but who gives a fuck about him now?

Kim was easy to please. She was just like Emily, but more hyper and happy. Alice could be competition. And when Kim came around, so did Jared.

Quil was the one I though I never get close to. Quil was the flirty one, so basically it was like having a Paul, except an even more pervert version of him. But Quil was Jacob's friend so I got close to him with the bikes. He was the one that helped me finish learning to ride the bike.

Embry, ah, Embry. He was the nearly closest person to me in the whole pack. He was my new half-brother. Yes, you heard me right. Half-Brother. My dad and Ms. Call met before I graduated and it spun off from there. They're getting married in a week. Exactly a week. Debra Call moved in with my dad before the new born fight and me and Embry had the house to ourselves on the Rez. Jacob was jealous of mine and Embry's closeness too. Fucking Asshole.

Leah had the second place in my heart. She was truly the only girl I could fully relate to. She was there for me when I was sad. When I saw the Cullens before the newborn fight. Or when me and Jacob had our fights. She was just there. Through out that weird and tangled connection, we created a friendship. In return of her help, I brang out the real her, and the pack loved me for it. Don't worry, Leah was still a bitch. But she started smilling again and she started to live. She was constantly Emily's shadow now that Emily is two months pregnant.

And lastly, Seth. He held the first place in my heart. He was as sweet as Embry but still had a wicked sense of humor, he was our local surfer guy. While the rest of the guy were interested in football and cars, Seth preferred Surfing and Singing. And playing his guitar. So I'm not gonna lie, he did have his fair share of girls, but once we became close, he stopped. Yep, just stopped. For me. Why? Cause it bothered me. Yes, I don't know why, but I just didn't feel like sharing him with other bimbos, Ok? Seth was my best friend. The person that I told everything to. He never judged me, never pushed me. Leah once hinted that he had a small crush on me, but I think it was more than that. So, I know you all think that I'm this cute, little innocent girl, but that's not true. Me and Seth hit the waves, we go back to the shed and wax the boards, now, once I walked in on him smoking… *drum roll* weed. Yeah, he was scared shitless. Not because I caught him with it, but because he though that I would tell Charlie. That day I also found out that they were keeping things from me. That actually the whole pack smoked weed. Well except Emily because Sam didn't let her. And Kim didn't want to.

Anyway, somehow me and Seth were always close, like we had this bond and just understood each other. I knew when he lied and what he felt. We just had this bond you know? Stronger than mine and Jacob's. It was weird though.

Once, during one bonfire, the girls decided I needed to get drunk. It was way before me and Jacob were together though. Once nearly the whole pack was drunk, and trust me, it took a shit load of alochol, a game of truth of dare started and Paul dared me to kiss Seth. I don't remember doing it though. I really don't. But I remember Jake getting angry and punching Paul. Their relationship was rocky from then on.

So yeah, Seth was the softest spot in my heart.

I stopped my thoughts and found myself in front mine and Embry's house. I opened my truck's door and jumped out and closed it behind me. My body was tired and my mood was dark. I opened the door from our house and saw Embry sitting on the sofa, watching TV.

"Hey Bella." He said cheerfully as I passed him. I grunted in response and walked into the kitchen and sat down at the dining table.

"Bella?" He called worriedly. Instead of answering him, I rested my head on the cool wood of our dining table. I felt footsteps beside me and a hand rested on my arms.

"Bella." Embry called impatiently. I picked my head up and looked at him.

"Bella, you're scaring me. What's wrong? You're not pregnant are you?" That's another thing. Embry was next to Seth who was the most against mine and Jacob's relationship. He hated it.

"Of course not ,idiot." I mumbled but my eyes started to water, knowing that my dreams with Jake were shattered.

"Then what the fuck is up with you, Bella? You can tell me anything. You know you can." He said carefully, as if trying not to wake a monster. I licked my lips slowly and opened my eyes fully. I sat up and walked towards the island , fearing my safety. Embry cleared his throat impatiently and I opened my mouth to speak.

"Jacob-" I couldn't bring my self to say it. Tears flew down my face and Embry frowned.

"Jacob what?" He said harshly.

"He- Im.." I mumbled. Embry's scowl deepened and his eyes narrowed.

"He what?" He asked again, his voice hoarse and harsh, sending my skin in Goosebumps.

"He imprinted." I said louder as a sob escaped me. My knees gave out and I fell to the floor. I looked up to see Embry shake uncontrollably. He looked me straight in the eyes and sent me an apologetic smile before he ran out of the house.

I sighed and rested my head on my arms.

I just wanted to be loved. I knew that me and Jake were still technically together, and I wanted to hurt him. I want him to feel what I felt.


Even in my head is sounded bitter and harsh. I hated Jacob Fucking Dickhead Black and I'm going to hurt him. I'm going to betray him. But how? I hit my head against the kitchen shelf as I though of ways to do that. I knew telling his secrets would be lame and childish. One, the pack probably knew them already and Two, I didn't want the pack to pick sides. So something public was out. I needed to Betray him personally. I thought and thought for ages, Embry still wasn't back and I was getting worried.

I knew that having sex with someone else would be the total betrayal point, and I knew that ,that was what needed to be done.

I went over my options and knew that it had to be someone close to me. So pretty much, it had to be one of the Pack.

Sam, Jared and Embry were tottaly out. Quil was gone to the Makah reservation. Paul was hooking up tonight and I didn't want to jeopardize our relationship. Leah was out as well. Jacob was like waaay out. So that only left Seth.

Seth always gave me what I wanted, and I wanted this. But was I capable enough of the possible elimination of our friendship just because I want revenge sex? Would Seth think I was using him? Somehow, the chances came 50%-50%. I knew for a fact that Seth like me, and I came to have a like for him too. The fact that he liked me and that he was experience and that he was single were all pluses. Oh and also, Seth was the only of the pack that could keep his mind silent.

I ran upstairs and took a shower. Making sure I washed my self thoroughly before putting some very sexy lingerie Leah once forced me to buy. I went to the dresser and picked out simple short denim shorts that Seth loved and a tank top. It was warmer this summer and being around werewolves was just a habit of wearing lighter clothes. I ran downstairs and grabbed my flip flops. I ran to the truck, since it was dark. And I hated the dark. I started the engine and peeled off towards The Clearwater house. The Elders had a meeting today until 5 am , a tradition and Leah was out with out with Kim and Jared. I parked my truck in the driveway and ran to the door, knocking on it quickly. The door opened and I was met by Seth's bare chest. I jumped onto him and hid my face in his neck and started crying softly again. Seth wrapped one arm around me and closed the door with the other and locked it. He carried me to the living room and sat down on the sofa, me still holding on to him and sitting in his lap.

"Bella? Babe what's wrong?" He asked tenderly. One hand on my back, the other in my hair, Running his finger through it soothingly.

"It happened." I said evenly, but my voice was muffled by my soft sobs.

"What happened, babe? Tell me. I don't understand." He said again, his voice holding some concern.

"He did it. He imprinted." I said, my cries died down and I pulled away from his neck but didn't stand up.

Seth's nostrils flared and he started shaking. I knew that Seth would never hurt me.

I pulled him close to me and breathed in his scent. That always seemed to make him calm. He took deep breathes before his arms came around me.

"Bella?" He spoke

"Mhm?" I answered, not capable of normal speech as my mouth was pressed against his neck.

"Can I kill him?" He asked hopefully. It was no secret that Seth completely loathed Jacob.

"No. I want him to suffer." I said harshly which made Seth chuckle.

"And how exactly?" He asked, his voice eagerly awaiting my answer. Okay, this is it. I took a deep breathe.

"I wanna make him jealous." I said quickly, but I knew he caught it.

"How?" He asked innocently, his eyes wide as if he dared me to say it. I bit my lip and looked at him from under my eyes. A look that always made him melt.

"Well, me and Jake are still technically together. So I want to betray him. I wanna make him feel what he made me feel." I said harshly, my mind wandering off to the debate of either letting Seth kill him or just betraying him.

"So let me get this straight. You wanna cheat on his ass?" He asked smugly, his hands resting on my hips. I nodded with a smirk. His eyes narrowed and he smirked wickedly.

"And you came here because..?" he teased, his voice low and dangerous. I licked my lips slowly, happy when his eyes flicked to them before I spoke.

"Leah told me that you like me." I reasoned. His eyes narrowed slightly as he stared at the leather fabric of the sofa.

"Why me?" He asked smoothly. I looked up and into his eyes.

"Because I like you too. You know that you're always number one for me." I said softly, loosing hope and feeling stupid. He looked up at me and smiled.

"Really? Who's on the second place?" He asked.

"Leah. Embry has his place reserved on number three, and Jacob is like six because Paul is next then it's Emily." I said evenly. His smile fell down a bit and fell into a smirk.

"So, basically, you came here to cheat on Jake and you wanna have revenge sex with me?" Seth asked, his face didn't even hide his amusement. I blushed furiously and nodded slightly. His smirk turned into a smile as he stood up and took him with me. He started walking me backwards to the stairs and then stopped. He bit his lip and he gazed down at me. His eyes full of joy as he leaned forward and finally pressed his lips to mine. The moment they touched, well, I just cant describe it. I cant say it was magically, or that there was electricity flowing, because it was something way more. It was amazing. My stomach turned and it felt so good to kiss him. There was a difference, Jacob's lips were soft but cracked. Seth's were soft and sweet. He didn't even wait for my permission when his tongue pushed into my mouth. I opened my mouth wider and sighed in content as his warmth became my warmth. He pulled away from the kiss and looked down at me. I looked up and smiled, encouraging himto show me more. I swung my arms around him and pulled his lips to mine again and jumped slightly, locking my legs around his waist. He grabbed my waist with one arm, the other resting on my thigh as he made his way upstairs, eyes closed.

Once we made it upstairs, he let go off me and I slid down his body, my leg accidentally brushing against his erection. He moaned and I blushed as I performed the actions so unconsciously . His kisses were getting more passionate and stronger. We made it to his door, and he pressed me to it. His mouth left mine as he trailed slow and opened mouthed kissed from my mouth, along my jaw and to my neck. He pulled away and opened his door and walked me backwards into his room. He closed the door behind us and locked it. I pushed him lightly against it and kissed him again, my hand running down his chest. I smiled into his kiss as he shivered where I touched him. I never had this kind of effect on Jacob. He pushed me slightly and started walking backwards towards his bed. He sat at the edge and positioned me between his legs, not letting me sit down. His hands ran up my sides as he watched my face for any unsure feelings. His hands ran up again, this time bringing my shirt with his hands. I closed my eyes and bit my lip when our skin made contact. I raised my arms and let him take my tank top off. His breath hitched when he saw my bra. His eyes narrowed but he still had his playful smile on.

"You planned this didn't you, you little minx." He said playfully. I nodded embarrassingly and looked down. His hands ran down my sides until he met the edges of my shorts. Looking up for permission, I nodded eagerly . His hands made their way to the button of my shorts. He popped the button and slid the zip down, his eyes eagerly watching his movements. The shorts dropped to the floor and I stepped out of them and looked up at him, while biting my bottom lip. He licked his lips in appreciation and I smiled at the thought of pleasing him.

"C'mere." He said is to quietly that I barely heard him. I went to stand my knees on the bed as he stood on knees too. His arms snaked around my waist and pulled me close to him. "You sure you wanna do this?" He asked briefly. I nodded and smiled reassuringly at him. He smiled back and pressed his lips to mine, instantly opening my mouth with his tongue. His kisses were harsher this time, more passion than before.

I ended up on my back with him on top of me. My arms were around his neck, pulling his impossibly closer to me. His kissed headed down to my neck. He bit down slightly where my shoulder meets my neck and then soothed it with his tongue. He sucked at that place for few seconds before his kisses headed down my shoulders. He reached my bra strap and pulled it down gently. He then moved to the other shoulder and did the same. I sat up, giving him permission to take the bra off. He reached behind me and found the clutch. He pressed down on it gently and pulled, taking the bra away. I took it fully off and threw it across the room. His breath once again hitched as he saw me nearly naked. He licked his lips and took one nipple in his mouth. I gasped and moaned at the treatment I was receiving. He repeated the action to the second breast. His hands moved down to my panties next and I lifted my hips, letting him have his way.

He slid them off and mumbled something about keeping that pair. He took them off fully and dropped them beside the bed. His eyes trailed off from my toes up my legs , my chest and finally settled on my face. He pressed a soft kiss to my lips. My hands found their way to the hem of his shorts, and I pulled down, disappointed that he didn't go commando today. But even if he didn't, I could see his erection clearly through the fabric. Seth took the shorts off and threw them to the floor. My hand instinctively made their way to the bulge in his pants . I touched it softly and but my lip when I saw Seth close his eyes and groan. His breaths were getting harsher as I repeated my movements over and over again. Finally, his head fell to my shoulder. His hand caught mine and stopped my movement. I looked up at him curiously.

"I don't wanna get off that fast, babe." He murmured into my neck as I blushed when I heard the words.

He laid me down on the bed gently, and his hands ran down my body again, this time, opening my thighs softly. I tried to bite my moan back when his hands touched my already wet core, but it didn't help. My breaths were getting shorter and harsher now when Seth pushed two fingers into me easily. My back raised as I moaned. Seth's lips lowered to mine and I pulled him closer . He pulled away and took his fingers out of me as I whimpered at the loss. I decided that I was ready and my hands caught the hem of his boxers. I pulled them down with one hand, Seth helping with the other. His boxers hit his ankles and he threw them on the floor. His erection stood out and proud. I bit my lip again and touched the head of his erection. His groan was louder than before and it nearly made me jump. His hand pulled mine away again and reached to somewhere on his bed night stand. I grabbed his hand before he opened the cupboard.

"I'm on the pill." I assured him. He eyed me carefully before he put his hand back beside me. He spread my legs again and position him self between my legs, his warmth so close to me already.

He pushes in easily, since I was really wet. He pushed fully into me and stopped for me to adjust. After a few seconds, my hips wiggled and he started moving in me. Our moans tangled together as he thrust in me harder and harder. My arms pulled me down on him and I buried my head in his shoulders. I don't know what over came me but after few harsh thrusts, I bit down on his shoulder, making him gasp and empty his seed in me, making my high come faster that I intended it to be.

He didn't pull out of me though, one of his hands found the place I bit him and pressed down on it. He pulled his hand back and saw a little blood on his fingers. His mark was healed by now though.

"You marked me." He said simply, his expression still dumbfounded and confused. I bit my lip and eyed him carefully.

"I'm sorry." I whispered. His eyes narrowed down at me and he cocked his head to the side.

"Why?" He asked confused. I shrugged to his question. "I don't mind."



"Ok." I said.

He pulled out of me and laid down beside me. He stood up and walked towards his bathroom. "Be right back."

I waited for a couple of seconds in silence before I heard the water of his bathtub been turned on. He walked out of the bathroom and walked towards the bed. He picked me up into a bridal style position and carried me to the bathroom. He sat down on the edge of the bathtub with me on his lap. I winced as I was set into a sitting position.

"Are you okay?" He asked immediately as he felt my discomfort. I nodded slowly.

"Just a bit sore." I said.

"Oh. Sorry." He apologized.

"Not your fault."

By now, the bathtub was filled with warm water covered by bubbles. He stepped into it, and I followed him in, leaning on his chest.

"Oh, no." I moaned. "This was such a bad idea."

"What?" Seth asked cautiously.

"Us having.." I started embarrassed.

"Sex? Why?" He asked.

"Cause Jacob will have to find out and then he'll want to hurt you." I mumbled, feeling so stupid.

"Babe, I'm a big boy. I can take care of myself." He assured her.

"But I don't want him to hurt you." I said . I turned around my body and cuddled up to him. His arms came around me and pulled me closer to him.

"Why do I feel like this? Why does it hurt so much to think about you that way?" I asked suddenly, really wanting to know the answer. He tensed beside me but I continued.

"Why are you always first for me? Why do we have this weird bond? Why do I care about you so much?" I added.

"You'll know soon, Bella. Don't worry for now." He said finally.

We sat in the bathtub for few more minutes before the lock on the shelf said 9:27. I stepped out of the bath tub and grabbed a towel and rolled it around myself. Seth stepped out too and grabbed a towel and wrapped it around him self.

"I gotta go patrol now. You can stay tonight. Leah should be here soon. She'll keep you company." He murmured as he walked back to his room. He put on the first shorts he could see from his dresser and put them on. I came up from behind him and put my arms around him.

"Take care of yourself." I mumbled to his back. Seth completely relaxed to my touch.

"I will." He said and walked towards his window.



"Love you." I said timidly. Seth clenched his jaw and looked down to his carpet. He looked back up at me and smiled.

"Love you too Bella. Always will." He said before he jumped out the window. I closed it behind him and went to sit on his bed.

Could I do it again? Could I fall for a werewolf? I shook my head from that thought and went to look for my panties. I found them near his dresser and put them on. I opened his dresser and put on one of his dark shirts.

I walked down the stairs and to the kitchen, picked out a mug and made coffee. I spent few minutes just thinking and drinking my coffee when Leah came in. She set down her shopping bags and went to the kitchen. She eyed me in Seth's shirt happily. I knew what was coming next.

"Bella, please don't tell me that you didn't just have sex with my brother." She begged. That was Leah's typical line, somehow, she was always Team Seth for some reason. I bit my lip and looked down as color filled my cheeks. Leah eyed me and her jaw dropped.

"You just had sex with Seth!" She yelled but then stopped. "What about Jacob?" She asked uncaringly.

"He imprinted. I wanted to hurt him, ya know? And Seth was the only sensible option." I answered, not a tad bit worried about Leah's opinion. Leah was always on my side.

"That's good. I mean, Jacob is an asshole, and I'll make sure that Paul will bash him-"

"Don't Leah." I warned.

"So anyway, YAY! You Finally saw the light Bella." She shouted but covered her mouth and her eyes widened, watching me.

"What do you mean finally, Leah?" I asked suspiciously, my eyes narrowing at her. Leah uncovered her mouth and bit her lip.

"This shouldn't be coming from me Bel-"

"Leah!" I warned.

"I-" She sighed and started again. She licked her lips before she spoke. "Bella," She started as she dropped her gaze to the floor. "Seth Imprinted on you." She said.

I sat back down in my chair and huffed out a breath of air.




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