Love is Painful

Chapter 6 – What to do?

[Kirari's POV]

After dinner it was like any other day. I went and showered then went to bed, like usual. But sleep didn't come to me like I had planned. Actually, I stayed up thinking about Hiroto and Seiji and their feelings about me. It seemed pretty complex when you're with one of the guys you like...and love their best friend as well. I turned to my side and looked out the window to think. What would going to happen I wonder...? Soon after that I finally was sent into the dark abyss of dreamland.

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Naa-san had gotten me up as regularly and I went to the kitchen like usual. The thing that weird-ed me out was...I just wasn't hungry. It was a bit odd and Papa knew it too. I sighed as he felt my forehead, wondering if I was sick. And I gave a small smile to comfort him. "I'm fine Papa.." I said softly before getting my bag. "I'm running late! See you tonight!" I said before running out of the house. I wonder how long this will go worrying so much I don't eat...this isn't normal.

[Hiroto's POV]

Work was a living hell. I couldn't even find my work going properly since I mentally told myself that Seiji's my rival. Kirari was going to be mine...I didn't even seem to care about our friendship anymore. I would even get new friends if I got Kirari. I let out a sigh at how difficult I was being toward Seiji. It wasn't fair to him that I was planning to steal his girlfriend away, but, dammit. I liked her first and I was going to have her. All of a sudden I saw said girl walk in and say hi to the both of us. Shit...I spent all this time trying to take Kirari away I didn't even plan a proper battle plan. Think, Hiroto, think. It's time to be calm now. "Hey Kirari," I said to the girl, which a small smile grew on her face. I raised an eyebrow...did I just make her smile? Damn...I need to know what to do next to get closer to her.

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