Codename Kids Next Door











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It was a dark and stormy night, and the thundering rumble of a charging chariot only add to the ruckus filling the air of the neighborhood in which the KND Sector V live in. The vehicle pulls into view, and it is seen to be the personal transport of "King" Sandy, four of his teenage cousins providing the power to move the contraption.

The king did not ride alone however. Beside him was Mushi Sanban, sister of his twice lost "queen" Kuki Sanban. While Mushi had once been considered a smaller version of her sweet, loving sister, it was obvious that the two were in fact total opposites. Mushi's sinister true personality had been revealed during a family dinner between her family and the Gilligans. During a power outtage, she stabbed her sister's Rainbow Monkey, then brought it back to life as a hulking monster to try and get revenge on Numbah 2 for figuring out it was her. That however, failed as well, leaving Mushi grounded for even longer.

That is, until Sandy came to save her. He had been smitten with her ever since Operation: K.A.S.T.L.E, and Mushi, unlike her sister, returned his feelings. Unfortunatly, she still had to maintain her goody-goody facade, but now that everyone knew of the evil that burned within her, she would happily become his queen.

"We've arrived!" Sandy exclaimed as the chariot came to a stop on a beach. The pretend king jumped down, then extended his hand to help down Mushi, who accepted with a giggle.

A short walk on the beach later, and the duo stood in front of the massive Sand Castle. "It's ginormus!" she exclaimed, real words not properly capturing her sense of wonder.

"I built it all by myself. Worked on it every day since I was two, but what kind of king dosen't have a castle?" Sandy bragged. "You can stay here if you want to."

"Reeeaaallllyyyyy!" Mushi asked, dragging out every letter.

"Well, if you become my queen, that is." Sandy added, while checking to see if his knights were prepared to block her off if she ran.

"Silly Sandy, of course I'll marry you!" Mushi exclaimed.

"We'll see about... wait you will?" Sandy exploded, then became calm after processing her words.

"Why not? You're cute, you rescued me from a life of grounding," suddenly Mushi's eyes became inflamed. "and you can help me get revenge on my idiot sister and her stuuuuppid friends!" Sandy's knights became visibly frightened at her outburst.

"Then let us begin planning the wedding at once!" Sandy exclaimed.

"And the demise of those miserable Kids Next Door!" Mushi added.

The pair's deranged laughter echoed through the castle all night long.

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