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The Doctor kept on bleeping at the console's screen paying no mind to Donna's call.

"Doctor…" she repeated.

He ignored her. Some times the Doctor had problems listening or hearing his companion's requesting him.


He finally turned to her, eyes big shining with confused innocence. "Yes…?"

Donna swung her legs as she sat on the high chair in front of him. "I was just… wondering… well, you know how you said this thing… Tardis could take you anywhere and any time, right?"

"Time And Relative Dimensions In Space, that's what she's called," he replied proudly. He loved the Tardis so much, Donna thought. Maybe too much that he would sometimes ignore her.

"You said through time and space, I recall…"

"Absolutely!" he exclaimed with smugness.

"Well, I was wondering." Donna stood up and started to pace around the console, avoiding to ask her question, as it could just be a bit of waste of time. She finally stopped beside the Doctor, leaning against the console and crossing her arms. "I was wondering if the Tardis could take us to a mouse's house."

There was silence. The Doctor opened his mouth curving his eyebrows into a frown. "What?"

Donna sighed as if her question was as normal as anything. Well, in the Tardis what was abnormal would always be normal. "Can the Tardis take us through a mouse's hole?"

The Doctor's eyes narrowed making an 'o' shape with his lips in an attempt to say something which didn't come out.

"Or maybe," Donna said, her face lighting up with excitement "it could take us into the sea! I've always had a very great curiosity in life underwater. The first time I met you, you said the Tardis could protect us, so if we went underwater there wouldn't any water spilling into the Tardis, would there?"

The Doctor's just stared at Donna and quickly closed his mouth as he noticed his jaw falling right down as Donna talked. "Well, I did say the Tardis protect us, but –"

"That's good, then, isn't it? As well as being so curious about the life outside my planet it is a bit curious how my own place other things – that is living things – function."

The Doctor started to shake his head bluffed out. "Well, about the mouse-hole thing…"

"You did say you could – well, the Tardis – could take us anywhere: that's any space, right?"

"Yes, but we are… it's too small…"

"But you said it can take us anywhere"

"I said anywhere in the universe!"

"But you also said any place!"

The Doctor wiped his face with his right hand while he put his other hand in his pinstripe suit trousers' pocket. "I didn't think you would take it that literally."


"Right!" the Doctor exclaimed running around the console and pressing buttons. "So, I'll set the Tardis up to a surprise destination."

Donna laughed, disappointed with the Doctor's reply before. "We always love a bit of mystery, don't we?"

The Doctor's smiled at her. He always looked like a kid who was just given a caramel candy. She had smile back at him.

Then the Doctor left the console and walked out the doors of the Tardis. Donna followed slowly and when she walked through those doors…

"Oh my god!" she exclaimed. "Doctor, is that a gigantic mouse? Are we inside a mouse-hole?"

The Doctor frowned, not noticing the big mice. "Donna, we're in Ratatouille, the planet."

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