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Starfire woke up, dressed in a short silk silver night gown. One spaghetti strap had fallen gracefully off her shoulder as she looked around her. She was in a large bedroom. It had deep red carpeting, cherry wood furnishings, a master bath with marble sinks and a large tub, and then the cherry wood bed with dark red and black satin covers, which she currently resided. This was one of the many estates of Slade Wilson. This one is placed in Venice, Italy.

She looked next to her, seeing the man of whom the house belonged, also known as her beau. He was only in a pair of flannel pajama pants, leaving his well-built body to the public eye. She smiled, and then started to think of how she ended up here to begin with. She remembered the night that she told the titans of her outings to meet Slade, and of their relationship. They acted exactly as she had predicted. She could still see the hurt that had overcome Robin's face, wishing it all away. She sighed and gently stroked her love's cheek. She was happy here, even if she had to hurt the people that took her in when she was new to the planet. It has been a year since that day, and she had learned a lot in her time with Slade. They traveled a lot, knowing being near the titans would only bring unwanted trouble.

She heard Slade groan in his sleep as he unconsciously leaned into her gentle caress. Starfire giggled and leaned down to kiss him. She felt him jolt awake, and then calm beneath her, deepening the kiss. He pulled away.

"Is there a reason you are awake so early, love?" She giggled innocently.

"I cannot sleep any longer. I fear I am experiencing the 'insomnia'." He smirked at her, and in a flash was on top of her, pinning her to the bed. He leaned down near her ear.

"I believe I can help with that, my dear." He whispered, and then proceeded to kiss down her neck and jawline. She moaned quietly, arching her neck up into his kisses. She wrapped her arms tightly around his neck, forcing his face up to hers, and kissed him. He pryed her mouth open with his tongue and dove in, sucking on her own. The vibrations of her moans caused a rushing heat to travel down his body and to the pit of his stomach. She brought her knees up and pressed them tightly against his thighs, pushing herself up to grind against him.

He smiled into her mouth and started to play with the strap of her night gown that hadn't abandoned her shoulder. He gently pulled it down, and then guided her hands from around his neck and through each strap. He broke the kiss and sat up, pushing her knees down from his thighs to straddle her.

He pulled down the portion of the gown that covered her torso, admiring her perfectly rounded breasts and toned stomach. He glided his hands down her curves, from neck to right above her hips. She sucked in a breath as his hands dipped lower while he ran his hands down her body. He leaned back down to kiss her neck, and then lowered the kisses to her clavicle. She ran her hands through his hair as he shifted a little lower, taking a her left nipple in his mouth. He sucked gently, caressing the other with his rough hand. The feeling of the rough pads of his fingers against the soft flesh of her breast felt incredible, and her breathing increased. She started to grind against him again, enjoying the feeling of the growing bulge in his pants against her own warmth. Her breaths began to come shallow, and the pressure of his mouth on her breast increased. He slightly bit down, causing a small cry to leave her throat.

"Slade..please.." She closed her eyes in ecstacy, tilting her head back. He chuckled quietly, more of a breathy laugh thanks to the growing passion. He put his hands on her delicate hips, pushing the night gown farther down her, until it was completely off. He gently slipped two fingers inside of her, and instantly felt heer tighten around them.

"Ooh.." She grasped the sheets as she brought up her knees again. She pushed her pelvis up, pushing his fingers deeper in her. He began to slowly pump them in and out of her, her moans growing louder. He leaned back against her as his fingers asaulted her, his bare chest pressed up against her breasts. He attacked her neck, biting and sucking until a bright red spot appeared. The moment was growing more and more intense by the second, the sexual tension heating the room. She grabbed his shoulders, digging her nails deep into his back.

"Slade..I need you in me. Please.." She gasped as he gave one more push in her, and then removed his fingers. He hurried to kick off his pajama pants, instantly back to straddling her. He gently rubbed himself against her, feeling her moisten his manhood. Her breaths were becoming even shallower in anticipation. He teased her a little more, putting the tip of him in her, and then pulling back out as fast as he entered. She wiggled her hips impatiently. He leaned down and put his head into the crook of her neck, her hands gripping his shoulders. He pushed himself fully inside of her, and she cried out.

"Oh X'hal! Oh.." He let out a throaty groan and started to thrust in and out of her. Each thrust gained a cry out of his lover, only pushing him to go harder. He rocked against her in a rhythm, going deeper with every thrust. He rocked faster, and her cries got louder and louder until she dug her nails into his shoulders, almost drawing blood. She contracted tightly around him, causing him a euphoric pain. her toes curled and she felt the tingling sensation fill her entire being, completely in the moment. He was soon to follow, filling her as he let out small cries, his hands gripped tightly on her small waist. He collapsed on top of her, still inside of her. Starfire sighed contentedly, taking her hands off of him and layed them down on each side of the bed.

"Mm..glorious." He chuckled.

"Indeed. Now we must get some sleep. In the morning, I need to get to work to see who my next target is to be, and see if we will be needing to leave Venice to complete whatever mission I obtain." He pulled out of her and laid next to her, bringing her into his arms. She snuggled up against him, laying her head on his muscular chest.

"All right. Good night, my love." He nuzzled her head.

"Good night."

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