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Slade rushed up the stairs and to the small infirmary down the hall from their room. He gently set Starfire down on the bed, pulling out a gown. He looked through the open door.

"Wintergreen, call my doctor in Paris! Tell him to get over here as quick as he can, and to not be seen by anyone!" Slade rushed over to Starfire's side and gently pulled off her dress. He examined the wound in her chest. The fact she was still alive meant that it hadn't hit the heart directly, but none-the-less could have hit something else vital.

He pulled off her bra and panties and tied some gauze around her chest, desperately trying to stop the blood flow. He threw the gown on her, careful around the wound. By his own limited medical experience, he set up her cardiograph and oxygen tank. Wintergreen appeared in the doorway.

"Dr. Leconte is on his way as we speak." Slade nodded and shooed him away, pulling up a chair to sit next to Starfire.

"Please be okay.." He grabbed her hand and looked down, not able to face the sight of her lying so helplessly. Slade sighed and removed his hand, rubbing them over his face. He growled at the floor.

"I'm so fucking glad that man is dead. So help me god, I would have castrated the bastard." There was a knock at the door. Slade heard Wintergreen conversing with his doctor, then hefty steps climbing the staircase. The man walked into the infirmary. He was tall and thin, with sandy blond hair and brown eyes. His lab coat was on, and a chart was in his hand.

"Hello, Mr. Wilson. Will you please explain what has happened." He glared up at the doctor.

"Does it matter? Just fucking help her!" The doctor sighed at his anxiousness and walked over to the bed.

"I see you have tried to stop the bleeding. This is good. May I pull off the gown?" Slade nodded mutely, taking it off himself, exposing his fiance. The doctor quickly removed the bandages, being as professional as he should be. This is one reason he was Slade's doctor; one among the many, which included the fact he was willing to act in secret with men such as him.

"The bullet is still lodged in her, but it will have to be taken out later. Let me take some quick scans, as she seems to be stable right now. Would you like to stay?" Slade nodded furiously and pulled his chair out of the way of the doctor, standing at the end of the bed. He watched as the man looked through Slade's cabinets, finding the appropriate equipment for the scans. He pulled out the small scan machine, since there was no way of using an MRI machine. Once he was done with the tests, he put them on the light board, waiting for them to develop. He pulled out a small flashlight and opened each eye, flashing them in and out of her eyes.

"Medulla Oblongata seems to be fine, meaning she's not brain dead." Slade nodded, keeping his eyes on the alien princess. A few moments later the scans were ready and Dr. Leconte observed them. He looked at Slade and pointed to the bullet.

"Though the bullet missed her heart, it has ripped through the pulmonary vein, reducing oxygen to the heart dramatically. This could cause tissue death, which in return would cause a Myocardial Infarction." Slade rose an eyebrow.

"Heart attack." He nodded.

"What do you plan to do to fix this?" The doctor looked at him, seemingly contemplating.

"I will need to perform surgery to remove the bullet and repair the vein. If I am to do this, I need to make sure she is in the stablest state she can be in." He went over and counted her pulse.

"Fourty-four beats per minute. Slow, but not too low. I should be able to perform within the hour." Slade nodded and brought his fist under his mouth, biting his lip. The doctor looked back at Slade.

"I will need you to step outside the room while I'm doing this. I'm guessing you have the proper surgical equipment?" Slade nodded and pointed to a door on the far end of the room, obviously a closet.

"Make it quick." Slade stalked out the room, shutting the door behind him. He made his way down the stairs, stopping at the last one and plopping down on it, his face in his hands.

"God damnit! She can't be taken away from me, just when I get to be happy again. Is this the fucking plan, making me miserable for the rest of my life?" He growled and punched the stair, making the hard marble darken, not quite forming a crack. He sighed, his vision blurring. He blinked it away.

"Don't cry. You're above that."

"You know, sir, it is okay to show pain. You have showed everything else to her, so it is only right to show the pain you have over her current state." He stared hard at Wintergreen, before finally nodding his head.

"I just don't want to go through anymore loss." Wintergreen walked away and his vision blurred again, this time without him blinking the tears away. He sucked in a shaky breath and leaned against the railing, closing his eyes. He almost dozed off, when he suddenly heard erratic beeping.

"Fuck!" He rushed up the stairs, flinging the ifirmary door open.

"I'm losing her! Quick, grab the paddles!" Slade ran to the closet, grabbing the crash cart and hurrying it over to the bed. He looked away from the sight of his fiance's open chest cavity and the bloody bullet on the table. The doctor took out the miniature paddles, placing them on either side of the exposed heart.

"Slade, come over to the machine, now!" Slade rushed over. "Press the red button when I say clear." Slade nodded, readying himself. He heard the small paddles rise with energy.

"CLEAR!" He pushed the button. The line was still flat.

"Again, clear!" He pushed the button again with shaky hands, afraid this would be the end. Everything was quiet for a minute as the heart monitor sprung back to life. A low, steady pulse was showing on the cardiograph machine.

"Thank god.." He went over near the door and slumped against the wall.


"I'm staying." Dr. Leconte nodded and pulled in mask back on, grabbing a small tool to close the rest of the vein with. Slade stared at the floor as he subconsciously counted the beats of Starfire's heart. He heard more clanking and looked up, noticing that he was now closing her up. He pulled off the mask.

"She's going to be okay. Despite the little scare, her vein closed properly and the bullet was pulled out without any difficulties. She will just need to rest..there is something else I would like to do once she wakes up, though." Slade rose a brow, urging him on.

"I noticed on the scan some edema right below the diaphragm, where it cut off. I would like to take an ultrasound, if that's all right." Slade was stunned.

"An..untrasound?" The doctor nodded.

"Whatever you feel is neccessary." Dr. Leconte smiled.

"All right then, I will be going. Call if anything else occurs. I will be back tomorrow, assuming she will be awake." Slade nodded and brought the chair back to Starfire's side, gently grabbing her hand as he rested his head on her pelvis bone. The soft beeping put him to sleep.

"Slade?" Slade opened his eye, sitting up groggily. He looked at the weak Starfire. The weak, yet awake Starfire.

"Love, you are awake. Thank god, I was so worried." He kissed the hand he was still holding, and Starfire smiled wearily.

"I am glad to be here. Tell me, how long am I to remain in bed?" He looked at her seriously.

"In about a week, but if you're still feeling bad, I will force you to stay in here until all is well." She tried to give him a brathy giggle, but ended up coughing. He stood and helped her sit up, her grasping at her chest. She winced at the pain.

"My chest hurts quite bad." Slade nodded, helping ease her back down.

"That bullet was damn close to your heart, and the doctor had to perform surgery. Be careful with those stitches." She looked down at herself, noticing she was naked for the first time, and observed the stitching that went from her sternum to the top of her abdomen.

"I see. May you clothe me?" He nodded and walked to the side of the bed, picking up the descarded gown.

"I'd like to keep you in a gown, for maximum comfort and safety for the stitching." She nodded and allowed him to guide her arms and head through the holes, wincing has he lifted her gently to pull it down.

"Thank you." He nodded and smiled at her, giving her a lingering kiss.

"I was so worried i was going to lose you, my dear." She smiled weakly.

"I am glad you worry for me. It shows your love." He kissed her cheek and jawline.

"Of course I love you." There was a knock on the door.

"The doctor is on his way."

"Thank you Wintergreen." He yelled through the door. Starfire's brow furrowed.

"Why is the doctor coming back?" Slade turned to her.

"He wants to perform an ultrasound." She looked surprised.

"An ultrasound? But I have not felt any sickness as of lately.." He shrugged. There was another knock at the door.

"It's Dr. Leconte. May I come in?" Slade stood up and opened the door.

"Of course, come in." He nodded and walked in, smiling at Starfire.

"How are you feeling?" She gave him a small smile.

"Better, though my chest hurts quite a lot." He nodded.

"That is to be expected. I can give you some pills for the pain, but nothing too strong in case my hypothesis is correct.." He walked back over to the door, coming back in with a cart and a tube of blue goo.

"This is an ultrasound machine. I will be putting this," He pointed to the blue tube, "on your stomach and pelvis area. I will look away as you lift your gown, if you would like to put on any undergarments. Starfire nodded and the doctor turned away. She looked at Slade. He nodded in understanding, finding her underwear and pulling them up her long legs.

"You may begin now, doctor." He turned back around and nodded, making his way to Starfire's side. He plugged up the machine and small television screen and pulled up a chair. He lifted up the tube.

"This will be slightly cold." She nodded and closed her eyes, leaning back. She felt the cool sensation course through her body as she felt the goo touch her skin. There was then a pressure, which was the small wand used to spread the substance around to look for any signs. She looked back at the doctor. He was smiling.

"Congratulations. You're going to be parents." Slade and Starfire looked at each other, smiling.

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