A/N: So here's something random. I know this is a questionable venture, but I'm going to give this a shot.. I have never written anything for Naruto before, let alone attempting to make a straight out love story which I sort of intend to do but I'm going to try it all out. Please support this strange venture... :I

Ever since Ayako Miyake was young, she was told that her village wasn't very prominent. In fact, there were very few other villages that had even ever heard of the Sun Village. It was nestled deep in the mountains near its closest ally, the Moon Village, and some of the most elite ninja in any surrounding villages lived there. However, the ninja of the Sun were few in numbers and so remained virtually unknown among the Hidden Villages. Not to mention the Sun ninja were only hired by close villages and that didn't include any of the Hidden Villages.

The leader of the Sun Village was Ayako's father, Ido Mikaye. The village looked up to their leader and even referred to him affectionately as King, and young Ayako as the Princess. He was a large man and truly a master of the light justu that the elite forces of the Sun Village wielded.

Not unlike plants, they used the power of the sun for their attacks. By absorbing the sunlight into their skin, or using their golden chakra, the ninja of the Sun Village had the ability to shape any weapon they needed by bending the light to their will. Not only that but they trained to be lightning quick and never stopped perfecting attacks to be even stronger.

"Focus Ayako. Focus on the sunlight." Her father's deep voice had pierced through her concentration. She had been seven when she had begun her serious training. She learned to form swords and other weapons from the sunlight. Her father began to train her how to move through the trees with blinding speed and how to use her petite size to her advantage. "You may not be big Ayako but you're fast and you're smart You will be a brilliant ninja.." Her father would tell her and he would set a hand on her cheek and kiss her forehead every time they finished training.

When Ayako was ten, her father had taken her into the forest just outside the village to talk to her. "You have so much potential my child." He smiled softly and she smiled back. "I have a proposition for you Ayako. There is a sacred spirit we have kept housed in village since before you were born." He proposed that the spirit be placed inside the young girl and she accepted.

The spirit was a great sun bird called Ishido. She would serve as a guardian to the young girl and lend her power only when it was needed. As Ayako grew older, the other children her age ignored her and treated her like an outcast as she devoted all her free time to training. She had only one friend, a young boy named Haru. He wasn't a ninja but was extremely bright and supportive of her growing abilities. Though the ninja in the village looked up to her father and she was learning to lead, the ninja her age only saw her as strange.

Ayako was never unhappy despite the alienation. She had a wonderful mother and father who lead an elite ninja village with nothing but kindness. Almost everyone in her village looked up to her family and supported the young princess' training to become the next leader of their small village. Life was safe and routine and almost perfect, until an uncharacteristically rainy day in the Sun Village.

Clouds had covered the sun that day and the people of the village were out enjoying the rain. Ayako and Haru sat on the roof of the palace and watched the people milling around and the dirt roads of their little village. The peaceful rainy day hadn't lasted long. A rogue ninja called Takeshi and his small band of shadow ninja had invaded the village and taken Ayako's family by surprise, murdering her mother and father and the majority of the strongest ninja in the village. He'd taken over and the peaceful life of the people of the Sun Village changed dramatically.

The people blamed Ayako for the death of her parents because of her inaction and she had been all but kicked out of her own village. She and Haru spent their time in the halls of the invaded palace, suffering silently, virtually unable to leave and waiting for an opportunity to make their move and take Takeshi out of power. They quickly learned they couldn't do it alone and, without the support of the few ninja remaining in the devastated village, the situation was hopeless.

Ayako could only wait until something happened that could save her, Haru, and her village from Takeshi and his band of Shadow ninja.