Azula walked into the circus grounds. She was embarrassed to be here, and normally she would never degrade herself to walking in a lowly peasant circus. As the Fire Princess, it was beneath her, but she was here for a very special purpose. Her father, Fire Lord Ozai, had given her a top priority mission; to retrieve her traitorous Uncle Iroh and her sham of a brother, Zuko, and bring them back to the Fire Nation. To prison. Her first attempt had gone well, but failed. She had underestimated her Uncle's cunning, and even worse, she underestimated the stupidity of common soldiers.

Fortunately, the person Azula was looking at now was anything but common. Standing upside down and balancing herself on nothing but her pointer fingers, she stood apart from her family of identical sisters. Nowhere in the world was there a person more agile, more nimble, or more acrobatic. And, as far as non-benders go, there were few as deadly. If only she shared Azula's killer instincts, she would be the most dangerous assassin in the world. Unfortunately, she was a cheerful, silly little girl; the girliest of girly. Yet her skills were too valuable to ignore, despite her glaring character flaws.

And, she was Azula's friend, or at least as close to a friend as she ever had.

"Ty Lee, could that possibly be you?" Azula teased.

"Azula!" came a voice that sounded as if it belonged to a songbird. With her uncanny grace, Ty Lee transitioned from her finger-stand into a polite, respectful bow. But as soon as the formalities were through, she rushed forward and embraced Azula. And though she would never admit to it, Azula hugged her back without prodding.

"It is so good to see you!" the girl exclaimed.

"Please, don't let me interrupt your..." Azula found a rare moment of fumbling, "whatever it is you were doing." Ty Lee happily rolled onto her stomach and arms, and then rolled her legs forward, stretching each leg over her head in measured strides.

Azula could no longer ignore her disdain for Ty Lee's current occupation. "Tell me, what is the daughter of a nobleman doing here? Certainly our parents didn't send us to the Royal Fire Academy for Girls to end up in...places like this." And as if the world decided to side with her, a platypusbear laid an egg as an exclamation mark.

Attempting to get that image out of her head, the princess continued. "I have a proposition for you."

Ty Lee's expression of joy disappeared. She clearly wasn't interested in any of Azula's propositions. Too bad. She'll come with me anyway.

"I'm hunting a traitor. You remember my old fuddy-duddy uncle, don't you?"

"Oh yeah! He was so funny!"

Why does everyone think that?

"I would be honored if you would join me on my mission," Azula said in a tone that sounded pleasant, but was laced with enough of a commanding undertone that Ty Lee would know she wasn't making a request.

"Oh, I, uh, would love to," Ty Lee responded, quite flustered. "But the truth is, I'm really happy here. I mean, my aura has never been pinker!"

"I'll take your word for it." So she thinks she's got an option? Azula laughed to herself. I guess she's been with the circus so long she's forgotten who I am. Still, I can play her little game.

"Well, I wouldn't want you to give up the life you love just to please me!" the princess continued in her false sweetness, but Ty Lee smiled. Clearly, Azula was becoming too good at acting kind; or perhaps Ty Lee was so incredibly dull-witted that she actually couldn't catch her lack of sincerity.

"Thank you, Azula!"

What should I do to get her to obey me? Azula debated. I suppose I could sabotage her show and let her see how important this is...for her sake. Then again, that would take some time, and Zu-Zu and Iroh travel farther every day. I need something quicker. She needs to learn that I don't take no for an answer.

Azula looked at Ty Lee, who was lifting her leg up so that her toes were touching her fingers. Her pink, baggy pants were now hugging her curvacious bottom. For some reason she couldn't quite explain, the Fire Princess found herself unable to look away from it; it was mesmerizing.

And the solution hit her like a herd of stampeding Komodo Rhinos.

Yes, she does need to learn a lesson, she repeated. And I will teach it to her!

"Oh Ty Lee," she called out.

"Yes, Azula?" came her sweet, cheery voice.

"I regret that you won't be coming with me. I have missed you terribly," Azula attempted to lie, although as she said it she realized there was more truth in that than she was comfortable with. "I was hoping I'd get the chance to travel with you, and hang out just like the old days."

"Oh, I'm sorry, Azula," Ty Lee lamented as she broke away from her exercises. "I've missed you so much too!"

"Well, since you aren't coming, can we at least go inside and catch up on things?" Azula returned to her act, manipulating Ty Lee to the most advantageous position for her plans.

"Absolutely!" Ty Lee beamed. "Come inside and make yourself at home!"

The Princess followed Ty Lee into her tent, which was rather spacious, and to Azula's disgust, somehow more pink than her clothes. There was a large cabinet with an assortment of costumes, ranging from wild and crazy to an entirely different kind of exotic. Ty Lee was fond of showing off her body, and Azula couldn't blame her; Ty Lee was every bit as pretty as she was acrobatic.

"Take a seat," Ty Lee invited, and Azula did so while Ty Lee moved a desk over to use as a table. "Make yourself comfortable, and I'll find us some snacks."

Azula sat down, which, conveniently, was exactly the position she wanted to be in. Getting Ty Lee in the position she wanted her to be in would probably prove to be a little more difficult. But her mind was made up, and once Azula made up her mind, it took a failure of monumental proportions to get her to change course.

"I have some fire flakes to tide you over until I can get some real food," Ty Lee said cheerily, bending over to place it on the desk. Well, I'll never have a better opening than this, Azula mused to herself. She stood up, hooked her foot around the leg of the chair, pulled it closer, and grabbed Ty Lee's braid, bringing it down with a sharp tug.

"Azula!" Ty Lee yelped, "That hurts! Stop it!"

I'm sure I'll be hearing that a lot in the next few minutes, Azula observed. She lifted Ty Lee off the ground and placed her face down across her thighs. She pressed her left hand, still holding Ty Lee's braid, into the small of her back to restrain her. Swiftly, she fit her thumb inside the girl's pants and roughly pulled them down her legs, revealing a matching pink pair of panties. The panties were tight enough to show off the exact form of her cheeks, giving Azula plenty to target.

"Hey, Azula, what do you think you're doing?" Ty Lee screamed indignantly at the Princess.

"I would think that was obvious, Ty Lee," Azula answered in a patronizing, offhand way. "What do you think I'm doing?"

"Well, based on our unique positions, I have a good idea, but surely you wouldn't dare do what this looks like!"

"Oh, I dare," Azula poisonously assured her soon to be victim.

Ty Lee's eyes went from anger to fear, widening at the realization that Azula wasn't playing with her. "Azula, you can't be serious!" she said with a tone that made it obvious she was only hoping what she said was the truth, and didn't believe that it was.

Azula drank in Ty Lee's increasing hopelessness. This is worth it and I haven't even started yet, she said to herself. "I am dead serious, Ty Lee," she corrected with a menacing grin. "Nobody disobeys the Firelord's daughter. I could have you thrown in prison. Or worse. So unless you want to really be punished, you better stay still and let me be merciful."

Azula watched the words sink into her friend, and once again reveled at her reaction. Ty Lee was starting to shiver, almost involuntarily, but showed no sign of struggling. Still, Azula wanted to make sure Ty Lee was going to be contrite: given her unique chi-blocking abilities, she could cause her serious problems if she wanted to. She needed a perfectly submissive Ty Lee.

"Do you understand me?" she asked menacingly.

Ty Lee gulped and nodded, hesitantly. "Yes, Princess. Of course I'll accept your mercy." She then turned her head away, compliantly staring at the floor.

"That's a good girl," Azula mockingly comforted her, lightly rubbing Ty Lee's left buttock as she did so. Her bottom was soft and cool, and Azula couldn't help but feel a little excited touching it. This surprised her, but she assured herself that she was merely enjoying her dominance and nothing else.

Azula raised her right hand high into the air, carefully aimed, and...


A well placed slap on the left side of Ty Lee's bottom caused the girl to tremble, but she said nothing. Azula aimed another swat at the right side, and again Ty Lee shook, but made no sound. Azula followed up with a flurry of six swats, alternating sides with each one. The silence broke as Ty Lee let out a whimper of pain, and her calves shook in response.


Ty Lee gasped from the increasingly harder slaps Azula gave her, and Azula smiled. She measured another swat to the right side, causing another whimper, but the next swat on the left finally got the result she was looking for.

"Ow," Ty Lee breathed, trying to maintain her composure but finally showing weakness.

Azula wasted no time picking up the pace and the intensity at this first verbal admission. Many more followed, with an "OW!" or "OUCH!" following almost every reverberating smack. Those slaps that didn't earn a verbal response were followed by more whining and whimpering. How pathetic, Azula thought to herself as she continued to spank her "friend" in earnest.

"Azula, please stop it!" Ty Lee screamed. SMACK! "OUCH! Azula, it's enough!"

"I'll decide when it's enough," Azula responded, and gave her a good, hard swat for emphasis.

"OW! Azula, please!" Ty Lee begged, but the princess only answered with still harder smacks.

"OW! Okay! OUCH! Azula I'll, OW! ...go on your, OUCH! MISSION WITH YOU! OUCH!" Ty Lee managed to get this out in between the swats and her crying. Azula gave Ty Lee a few more slaps for good measure, and then stopped and folded her arms, looking at the back of Ty Lee's head.

Hmm, I suppose I should stop here, since I got what I wanted, Azula admitted, but soon she was pondering another option. Then again, this really wasn't much of a punishment. She's just obeying me to get me to stop spanking her. That's not real submission.

As Azula contemplated this, Ty Lee had started to get up from her position, lifting herself with her hands on the edge of the chair. This angered Azula, and she gave another pair of hard spanks to Ty Lee's posterior.

"OUCH! Azula, I said I'll go!" Ty Lee argued. She looked at Azula, and Azula could see thin lines of tears coming out of her eyes. She was clearly trying to maintain her dignity, but Azula could see that she was on the verge of sobbing wildly.

"Did I say you could move yet?" Azula said in a fierce accusatory tone.

Ty Lee winced and desperately answered, "No, Princess, I just thought you were done."

"Maybe I am," Azula retorted. "But don't do anything until I tell you to, got it?"

Ty Lee nodded fiercely but stayed put.

"Get back down, now!" Azula ordered, and Ty Lee instantly obeyed, placing all of her weight (which wasn't much) upon Azula's thighs.

Azula returned to her thinking. Well, she is learning quickly. Perhaps the spanking was sufficient after all. Azula looked at Ty Lee's bottom again, assessing the damage. The orbs had a nice pink glow on the sides, but most of the space where Azula's hand had connected were covered by the panties. Azula wondered what Ty Lee's bottom looked like under the fabric, and imagined herself rubbing and spanking her friend's bare bottom.

Azula's eyes closed as she daydreamed about this, only for her to stop abruptly. There was no denying it this time; the excitement over spanking Ty Lee wasn't just about her being in control and Ty Lee submitting. She could feel her nipples hardening and a slight wetness in her womanhood. Am I getting turned on by this? Azula thought. Definitely, she answered herself.

Well, that settled the issue of whether to continue or not. As selfish and domineering as she was, she wasn't about to let herself receive sexual gratification from Ty Lee. Somewhere, deep inside her, behind all of the arrogance and self-assurance, she had a genuine connection with Ty Lee and Mai, and she couldn't bring herself to continue this procedure. This had crossed the line of discipline and was now bordering on rape.

Azula opened her eyes and saw Ty Lee laying almost perfectly still, not moving, although her head was angled to try and look at her chastised bottom. Azula followed Ty Lee's line of sight, and was surprised to find that Ty Lee was rubbing her right cheek with her hand, trying to soothe the pain.

Azula forgot all about being turned on. Now, she was just furious.

"DID...I...SAY..." she began, pouring venom into every syllable, "that you could rub your bottom?"

Ty Lee's eyes went wide in shock. "No, Azula, you didn't, but it hurts so much..."

"Clearly not enough, since you still don't respect my authority!" Azula roared.

Ty Lee was able to twist her body so that she was facing Azula, and tried to defend herself. "No Azula, I do! I'm sorry, I didn't ask, I should have, but I'll stop! I promise!"

"You will be sorry after I'm done with you!" she threatened, and she raised her hand back into position.

"NO! Azula, please, don't spank me anymore!" Ty Lee pleaded in utter horror.

Azula's response was another firm slap on Ty Lee's backside. "OW!" she yelped. "NO! Please, Azula, please! OW!" Another swing of Azula's hand produced another cry of pain. Ty Lee was no longer able to maintain her composure and reached her hand back to protect her backside from further assault.

"HOW DARE YOU!" shrieked Azula, irate that Ty Lee would fight her after her threat to imprison her. She grabbed Ty Lee's wrist and forcefully bent it into a hammerlock before pressing it between Ty Lee's shoulder blades. Ty Lee showed no discomfort at this (not surprising, considering her flexibility), but as Azula gave the next few hard swats she could feel her victim's arm trying to shield her target. Azula pressed harder into her spine, and then growled.

"THAT'S IT, TY LEE!" Azula stomped the ground as she said this. "I've been forgiving to this point, but it's clear that you do not know your place! I will no longer show mercy. Now I'm REALLY going to spank you!"

Ty Lee started to sob loudly as Azula grasped at her panties. She hesitated for a moment, but then violently pulled them down to Ty Lee's knees, exposing the bare flesh. Azula saw the effects of her previous spanking: Ty Lee's cheeks were marked with a cloud of pink, though the centers were a brilliant shade of scarlet.

"AZULA, NO!" Ty Lee screamed. "This isn't okay, put them back up!"

"Oh, hush," Azula scolded. "I saw your bare butt plenty of times at the Academy."

"Azuuulaaa!" she whined, but protested no further. And Azula barely gave her a chance to. She was once again slapping the poor posterior of Ty Lee, working faster and harder than she had been earlier. Azula wasn't trying to make Ty Lee submit any more; this was punishment for refusing to submit. And Azula would never let that happen again.

She rained swat after swat after swat on Ty Lee's bottom, and kept a firm grip on Ty Lee's right hand to hold her in place. Spanking was easy enough, as Ty Lee was no longer trying to fight it, but she certainly didn't keep still. Her legs flailed at the knee, and once or twice Azula had to shove one of them out of the way to continue the procedure. Each time this happened, she made sure to hit a sharper smack so that Ty Lee would stop kicking so violently, which she eventually managed, although her lower body was now pulsing.

Azula could not see Ty Lee's face, but she had little difficulty imagining what it looked like. Her spanking was now an almost constant peppering, with a negligible amount of time between smacks. Ty Lee's response was a lot of wailing, shouts of "Ouch!" and "Ow!", and uncontrollable sobbing. Occasionally, she would scream something like, "I'm sorry!" or "I'll never disobey again, I promise!" Azula listened to these cries, but continued to swat away. Ty Lee would not be allowed to decide when this was over.

The princess kept up her agonizing pace, and the effects were starting to show; Ty Lee was constantly squirming on Azula's lap, while her sit spots were almost uniformly red, sore and warm. Azula noticed that her own hand was starting to hurt, and paused for a second to examine it. Indeed, her hand was on fire, and very red. Azula decided that a spanking would do no good if her own hand was hurt in the process, and so resolved to end the spanking shortly.

She continued for another minute or so, during which Ty Lee stopped wailing at the top of her lungs and just stayed limp in her position, letting out quiet, reserved yelps of pain with each swat but otherwise showing great restraint considering the pain she had to be in. Azula read this as a sign of ultimate compliance, and after adding a few more hard, sharp slaps for emphasis, finally ended the spanking.

"Don't do anything until I say so," Azula reminded, and Ty Lee nodded her acknowledgment.

Once again, Azula crossed her arms, but this time she wasn't considering continuing the punishment. Ty Lee had received a complete thrashing; her bottom was a uniform dark red, and Azula could see the early signs of a few bruises. She would be feeling it for at least a day. A very small part of Azula felt guilty about being so severe, but the rest was satisfied in the knowledge that she had brought Ty Lee under her control. Watching her friend quietly weeping across her knees, Azula felt a certain affection for her. Now that Azula had shown her who was boss, Ty Lee would be a nice, obedient little helper.

And to top it all off, your bottom looks tremendously cute like this! Azula silently told Ty Lee. There was no use lying to herself anymore. Azula had sexual feelings for Ty Lee, and the bare-bottom spanking had brought those feelings to the forefront. She once again placed her hand on Ty Lee's sitting place, though this time she was gentle and kind. She started rubbing it softly, hoping to soothe the ache. Ty Lee's crying was almost gone save for a few sniffles, so Azula's massage was at least having some of it's intended effect.

"There, there, Ty Lee," Azula comforted, half-sincerely, and contined to stroke Ty Lee's warm backside. "That wasn't so bad, was it?"

"I'm in no hurry for an encore," Ty Lee quipped, and Azula couldn't help but smile.

"You won't get one as long as you've learned that when I ask you something, it really means I'm telling you something. And you don't disobey me, do you?" Azula inquired, half-prepared to deal out another barrage of swats in case Ty Lee decided to give her lip.

"No, I won't ever disobey you again, Princess. I promise."

"That's what I wanted to hear."

"Azula?" Ty Lee seemed to be prying for information.

"Yes?" the princess humored her.

"How bad is it, really?"

Azula examined Ty Lee's backside one more time. Even with the rubbing, none of the discoloration had subsided yet.

"Well, Ty Lee, your bottom has never been pinker!" Azula joked.

"I wouldn't think so!" Ty Lee answered, surprisingly amicable. "I've never been spanked before!"

Azula pondered this for a minute. "Wait, then how did you know what I was going to do when I turned you over my knee?" she asked.

"Mai got spanked when she was little, and she told me about them," Ty Lee explained. "They sounded horrible!"

"Was it horrible?" Azula couldn't help asking.

"Very much so."

Azula once again felt the uncomfortable twinge of guilt. Not only was she getting off on touching her friend's naked butt, she was causing Ty Lee serious pain in the process. Is there something wrong with me? Azula wondered, trying to picture herself in Ty Lee's shoes, and wondering how she would feel if someone pleasured themselves by slapping her backside.

"Ty Lee, lift your bottom up off my lap," Azula demanded.

The girl obeyed, and Azula grabbed Ty Lee's panties and gently pulled them up to cover her well chastised bottom. Azula did this as a favor to protect Ty Lee's modesty; there was no reason for her to have to show off her womanhood when she stood up.

"Okay, stand up," Azula said. "Your punishment is over, do what you want to make yourself feel better."

Ty Lee stood up and her hands immediately went to her backside; she started rubbing, and by the looks of it, it hurt her just to try and get relief.

"'m..." Azula was trying to say something that was very hard for her to get out. "I-I'm sorry for spanking you so hard, Ty Lee. I think I may have overdid it a little."

"Oh, don't worry about it, Azula," Ty Lee answered, though Azula could tell she didn't entirely mean it. "There's nothing here that will last. And you were right; I forgot my place and I needed to be taught some respect. I learned it, it's over, and we can move on."

"Are you sure?" said Azula in disbelief.

"Yeah, we're okay," Ty Lee assured Azula. "Best friends forever!" And once again, Azula was tackled by Ty Lee and one of her hugs. Azula welcomed it, and held Ty Lee perhaps a little tighter than she meant to. She opened her eyes and noticed that Ty Lee's pants were still dangling from her knees, and took it upon herself to lift it up and cover her friend so that no one could see the results of what transpired.

"Ty Lee, be on my ship in half an hour, okay?" Azula ordered.

Ty Lee stood up and bowed to Azula. "Half an hour. Got it." She started to walk away.

"Good." Azula then gave Ty Lee one last hard spank before walking out of the tent.

"OWWWW!" Ty Lee howled. "Azula, you are...SO...MEAN!"