...Transmission Re-established.

"And now, if anyone has any objections..." spoke the teenage lifeguard/preacher as he was prepared to be finish the ceremony between King Sandy and the soon-to-be Queen Mushi. The wedding was taking place inside the Sand Castle, inside a massive hall richly decorated in all forms of ornaments made from sand. The Knights of the Round Towel lined both sides of aisle, prepared for the KND's likely arrival.

Then, right on schedule, Numbah's 1-5 blasted down the door and charged in. "Alright everyone, hands where I can see them!" Numbah 1 shouted, and the knights, suprisingly, complied.

"Well, well, well. If it isn't my sister and her sssttttuuuuppppiiiiidddddd FRIENDS!" Mushi says while drawing out the word stupid and then shouting friends. "It wasn't enough for you to keep all the Rainbow Monkeys to yourself, now you want to keep me from my boyfriend!"

"Cut the charade Mushi, we know you and Joe collaborating to create Pinkeye. We might have been willing to let the whole "wedding" thing slide, but trafficing Icky-grade germs like Pinkeye and Chicken Pox is gonna earn you a one way trip to the slammer!" Numbah 2 added.

"First of all Gilligan, it's QUEEN Mushi to you from now on." the devious little girl responded, making Numbah 4 groan.

"Great, another psychotic twerp who thinks they're royalty."

"And secondly, I only used the Pinkeye to get your attention. Though I think Joe might have kept enough to load a few water balloons..." Mushi said slyly just as a water balloon loaded with pasty pink water (the telltale sign of Pinkeye contamination) came rocketing towards the team, forcing the Kids Next Door to scatter.

The five children regained their bearings in time to see Joe Balooka stepped from the shadows while re-loading his balloon gun with another Pinkeye shot. "In that regard you are correct Mu.. I mean, my Queen." Joe said in a mocking tone before stumbling over his temporary partner's name, as she had insisted (rather forcefully) that they refer to her as their queen.

"Why are you doing this Joe? I know you ain't a good cop, but Mushi is completly bonkers man!" Numbah 2 shouted at his former friend.

"I agree with ya Gilligan, the girl's a nut, but she's a nut who I have something in common with: we both had our lives ruined by you!" Joe screamed. "I used to be the most powerful cop on the Safety Patrol, but thanks to you, I spend my recesses scraping gum off the bottoms of chairs!"

"Would you two quit wit' the drama already! Let's just grab Joe and leave!" Numbah 4 exclaimed.

"Oh, but Joe can't leave now, the wedding is just getting started!" Mushi exclaimed in an innocent voice while an evil grin started to spread across her face.

"I agree, my queen, as I'm sure our other guests want him to stay as well." Sandy added with an equally devious smirk.

"Other guests?" Numbah 1 asked, causing Sandy to snap his fingers in response. That was the signal for his knights to step aside, revealing that they had been blocking several other child villains from sight the entire time.

Heinrich Von Marzipan was standing next to Windsor on the left side of the aisle, the candy hunter aiming a candy machine gun while the junior executive snaps a snake-like tie over his head like a bullwhip. Joe had positioned himself in the center of the aisle, while to the right stood the kid with different colored eyes from Operation: C.R.I.M.E. The Knights of the Round Towel were spread around the room.

The Interesting Twins From Beneath the Mountin dropped from the ceiling, the girl landing to Joe's right, the boy to his left. "CHARGE!" shouted King Sandy, and the various villains all rushed into combat.

Numbah 1 fired up his rocket shoes and took to the sky, but Windsor snared him with his tie-whip and tossed the bald Brit into the nearest wall. "It didn't have to be this way Uno. You got to be free of the ties, but you wanted more, you wanted to free your stupid adult friend Moske didn't you! Thanks to his newest rampage, Daddy's company is nearly bankrupt!" Windsor spat, his voice cracking with hate.

"You wanted to brainwash the only cool adult I know. You and your family got what they deserved." Numbah 1 countered. Windsor screamed in fury, then charged in, tie whip swinging.

Across the room, Hoagie and Abby had been pinned down by rapid fire lollipops from Heinrich and Pinkeye balloon barrages from Joe. Numbah 4 was grappling with Crayon Boy, while Numbah 3 tried to get past the Interesting Twins. She was more concerned with reaching Mushi and Sandy then fighting the villains.

She dodged a punch from the girl, and was saved from the boy by Numbah 4, who tossed Crayon Boy into the Japanese twin. Crayon, having already received a considerable beating, passed out on top of him, allowing Numbah 3 to easily evade his sister, as the two fight best in tandum.

Kuki lepta up in the air and jumped across the head's of Sandy's knights until she finally reached the alter, where Mushi and Sandy had been observing the battle the whole time. "Mushi, you don't have to do this! Please, come home! Mom misses you, and Dad misses you, and most of all I MISS YOU!" Kuki exclaimed while beginning to cry. Two knights took the opportunity to sneak up on her, but a hand gesture from Mushi sent them into the fray.

"Kuki, Kuki, Kuki, you just don't get it. When I first started all this, yes my motive was revenge, but now, I just want to be able to marry my boyfriend without you getting in the way, like I knew you would. " Mushi started to explain. "I'm not interested in revenge. I brought all these villains here so that you and your friends wouldn't stop our wedding."

"I too, do not hold a grudge against you and your team. Why, if Wally hadn't stopped me when I first tried to marry you, I would never have meet my true love." King Sandy added while locking hands with Mushi. "But you just couldn't let us be together, could you! You're just jealous that your precious Wally doesn't have the guts to tell you how he feels, and that you're in love with a big, dumb, coward!"

"YOU TAKE THAT BACK!" Kuki exploded as her eyes began to burn with fire. She latched on to Sandy's neck and began vicously choking him. Before her boyfriend was completly drained of life however, Mushi blasted her sister with the nearest weapon she could find: a Pinkeye filled waterballon. Numbah 3 immideatly fell to the floor as the crust began to expand over her eyes.

"I'm sorry Kuki," Mushi said quietly, "but you left me no choice."

Sandy then turned to the lifeguard. "Finish the ceremony!" he commanded.

"Okay, okay. Chill, little dude. Where was I..."

Meanwhile, Numbah 4 had just decked a knight, when he suddenly noticed Numbah 3 on the ground, the Pinkeye infection spreading fast. Rage washed over him, and the operative from Australia charged towards his fallen comrade, barreling down three more knights in the process. When he finally reached her, she was to weak to respond. Wally was again consumed by anger, and in his rage he jumped the distence between him and Sandy and pushed the boy to the ground.

"ALL RIGHT YOU TWERP, I'M GONNA POUND YOU INTO NEXT MONTH!" he screamed. Sandy just drew his wooden sword and stood protectively in front of Mushi.

"You're only jealous because I have the courage to tell my crush that I actually like her! With all your gruff indiference and constant insults towards her, she probably hates you by now!" Sandy retorted.

"I..I..I don't" Wally began to stutter, rage replaced by guilt. "You're right. I've been taking out my frustrations on you guys because I'm too scared to tell Kuki how I feel." he said while scooping up Numbah 3. He then started heading for the exit.

Meanwhile, the rest of Sector V had just finished off the rest of the bad guys. No longer focused on battle, the other three operatives finally noticed their fallen friend. They quickly abandoned their mission and rushed Kuki back to base for medical treatment.

During all this destruction, the lifeguard had kepta going through the vows, and as soon at the exact moment that the final operative left the room, he spoke the words "you may kiss the bride."

The two leaned in, and kissed each other. After a few seconds they both opened their eyes, pulled away and began to blush furiously (they are, after all, still kids). "And that concludes this awesome wedding. Later dudes." the lifeguard said before walking out.

After several seconds of being completely alone, destruction and knocked out child villains and knights scattered everywhere, Mushi finally broke the silence.

"I CAN'T BELIVE THEY FELL FOR IT!" she screamed while jumping for joy.

"I KNOW!" Sandy replied with equal joy.

"I don't know what it is with big sisters. Must be the hormones or something." Mushi added.

"So which one of our marvelous plans shall we put into action first, QUEEN Mushi." Sandy asked, putting extra emphasis on the word Queen.

"Well, what about the one where we big up a bunch of Rainbow Monkeys and sow them together into one giant monster?" Mushi answered energetically as the two walked down the aisle hand in hand, with the broken and defeated bodies of their allies slumping across whatever surface the finishing blow had knocked them over, as King and Queen of the beach.

End Transmission...