Consider this an Elseworld's tale. We have all of our heroes, but they are all kids. Clark, Diana, Hal, Zatanna, Dinah and Helena are twelve years old. Bruce, Barry, and Shayera are fourteen, Kator and Mera are fifteen and Ollie and Arthur are sixteen. They are the Junior Justice League. Sometimes they get together just to have fun. Today their going to meet on Themyscira just to have fun.

And yes, Arcadia gave me the idea. This will be a two shot maybe three at most.

Spin the Bottle

Yes, It's True. Clark Kent Got Swatted

The sound of birds singing, of chickens scratching and pecking, of horses neighing and cows mooing, assaulted Clark's ears, long before he opened his eyes. It did not bother him. In fact, to him it was a beautiful sound. It was home.

His dad was driving the old tractor in the field. His mom was in the kitchen making breakfast. The delicious smell brought him out of his contented sleep. Almost as soon as his eyes opened, a smile came to his face.

Today was to be a special day. He, along with the all the other Junior Justice Leaguers, was to spend the day visiting Themyscira. He had been there once before. Diana had invited him.

That time hadn't been such a good idea. Diana had narrowly escaped a spanking. He hadn't. Well, to be honest, he hadn't been spanked. He'd been swatted.

Diana's mother had caught the two of them holding hands and had swatted him away from her little sun, moon and stars, with the flat of her blade.

Her mom was very pretty, but she was quite stern, always carried a sword, and wasn't afraid to swat with it.

He remembered her words, "You keep your hands off of my daughter!" It had been more of a shout.

He had stood up rubbing his backside tenderly and squeaked out a meek, "Yes, Ma'am."

Diana's Mom had turned on Diana and asked her, "Did you touch him or did he touch you?"

Before Diana could respond, he had blurted out, "Oh no, Ma'am. I grabbed her. She didn't touch me!"

It wasn't true. Diana had grabbed his hand and pulled him deeper into the forest to show him a meadow that she had found where some of her forest friends would come to visit her. It had been an innocent touch, one of trust and of friendship. He had, of course, been thrilled at her touch and had a great time seeing mythological creatures with his beautiful, new friend.

Yes, it had been a great day until she had again taken his hand to lead him out of the forest and Mommy Dearest had caught him with his filthy paws on her daughter.

His outburst cost him another swat. As he sat back up he was sure that he would have a hard time sitting down for the next week.

Angry Mommy was advancing on him with her swat blade poised.

Diana had leaped in between her angry, indignant mother and her sore bottomed new friend, "He didn't do anything to me Mother! I took him to explore the woods and meet some of my friends! I was holding his hand so that he wouldn't get lost."

Diana's mommy stopped. She looked from Diana to her friend and back again, "You just lied to me to protect my daughter?" she asked incredulously.

Clark had stayed sitting in the dirt, "Yes, Ma'am. I'm sorry. I don't normally lie, but I didn't want to see Diana get swatted for being nice to me."

"And it is true, that at no time, while you were in the woods with Diana, did you try to take advantage of her?" Diana's mother had continued her interrogation.

Clark had squirmed, "No, Ma'am. I would never do that. My mom and dad would swat me harder than you just did, if they ever found out I had mistreated anyone, especially a lady, and Diana is my best friend."

"Very well, I apologize for striking you as I did. Be sure that you remember that Diana is a princess and my daughter. I will not tolerate anyone taking advantage of her or touching her. Is that understood?" The queen had given him a penetrating stare.

Clark stood up nodding, "Yes, your Majesty. I will never disrespect Diana. I promise."

Today would be different though. The Queen had allowed Diana to invite all of her friends to visit and spend the day on the island. This way she could monitor her eldest daughter better and be within swatting distance should someone touch Diana's hands or look at her funny.

Clark chuckled to himself as he stood up from the bed and made his bed at super speed. There were several of the boys from the JJL that he was sure would be getting swatted today. They could never keep their eyes off of the girls in general, the JJL girls in particular, and especially Diana.

He could just imagine Ollie, Hal and Arthur rubbing their butts for the next month after spending a day on "Paradise Island" as they called it.

Clark ran down the stairs and kissed his mother good morning, then he raced outside to do his morning chores.

Martha Kent smiled to herself. She and Jonathon had worried that as Clark grew older and into his teenage years, that he would, like many other preteens and teenagers, become difficult and rebellious. Their worries grew less and less the older he grew. If anything he grew gentler with each day that passed.

Twenty minutes later Jonathon and twelve year old Clark came back in and cleaned up for breakfast. The three sat down, Jonathon gave thanks, and they dug in. Clark had a large bowl of fresh fruit, eight pancakes with honey, bacon, scrambled eggs with ketchup and four glasses of orange juice.

"Who's picking you up today, Clark? Or are you going to fly to Themyscira on your own?" Martha asked.

Clark swallowed his last bite, "Hal is coming to pick me up. He's gonna get Ollie, Barry, Kator and Shayera first. After he picks me up, we're gonna go get Bruce, Zatanna, Helena and Dinah. Arthur and Mera are gonna meet us there."

There was a green glow outside of the door. "I think Lantern Kid is outside waiting for you, Son," Jonathon said with a grin. "Make sure you're a gentleman with the ladies and don't give Diana's mother any reason to swat you this time."

Clark jumped up, kissed his mother on the cheek, gave his dad a gentle hug, blurted out, "I promise," and he was gone.